Forever && Always

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This is just about a girl and how her life is a complete mess but she still manages to get through it all.

Submitted: June 18, 2010

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Submitted: June 18, 2010



Haru- I'm sorry seya, but mya confessed and I said yes. In plus your my I think we should breakup. Your like one of the guys...I'm sorry.

Seya- I see...the past two yours has been great...I'm sure my big sister is better then me anyways...I wish you the best...bye...bye...(Turns around)

Haru- I do love a friend...a best-friend...

Seya- (Shaky voice) I love you too...bye Haru...

Haru- Seya...

Seya- (Runs away)

(Five minutes later)

Ring Ring Ring

Seya- Hello? (Crying)


Seya- Hey...You know...I wish you happiness...

Mya- Seya...What are you talking about?


Mya- What?

Seya- You and him are dating right?

Mya- Oh...I just broke up with him...I'm in love with Taka...

Seya- What? Your telling me you hurt him?

Mya- What?

Seya- Are you fucking telling me you hurt him!?

Mya- Seya he hurt you! Why are you sticking up for him right now? I didn't love him anymore so I ended it so stop yelling at me! I'm not going to be with someone I don't love! Grow up!

Seya- I am growing up Mya! I fell in love with my bestfriend and my big sister took him away from me and now she hurt him! I love him Mya how could you do this!?

Mya- Seya..I'm sorry but your going to have to get over this...I don't love him and thats final.

Seya- Don't ever talk to me again! You stole the only guy I love and now your throwing him away!? I HATE YOU! (Click)

(Seya hung up the phone and hurd someone come up behind her.)

Hiro- Excuse me, may I use your cell phone?

Seya- (Quickly wipes her tears) Yes you can...and keep the piece of shit.

Hiro- Was it Haru's or Mya's?

Seya- (Turns around quickly while saying) Who're yo...Hiro?

Hiro- Hey little sister...Tehehehe

Seya- (Crying) Hiro..he..he..he broke up with me..for Mya! (Crying even harder) I loved him!

Hiro- Oh Seya (He hugs her)

Seya- I wish he could see me crying like this and know that I loved him...Mya broke up with him just because she "Loves" Taka...

Hiro- (Looks and see's Haru hiding) I'm sure he understands...

Haru- (Whispering) I'm so sorry Seya...

Seya- I love him...Hiro can I ever love again?

Hiro- I'm sure you can...I'm twenty six and I've fell in love eight times.

Seya- Eight times? What happened to Sora?

Hiro- She passed away...

Seya- What? I talked to her a week ago..She was fine then.

Hiro- She died four days ago...Thats why I came home..

Seya- Oh I'm so sorry Hiro (She hugs him.)

Hiro- Thank you (Smiles softly)

Seya- Mom..She remarried..

Hiro- Really? he nice?

Seya- Well yea..they married about the time you left..he has two sons.

Hiro- Great! See you can fall in love more then once!

Seya- Good! Lets go home mom will be so happy to see you (Says with a smile)

Hiro- Yes...Lets (Looks back at Haru) Read my lips (mouths the words YOUR GONNA GET IT!)

Seya- Did you say something?

Hiro- Oh no why?

Seya- Nevermind...

(They head home and thats scene end!) =] Hope you enjoyed =]

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