My Soul and My Beats ~ Joe Adams appears!!

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A week after Ai left St Paul Academy, she settles down in a small apartment in the middle of a city. In order for her to go back to America, she works at her neighbour's restaurant to earn money to book the earliest flight back to America.

Submitted: March 03, 2016

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Submitted: March 03, 2016




Ai Emma - The girl who left St Paul academy to start her new life in America. She is also disguises herself as a boy named Joe Adams to hide herself from the Ardley family search troupes. 

Maria - Ai's caring neighbour, who lives alone next door. At the same time, she looks after her during her stay in the apartment.

Eliza Leagon: The girl whom Joe saved while he was on his way home.

Neil Leagon - Eliza's older brother


A week after the departure as Ai settles down in her rented room in a small apartment in London city only for the time being.

Ai: *Grabs a scissors and looks at the mirror* 

Maria: *Knocks the door* Emma!

Ai: Yes! *Opens the door*

Maria: Emma! What's with your hair? 

Ai: Well I want to cut it short but I'm not really good at it. 

Maria: Oh I see, well let me help you out then. 

Ai: Thank you! 

Maria: *Comes in and closes the door* Grab a chair and hang yourself on your shoulders. 

Ai: Okay *Does everything that has been told and sits down* 

Maria: *Grabs a scissors* Why is your hair so long. 

Ai: Well I've kept long for almost my entire life. 

Maria: Oh my god we need to cut off as soon as possible *Combs her hair hardly* 

Ai: That hurts Ms Maria! 

Maria: Sorry! Say..

Ai: What? 

Maria: I think you shouldn't cut your hair off cause you look really beautiful. It will a waste for you to that. 

Ai: I thought so too.

Maria: Then why? 

Ai: *Grabs the scissors from Maria and cuts half of her hair* This is only the beginning of my life! 

Maria: *Snatches the scissors from Ai* Okay now just sit back and let me cut off your hair, Emma! *Starts cutting her hair* 

After a while..

Ai: *Looks at the mirror* 

Maria: What do you think? 

Ai: I look great! Thank you so much Maria! 

Maria: Well what are you going to do now  that you've got your precious hair cut? 

Ai: I'm changing my name for a moment. 

Maria: Say what? 

Ai: From now on call me Joe instead of Emma! 

Maria: Why? You're a girl. 

Ai: I'm going to be a boy for the time being until I have enough to buy the air tickets to America.  

Maria: I see you're an American right? 

Ai: That's right. 

Maria: You're gonna have to work hard for it. 

Ai: Yes I know it's not easy but I must do it! 

Maria: You can work at my restaurant. 

Ai: Thank you so much! 

Maria: You can start in the morning tomorrow. 

Ai: I'll work hard tomorrow! 

Maria: I'll get you some guy clothes tomorrow. 

Ai: Oh yeah you're right. 

Maria: You can have my brother's old clothes, I hope it fits you. 

Ai: Okay. 

In Maria's room as she's looking for some clothes for Ai.

Maria: Found it! *Passes the outfit to Ai* 

Ai: *Tries it on and steps out from the changing room* It fits perfectly. 

Maria: *Sees a vision of her brother on Ai's face* Aeron.. 

Ai: Maria? Why are you crying? 

Maria: Umm..nothing. 

Ai: Okay.. 

Maria: You look just like my brother when he wore these clothes. 

Ai: I see. I feel really like wearing these. *Moves freely* 

Maria: Let's head out somewhere to eat. 

Ai: *Changes into a deeper voice* Yes! 

Maria: *Smiles* 

Meanwhile at the restaurant as they were having dinner.. 

Joe: What's wrong? You haven't been touching your food. Are you ok?

Maria: I'm okay I just lose my apetite. 

Joe: I see. 

Maria: *Sighs* 

Joe: What happened to your brother? 

Maria: *Becomes down* 

Joe: *Changes back to her actual* Tell me so I can help you. 

Maria: Emma..

Joe: *Smiles* 

Lady: *Looks at Ai* Wow that boy looks really cute. Is he new here? That lady must be his girlfriend. *Walks to them* 

Well hello there! 

Joe: May I help you? 

Lady: I just want to get to know you. That's all.

Maria: *Looks at them*

Lady: What's your name? 

Joe: *Drinks all of the water* My name is..Joe..Joe Adams! 

Lady: What a wonderful name.

Joe: *Looks at the time*  Oh god it's getting late! Let's go Maria! *Grabs Maria's hand and leaves the restaurant* 

Lady: Wait! Don't go! 

