Follow the spark

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Scarlet is unaware of her journey when, for the first time, she sees a spark of light coming from a tree and then again and again. The way she follows it out of curiosity and helps the world is depicted in this story.

Chapter 1: Unusual

Scarlet was going to school when she saw that spark of light again. She had talked about it to her friend Hanna who used to go to school with her. She remembered the first time she saw that spark coming from the tree. Scarlet said to Hanna “Did you just see a flash of light coming out of that tree?” but Hanna had no clue about it. Then she started noticing every day and thinking that Hanna would have missed it the other day, she asked her again “Hanna did you notice the spark today?” but Hanna never noticed it.

Few days had passed and Scarlet was now sure that there was something special with this tree which only she could notice. So, when she was coming back from school that day, she could not think of anything else but the tree and she decided to come there alone in the evening, when she generally used to come for playing with her friends in the park.

Chapter 2: The journey begins

“Mom, can I go to play bit early today” Scarlet asked her mom. “Sure you can but you have to complete your homework before you do so”, her mom said. “Okay Mom, will do”. As soon as she was done with her lunch, she started doing her homework. Her mom had never seen her being to sincere to finish her homework but whatever be the reason, she was not worried and after all, she was doing her work more sincerely, what could be the cause of worry here! As soon as she finished her homework, she rushed to go out. “Don’t be late” her mom said. Nodding her head, she ran towards the tree. She didn’t want anyone else to her see her. She reached the tree and waited for the spark but she didn’t have to wait for long. The flash of light came again and she touched it. But then, she felt like she had got an electric shock and her body started shivering. She started to scream and when she opened her eyes, she found herself in a different world. She could not believe whatever she was seeing actually existed or she was dreaming about it. She pinched herself and found that everything was real and she was not dreaming.

Trees full of flowers, fairies flying everywhere. “What place is it!” she exclaimed. Scarlet was thinking of going and talking to one of the fairies and all of a sudden, she felt a hand touching her shoulder. She turned back immediately, thinking she might be in trouble now but after looking at the smile at her face, she sighed with relief. “Are you a fairy? What place is it? How did I come here? Is there a connection between the tree with a spark and this place? Why…” Scarlet was full of questions but she was interfered by the fairy “This place is called Dreamland and it is the same place that every kid sees when they dream and yes, I am a fairy, we are all fairies. My name is Lizzy, the queen of this place and meet my friends.” Scarlet’s fear was gone and she was feeling very happy now. “Hello everyone. I am so pleased to meet you all. Can I come to play with you all every day?” she asked. “We wish you could but I have something to tell you. There’s a reason why you are here.” Lizzy said. Before Scarlet could say anything, Lizzy continues as she wanted to rush “This place is cursed and so, every kid is getting a nightmare no dreams with fairies or the Dreamland. You have to leave before the witch arrives.” Scarlet didn’t want to leave but Lizzy continued talking “I know you don’t want to leave yet because you don’t know everything about this place. If you come back at the same time tomorrow, I promise you to tell everything. This is time when the witch arrives, so it better that you leave immediately. I will guide you.” Scarlet was not completely convinced but she followed Lizzy and she guided her outside the Dreamland. “See you tomorrow” Lizzy said and she disappeared inside that flash.

Scarlet could not concentrate on anything else that day. She finished her dinner and went to bed and the entire time, she was thinking about that Dreamland and how she could go back. “Goodnight honey!” her mom kissed her and turned off the light. “Goodnight mom!” she replied. She had hard time sleeping that night but she somehow got sleep. “Did you hear that? I think it’s Scarlet. We better go and check in her room.” Scarlet’s mom and dad ran towards her room after getting her scream. “Mom!” she hugged her mom immediately. “You must have had a nightmare sweetie! Get back to sleep, while I sit by your side.” her mom said. Her dad agreed and went back to sleep. Her mom made sure she was asleep and then she left for bed.


