"Change For Heavens Sake"

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Submitted: August 03, 2012

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Submitted: August 03, 2012



I Awake To Feel

Sweet Sounds of Nature

Love Flows

Like The Stream of Waters

Time Goes On

While We All Make The Change

Lost In The Forbidden Ruins

I Stubble Upon My Own Faults

I Close One Door…

While I’ll Open Up Another…

Day By Day

I Think of You

That Lovely, Dovely

Are You That Dove I Keep Seeing By This Secret Window?

I Need Your Precious Loves

Yes, Day & Night

Your Heart Shines So Bright

Like The Sun That Buns With Cunning Power

Love Is Above

High As a Kite

I Need Not To Bring My Downs Unto Her

I Need To Stop With That Freakin’

I Need To Start Livin’

Feelin’ That Love

Rush Through One Another

Like The Neverending Peace That Lives On Forever

True Love Never Dies

Chill, Think & Love That Sexy Dovely That I So Charish

Beautiful Memories of You Over Cloud My Mind

She Is Like The Finest Gold

Rare, Precious & Priceless

One & Only Love

My Dovely


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