Sticky Fingers

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Emily and her grandfather haven't always gotten along but they've been together for a long time. Things backfire when Emily's grandpa asks her to do something unbelievable.

Submitted: September 17, 2012

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Submitted: September 17, 2012




"C'mon,"  grandpa James screamed although his voice was so hoarse I could barely understand him. Blood was gushing from my left hand, and my upper lip had teeny shards of glass bulging out. I'm so used to grandpa James bossing me around I'm almost 26 and he still insists that I am a disrespectful child who needs to learn a lesson. I think he's a stubborn old man who should quit hitting me before his time to leave this world arrives early then he planned. When I was a young girl with blond, curly pigtails, and huge, light green eyes I always hated the girls who's grandparents took them out to lunch and to the toy store while mine taught me the proper use of a gun. 

Grandpa James walked over to me while I was contemplating about my childhood. He bent down and sat next to me on the ice cold floor. His face was hard, and his stare was steady. Grandpa James reached for his bag and pulled out a blue gun. 

  "I know how you love blue and since your robbing Mara tonight I this would come in handy," grandpa James chuckled. I hate him with a passion nobody can exceed. He stood back up and brushed the gun against my face.

  "Screw this up and your gonna have a grave next to Mara," he yelled. Mara is my grandma and I love her. I can't murder such a harmless woman. Later on I watched the sun go down and brighten other parts of the world. Grandpa James said Operation bury would go into action around 11:30 pm. At 11:29 I knew what I had to take care of before anything else. 

The hallways were dark, and I kept walking into spider webs. The song gymnopedie no. 1 was playing so loud I thought my ears were going to explode. Once I made my way down the stairs grandpa James was waiting for me with an odd smile. 

  "You don't want to kill Mara," grandpa James stated quietly. 

  "No I don't want to kill her she is the only one left," I whispered.

  "Okay well-" a bullet went through the wall before he finished his response. I took out my pocket knife and pinned him onto the filthy ground. He tried crawling away but I started to carve the word Soon into his back. He gained more strength spit on the floor, and jumped back onto his feet. He took out a pack of sharp nails and threw them at my chest. Eight hit me. 

  "Baby move," I exclaimed. I began running towards him but I slipped. Grandpa James whistled and Tito his pet Rottweiler bolted towards me. I grabbed the bottle of hot sauce and quickly poured it down grandpa's pants. Tito bit the correct target! His pain caused me to giggle. After Tito left the room I made my way to grandpa James and set my foot on his chest. 

  "Any questions?" I asked him.

  "Yeah what did cut into my back?" he said angrily.

  "It says soon," I said after coughing. 

  "Your so stupid you always have been Emily...what's soon supposed to mean?" Before I could answer him grandma Mara rushed through the door with a butchers knife. As she flung the knife down onto his neck she said "Soon as in you'll be dead soon". 

I thanked grandma Mara as the cops pulled into the driveway. She lifted his head up by the hair and went outside. The police asked us to put our hands up, but instead we dropped the head on the front lawn. As we were being shoved into the red, white, and blue car we both attempted to blow a kiss to grandpa James.\"devil\"

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