Joe: Phew, that was a close one. Looks like my disguise really work. *Walks further then turns back to Maria* 

Maria: Joe..You ahead I've got an errand to do. 

Joe: Okay see you tomorrow! Good night! *Walks away* 

Next morning, when Ai is having breakfast at the cafe then she spotted someone she knew before coincidentally..

Joe: *Looks at the window by her seat while having her coffee and sandwiches* 

Girl: Excuse me sir, may I take this chair? 

Joe: *Looks at the girl and smile* Sure! 

Girl 1: *Blushes and walks away* Thank you! 

Girl 2: *Looks at Ai from a far* Hey, that boy's a cutie. I've never seen him before, maybe he's new here.

Girl 3: Let's go ask him! 

Joe: *Sigh* "After getting my hair done and also putting on some guy clothes. I've become really popular among my own kind. What a drag" 

Girl 3: Hey boy? Where are you? You just moved here? 

Joe: No...

Girl 4: Oh I see. Are you an American? 

Joe: Umm..well yeah

Girl 1: What brings you here in London? 

Joe: I've got some business to do that's why..

Maria: *Sees Ai and enters the cafe* J..Joe!!! 

Joe: *Becomes frightened* Ma...Maria..Good morning! 

Maria: What are you doing here? Don't tell you left early to flirt with a group of girls, don't you? 

Joe: No you're wrong, I'm just having my breakfast you see.

Maria: *Pissed off* I've knocked your 1000 times and I even called you! You didn't answer them both! You made me worried sick, what am I going to do when something happened to you. *Sighs* 

Joe: *Stands up and offers Maria her seat* Well calm down Maria, now that you've found me. Why don't you just cool down yourself with some ice coffee. 

Maria: Good idea.

Joe: *Sighs* I'll go order it for you, just sit here and wait. Okay? 

Maria: Okay and go get a chair too. 

Joe: Okay! 

Maria: *Sighs* "I can't believe I'm treating Emma as a guy. Well that's what she wanted but I don't know the reason why is she hiding, maybe I should ask her about it." 

Joe: *Puts down the cup* Here's your ice coffee! 

Maria: Thanks *Picks it up and drinks it*

Joe: *Grabs a chair from an empty seat and comes over to Maria* Sorry to keep you waiting. 

Maria: Emma..

Joe: Don't call me that in public remember? You can call me that whenever we're alone together, got it? 

Maria: Jeez I can't stand calling a girl with a guy name. *Drinks faster*

Joe: Well it can't be helped cause I'm hiding from them after all. 

Maria: Them? Who are those people.

Joe: My friends along with some teachers  and polices. 

Maria: Did you do something wrong? 

Joe: No, I left the academy for the sake going back to America. 

Maria: Why do you want to go back to America? 

Joe: I finally found my own path and I want to find my real parents. 

Maria; I see that's good.

Joe: The problem is I don't have enough money to buy my air ticket. 

Maria: I see, how old are you? 

Joe: I'm 14 

Maria: Don't even think about it, I was a fool to agree with you yesterday. 

Joe: Why? 

Maria: Well you're too young for it. You need to be 18 to work full time or you'll get caught. 

Joe: I know but.. *Sad expression*

Maria: But what?

Joe: I really want to go back to America! I'll show you how capable I am! So please hire Maria! 

Maria: Oh dear this is hard..

Joe: Since Christmas is drawing, your restaurant's going to be busier than before right?

Maria: Well that's true.

Joe: I can help you out entertaining the customers.

Maria: With what exactly?

Joe: You have a piano right?

Maria: Well yeah we used to hold piano performances and now that piano's only a display in my restaurant.

Joe: Why don't call the pianist and I can play a duo with that person.

Maria: Hmmm...maybe that might work.

Joe: *Delighted*

Maria: How about this, I've got a friend who works at a tour agency maybe she could help you to get those tickets for you.

Joe; But that will cause you trouble.

Maria: It's okay! 

Joe: Thank you so much! 

Maria: And also how much do you have left in your purse? 

Joe: Maybe 100 pounds left I guess. 

Maria: Oh my god, now I know why you wanted to work. 

Joe: So will you hire me? 

Maria: But I can't let you work on the floor. 

Joe: That's alright, there is one thing I can do. 

Maria: And what is that? 

Joe: You'll see *Shows off his creepy smile*

Maria: Okay *Smiles as well* 

2 hours later in the restaurant..

