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the story is all about cupcakes...

Submitted: September 16, 2012

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Submitted: September 16, 2012



There are lots of things that people dream of.maybe it could be Prada bags,gorgeous clothes,the great vacations,handsome boyfriends and beautiful girlfriends.But it is different in my life.I dont think that all those things can make me happy as happy as I am now.Cupcakes!It was all about cupcakes.Maybe certain people think that it was only a cupcake to eat when desired,but it means a lot in my life,it is not a trifle thing.

Hazriq Daniel.he is the only man who makes me interested all abot cupcakes.the only man that I admired and the man who makes all my reverie comes true.He loved sweet so much as I knew it when one day I opened his diary during recess and I read everything about him.His motheris the owner of the famous bakery in this town.


It was on his birthday, 14 March. I might to do something special dedicating to him.Finally, i found somethings that will lead us to our relationship. Between me and HaziqDaniel. A cupcake. At the beginning i did some research about cupcakes only for him. I was sure enough that i could bake the delicous and marvellous cupcakes better than the famous bakery when i looked to the ingredients. Suddently, ilost my confident to bake the cake as it was my first time in my life to bake a cake, i am not confident to do. I needed to boost up my full trust to bake the cupcakes as his birthday's present. That night i could not close my eyes when i thougt about the cupcakes that i will bake tomorrow morning.

Then, i asked Bibik to find all the things that i needed. In the huge kitchen, without wasting anytime, i tried my best to look for ingredients that were used tp prepare the cupcake. I put all my endeavors to bake the cupcakes and tried tasting what i have poured in the cupcakes.

It was 7.30 am when i reached at the gate of Tunas's College with his birthday present "Cupcake" in my hands. Seventeenth birthday is the significant birthday for all teenagers. I entered the 503 class which is our class. Hazriq Daniel's table was just near to me. I looked at his face.For some time I sat and kept wondering how am I going to do?How am I going to hand the cupcakes to him?Abruptly, Adam and Hazim who were two ruffians of the college confiscated the cupcakes from my hands.then,I tried to get the cupcakes back from two hooligans.The two boys called Hazriq Daniel loudly.Then he entered the class dumfoundedly.

"Hazriq Daniel!here is your birthday present"!Howled one of the boys,Adam.

The present had change hand from Adam to Hazriq Daniel.He was stupefied as he still could not understandwhat had happen around him.He opened the box with pink lovely ribbon carefully.He was suprised of what had he looked inthe box.Copcakes!his favourite.The class became silent.Adam and Hazim took this golden oppurtunity to clutch the cupcakes quickly and ate the cakes.The two boys vomitted all the cake as the taste of the cake was very bad.With the brazenface they teased me.I knew that I made a fool of myself and blushed with shame,I was wrong.The cupcakes mademy relationship and feelings towards him to sour.I ran quickly from the class and left the annoying students.Tear flowed from my eyes.I felt dizzy.My hand felt like ice and my legs trumbled.My mind dart from one thing to another so quickly that I felt like a pinpong ball bouncing unceasingly on the ground.All I wanted to escape from this place and this worst world.Oh God.I felt like dying.!!!

How am I going to face him,Hazriq Daniel?.What am I suppoised to do right now?I thought someone touched my shoulder.It wasHazriq Daniel.He has a big smile on his face.My throat felt dry and parched.I am just looked at him stupidly.For a fewminutes,voth of us were silent.

"I just want to invite you to attend my mom's class?he started

"Huh,what class?"I answered.

"Yeah cooking classes,there you can learn how to bake the savory cupcakes or anything else for free".He explained.

By then,I just wanted to jump from this block in front of him.What a shame thing that I had done.From that day,my relationship between me and him got closer.Every evening,after classes he would accompany me to attend the cooking classes and drive me home.Before this,I thoght that his mom was only running the bakery but after this incident I realised that his family also organised cooking classes.


"May I ask you a favor please?"He inquired.Hazriq Danil looked so smart and handsome in this attire and the way he asked me made my heart throbbed anxiety.

"You are single and available right?"He put a question again on me eventhoght I was not answering his first qustion.He smiled at me.He proposed me???Huh...

Now I am 21 years old and my dream had partially came true.I had my own bakery on the top list of the famous bakeries in my town.My cupcakes were popular as it was sold like a hot cakes everyday.Thank"s to hazriq Daniel"s mother who had tutored me alot.My bakery is running extremely well.Hazriq Daniel is now my opponent as he is the heir to his mother's bakery.

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