Ant eater and you...a HR message

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Most of us not even aware of the truth that we are nothing but what...

Submitted: January 04, 2015

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Submitted: January 04, 2015



You are the product of what you do, want and wish to be and nothing else. In other word, what you think and what you do only determines your identity and personality.  What you are is largely controlled and shaped by what you have been continuously doing. Only what you do determines what you are and what you do is governed by what and how you think.


When one falls into trap of doing the same thing repeatedly and over and over again, then the thinking and doing becomes mechanical, automatic, rhythmic and involuntary.  The thinking and doing become tantamount to each other and also they compliment and support the existence of each other and also own existence. Therefore one has to question own thinking and doing style courageously and must change if desires to become something different.


Nature has left an important example for the corporate people to learn.  Look at the animal – anteater.  Anteater is 6 feet long, huge and heavy animal but its mouth is only an inch wide. It eats ants, termites and other small insects as its exclusive food.  To eat such tiny insects, it does not need big mouth or powerful jaw and hence the nature has created it as big as 6 feet long but with a very small mouth. 


Knowingly or unknowingly our thinking and actions are supported by the nature to become a product of what we do and how we think and not what we want or wish to become.  To become what we want, we must understand and question what we do & how do we think and must do the necessary corrections if required.  But most people seldom do such introspection and assume that what they are doing is the right & correct and hence will continue to do what they have been doing.But ironically they often complain & yell about their world, people around them and ask why things don’t change etc.  But they never bother to audit or introspects their actions, its consequences and their contributions to the state of present affairs.


The key dimension of quality leaders demands such introspection.  Please check what you do whether it match with what you want.  If you keep doing things just to meet the present demand/need, you will be always ends up meeting only what you need at present and not will be doing anything towards what you really want to become in future.  If you really want to change the future course of action, you need to change your style of doing things right now.


Look at the beauty of nature.  When the 6 feet long animal settle with ants and termites as its food, nature has made its mouth just to suite to its need.  Evolution will do based on what one is doing and how thinking and hence one must clearly understand what one need and therefore what one should do, instead what one is doing.


Dr S Ranganathan

ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai

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