Joe: *Walks on the stage next to the piano* 

Pianist: *Looks at Joe and nods* 

Joe: *Plays his violin* 

Pianist: *Plays the piano* 

Maria: "Not bad, let's see if you can attract many customers in" 

Joe: *Stops playing the violin and snaps his finger* Hit it! 

Worker: *Plays a hip hop music* 

Joe: *Starts dancing* 

Customers: *Looks at him* 

Joe: *Keeps dancing* 

Girl: Wow he's really good. Let's go to that restaurant.

*Many customers coming* 

Maria: No way?!

Customer: Excuse me miss! Can I have my order? 

Maria: Sure! *Walks to customer* 

Joe: *Looks like my dancing can do the trick* 

That night as Maria closes her restaurant..

Joe: Good work Maria! 

Maria: You should have told me that you were good at dancing. We were looking for talented dancers recently. 

Joe: Sorry, I didn't mean to hide it from you. 

Maria: *Sigh* What a day. 

Joe: *Smiled* 

Maria: Aren't you tired after all that dancing? 

Joe: Well maybe a little. 

Maria: I'll treat you dinner later as a token of attracting the customers.

Joe: Thank you! 

After Joe had dinner, he and Maria walked back to the apartment together then he remembered something..

Joe: Um..You can go back to the apartment first Maria. See you tomorrow! *Runs away* 

Maria: Wait! Emma! I mean Joe! 

Joe: *Runs around town to look for something* Oh god I've finally earned some money to buy something for the kids at Pony home. I wonder if they like snacks? If I get toys for them, it'll be really expensive. 

Girl: *Runs and knocks Joe down*

Joe: Ouch! *Gets up* 

Girl: *Runs away*

Joe: Girls in London are really rude. Speaking of a girl, I am one too but not from London. 

*Walks away* 

As Joe was walking back to the apartment after he did a little shopping then he sees a girl being harassed by a group of guys. 

Joe: What's that noise? *Hides behind the building and watches the scene* 

Girl: Let go off me you punks! 

Guy 1: Oh come on, let's have some fun. 

Girl: I'm in a hurry! 

Guy 2: Oh come on, I'll be fun *Tries to touch her shoulders* 

Girl: *Hits his hand* Don't touch me with your filthy hands. 

Joe: *Steps out* Let that girl go.

Girl: Huh? 

Joe: *Sees the girl and becomes shock in the inside* "Eliza? Of all the people why does it have to be her?"

Guy 1: Are you picking a fight huh kid? *Tries to punch Joe*

Joe: *Grabs his arm and knocks him down* 

Guy 2: *Attacks him with a knife* Why you little brat! You'll pay for that! 

Eliza: *Screams* Someone help me! 

Joe: *Punches his stomach really hard* 

Guy 2: *Fainted* 

Joe: You there, let's run for it! *Grabs Eliza's hand and flee* 

Eliza: *Runs away with Joe* 

After the running...

Joe: *Stops* This should be far enough.

Eliza: *Lets go of his hand* Who do you think you are holding my hand like that?

Joe: Eh? 

Eliza: Answer me commoner! 

Joe: *Surprised* "Is this how you thank someone after saving your life?" 

Eliza: *Pissed off*

Joe: Well sorry about that. I didn't really mean it. It's just that I saw you getting in trouble avoiding those guy so I helped out.

Eliza: Who needs you, I can take care of them myself! 

Joe: Hm..I don't think so miss. A pretty girl like wouldn't stand a chance with these guys.

Eliza: Well you're the one to talk! "Wait! That boy saved me from those punks. He doesn't look like a tough guy but he's really good fighting"

Joe: *Sighs* "Thankfully I've been interested in karate back when sensei showed me a few videos of them."

Eliza: Well I should be going! My brother and my friends are looking for me! Good day! *Walks away* 

Joe: Hey it's dangerous for you to walk alone like. What if you get into trouble like just now? 

Eliza: *Stops* Well that can be true but I won't let my guard down. 

Joe: Were you lost? 

Eliza: *That's true* Of course I'm not! 

Joe: You can't fool me girl. Just admit it, I can help you find them.

Eliza: Humph! Do as you please.

Joe: *Smiled* Thank you!

Eliza: *Walks away*

Joe: Wait for me miss! *Walks after Eliza*

Eliza: What's your name?

Joe: Joe..

Eliza: I see.

Joe: Eliza Leagon right?

Eliza: How do you know?

Joe: *Shows off her identity card* It's written here.

Eliza: My identity card! *Snatches away from him*

Joe: You're really careless. "What a drag"

Eliza: Shut up! "What's with this kid?"

Joe: I've picked it up when you've bumped to me earlier.

