"Too Far Gone..."

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My Struggle

Submitted: July 30, 2012

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Submitted: July 30, 2012



Into the Morning, I quake In Fear

Mourning Happens In Great Pain

Imprisioned Room, No One Will Hear

Taken Away In Deluted Thoughts

Insane Mind, Try To Find A Meaningful Sign

Why Can't The Burning Stop

I Fall In Flames Within Myself, White and Green

She Is Too Far Gone...


Into the Cock-Crowing, Meds Go Down My Throut

A Si of Relief

But Then Again My Memory Is Still Here With Me, Why Is It In White and Green Colours

Leave Me Alone Little Dark One

Roses, Remember Your Past Love

Suffer Me Not Vain Talker

I'm Always In Pain

She Is Too Far Gone...


Into the Even...

I Smell That Warm Scent of Sup, But When You Continue To Burn

All I Think About Is That One Concern

Ones Knowledge Is a Power of its Own, But Better Is Two Together In Harmony

Jealousy Is Cruel In Its Self

One Feels High, While the Other Is Left To Be Tormented Day And Night

The Love Is Waxing Cold

She Is Too Far Gone...


It Is Night, People Are Asleep...

I Come To a Close In Writing This Poem

I Suffer More In the Day, But the Night Is Calm

My Conscience Mind Is Resting From Its Fightings

Judge Me Not, For the Perfect One Will Pass the Judgment

Try Walking Into Somebody Elses Life Story

We Are Far From Being Perfect, But We Can Still Correct Our Mistakes

She Is Too Far Gone.......


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