Chapter 3: The mystery

When Scarlet got up in the morning, she realized what Lizzy was talking about. She had a nightmare and so were some of her friends who discussed with her during recess time in school. She went to school and rushed towards the tree again at the same time. She touched the flash light and she was inside Dreamland. Lizzy welcomed her and without wasting any time, she continued “Scarlet, we knew you even before you came here.” “But how…” before Scarlet could complete her statement, Lizzy said “I don’t want you to get in trouble and still want to save the kids and the Dreamland from this curse. So, please listen to me and I will answer all your questions before the witch arrives. We have been staying here happily and were responsible for every kid’s dreams until one day, when one of the fairies, whose name is Cathy, went near that lake.” She said as she showed Scarlet that lake. “Cathy saw a bottle near the lake and out of curiosity, opened it, without thinking of the consequences. As soon as she opened the bottle, a witch came out laughing wickedly. She said that her name was Cruella and that she was locked inside by one of our ancestors because she was troubling all the fairies and was responsible for the nightmares of kids. After saying this, she cursed the Dreamland and went to her own place Horrorland to meet her witch friends. As soon as she went, Cathy rushed towards me and told me everything about Cruella and then I tried to undo her spell by using my magic torch. I flashed my torch on the lake water and filled that water in the bottle from which, Cruella came out. Then I flashed it on the tree. When I was flashing the torch on that tree, your mom, who was pregnant with you, was crossing that tree and the flash of light went inside her womb. From that day, we have been waiting for you to come here and save us, as Cruella started troubling the fairies again like she used to. So, Scarlet dear, before Cruella, arrives, you have to leave again today and when you come back tomorrow, we have to take that bottle. Once you sprinkle that water on that tree again, this place will be free of Cruella’s curse again and kids will be free of the nightmares.” Lizzy was going on and on when she realized that Cruella has come and she saw Scarlet. “Who is this girl and what is she doing here?” Cruella cried. “Hey! You little creature, aren’t you in love with your life anymore! I can kill you at the blink your eyes!” Cruella was shouting with anger. “Um...I…” Scarlet had no clue what to say. “She stepped in by mistake” hurried Lizzy. “I was about to guide her outside. She is a human. Come on girl, I would leave you to the place from where you came.” Before, Cruella could react, Lizzy pretended to be a stranger to Scarlet while she guided her out of Dreamland. Cruella didn’t waste her time on this and proceeded from there.

Chapter 4: The mission

Scarlet went to the Dreamland at the same time again and this time determined to accomplish her mission, for which she had come there. Lizzy was ready to take her to the lake. As soon as Scarlet picked that bottle, Cruella arrived. “I knew there was something fishy with this girl coming here and see I was right!” Cruella’s voice could be heard by the entire Dreamland. All the fairies rushed to save Scarlet, as Lizzy started to rush towards the tree. “We won’t be able to hold Cruella for long.” Whispered Cathy in Lizzy’s ears. While Lizzy was rushing towards the tree, she said “Scarlet dear, please pour the water on that tree and give the bottle back to me, so that I can lock Cruella in this bottle again.” “Can I come with you” Scarlet insisted. “No! Because if you do, you won’t be able to come back again” replied Lizzy. As soon as they reached near the tree, they could hear Cruella and could make out that the fairies were not able to hold her. Splash! Came the sound when she poured the magical water on the tree and Lizzy almost snatched the bottle and went back without even saying a word because she was worried that she might lose her friends. Cruella was going to attack Brenda, one of her fairy friends, as Lizzy cried “Stop Cruella!” Cruella turned back after listening to Lizzy’s voice, thinking she would target her instead but Lizzy flashed her magic torch on Cruella and she was back inside the bottle. She locked the bottle immediately and placed it at a remote place locked and secured this time.

Scarlet, still sitting under the tree, now burst into tears thinking that she would not be able to meet Lizzy. Lizzy had become her best friend now. “Scarlet dear!” All of a sudden, Scarlet’s face got her smile back she knew it was Lizzy’s voice. She hugged her immediately with tears in her eyes. “Is everyone fine? Did Cruella harm someone? Can I come with you again?” Scarlet didn’t want to stop enquiring about Dreamland, as she had been so worried all this time, after Lizzy left her near the tree. “Everyone is fine and Cruella has been locked back inside that bottle! Sure, you can come with us but not now because your mom will get worried if you don’t reach home on time.” Lizzy didn’t want her to delay any further and she affirmed Scarlet that she will tell her everything that she missed. She thanked Scarlet on behalf of entire Dreamland. “But I want to talk to you today” argued Scarlet. “If you say so, I promise to meet you tonight at your home” said Lizzy. “At my home! Have you lost it? How is it even possible?” Scarlet thought Lizzy just wanted her to leave now and so she was lying to her. “I will see you in your dream!” said Lizzy. Scarlet smiled and went back immediately.

Chapter 5: Friends forever

“Mom! I want to sleep” Scarlet told her mom. She was in a hurry to sleep that night so that she could go to Dreamland in her dream but because of the excitement to get a dream, she was not able to sleep. Then she started thinking about how Lizzy saved her from Cruella when she was in Dreamland and in no time she slept. “Scarlet! It’s time for school. Don’t you want to get up sweetie!” her mom said while she was serving breakfast for Scarlet and her dad. “Yes mom” replied Scarlet. All this time she had been hiding everything about the dreamland from everyone, including her parents. As she started having her breakfast with them, she thought of telling them everything. At first, they thought it’s just her imagination but when she told her about the day when that flashing light had come to her mom’s womb, they were convinced, as even they had noticed that light and didn’t pay much attention to it. Thinking it might have come from someone’s camera.

“Scarlet, do you miss Lizzy” Scarlet’s mom asked. “No mom” Scarlet replied. “That’s strange. Just now you said she had become your best friend” her dad said. “I know, I told you that but I met her in my dream last night and will keep meeting her the same way.” She started laughing while her mom and dad joined her.

Submitted: June 30, 2017

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