Eliza: How old are you?

Joe: 14

Eliza: Oh we're in the same age then.

Joe: "Of course we are."

Eliza: Do you live around here?

Joe: Yeah, how about you?

Eliza: I don't.

Joe: So you're not from around here.

Eliza: Yes, I'm from America.

Joe: Wow! "Well I'm from America too you know."

Eliza: Of course a commoner like you wouldn't know how was it like to be there.

Joe: Hmm..sounds interesting.

Eliza: Hohoho!

Joe: "I can't believe I'm stuck with her of all the people" That uniform. *Points Eliza's uniform*

Eliza: Oh this..I'm a student from St Paul Academy.

Joe: One of the most famous schools in England and also the richest one too. That school is only for the wealthy ones.

Eliza: That's right.

Joe: I've heard that there are plenty of noble brats there. Their attitude sicks me.

Eliza: How dare you say such things.

Joe: Well I believe not all of them actually.

Eliza: *Checks on her handphone* Oh my god! My phone is out of batteries.

Joe: Do you want to use the phone from the booth?

Eliza: Why would I want to use that?

Joe: Don't tell me you don't know how to use that?

Eliza: Shut up!

Joe: I'll teach you!

Eliza: What?!

Joe: Come! *Grabs Eliza's hand and walks away*

Eliza: *Blushes* "What is this feeling? My heart just can't stop beating whenever I'm near him."

Joe: *Steps into the telephone booth* Come in!

Eliza: *Comes in*

Joe: *Grabs the phone* First thing you have to do is put some coins in. Do you have coins with you?

Eliza: *Looks into her purse and searches hardly for it* I thought I have some in it..

Joe: *Sighs* Okay it's on me.

Eliza: Thanks.

Joe: Then dial the person's number that you want to call.

Eliza: My brother!

Joe: Just press those buttons and wait for the call.

Eliza: *Dials the number and waits* "Come on pick up brother*

Joe: Oh yeah the won't last long so you better be quick.

Eliza: What?!

Joe: You can add more coins in if you want to call longer.

Eliza: Okay.

Meanwhile as Neil's phone rang..

Neil: *Looks at his phone* Who is this? *Answers the call* Hello?

Eliza: He picked up!

Joe: Good for you!

Eliza: Hello brother, it's me Eliza.

Neil: Where are you Eliza? I was worried sick after we left the store.

Eliza: I'm sorry

Joe: "She must be calling Neil. I better not expose myself too much or else they'll suspect me"

Eliza: Well I'm *Looks around*

Joe: We're at Baker street.

Eliza: It's Baker street.

Neil: Okay that's close from my spot. Just wait for me there, I'll come for you.

Eliza: Okay! Bye.

Joe: *Grabs the phone and puts it back* And that how you end the call.

Eliza: *Blushes*

Joe: What did your brother say?

Eliza: He's coming for me now. I'll be waiting for him here.

Joe: I see. I'll wait with you until he comes.

Eliza: Why do you want to do that?

Joe: It's dangerous for a girl to be alone here.

Eliza: Humph do as you please.

Joe: Okay! "Well Neil will be in trouble if something happens to Eliza. I'll just look after her for him. As long as they don't find out about my identity."

Eliza: What's taking him so long!! *Becomes frustrated*

Joe: "This is going to be harder than it looks."

10 minutes later...

Neil: *Sees Eliza* Eliza!

Eliza: *Sees Neil* Neil!

Joe: Well then I should be heading back now. *Turns back and walks away*

Neil: *Stops in front of Eliza* I finally found you.

Eliza: Wait! 

Joe: *Stops and looks at Eliza with a bright smile* 

Eliza: "That smile, I've seen it somewhere before but who was the one. Who smiled like that?"

Joe: Goodbye Eliza Leagon! *Runs off* 

Eliza: What is your last name? Tell me! 
Joe: *Waves* Adams.

Eliza: "Joe Adams" I must find that boy. *Becomes determine*

Neil: Who was that kid?

Eliza: He saved me so watch your words. *Walks away* 

Neil: Wait for me Eliza! I don't want to lose sight of you again.

Eliza: *Walks faster* 

1 hour later as Joe or maybe Ai reaches to her apartment..

Ai: *Unlocks the room and steps in* I'm finally back. *Lies down on her bed and sighs* What a day, I've never thought I would see those two in town today maybe they were sneaking christmas presents for someone. *Turns around* Christmas huh? I hope I can be back maybe 2 or 3 days before christmas. I wanna go home. *Falls asleep*  
















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