HR wisdom from ladybugs

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The management wisdom of lady bugs are quite interesting as they....

Submitted: April 26, 2015

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Submitted: April 26, 2015



The management message of how not to waste the efforts and ensure results instead of using excuses, the corporate leaders must learn from ladybugs. 


The corporate people always love to blame the situation, market reality and other ‘convincing reasons’ for why they drop their effort in the middle and could not achieve the result.  They present the story in such a way as if it was wise to drop the task in the middle than pursuing it.


Many corporate would take up some projects, aggressively pursue it and due to some reasons, would drop it abruptly.  When the scope for use of ‘excuses’ are plenty, people often see reasons to substantiate their excuses than developing ‘instinct’ to accomplish the task. 


Look at the management message of nature that sent through lady bugs.  During breeding season, the female lady bugs are known to lay large number of infertile eggs along with a few fertile eggs.  Only when the condition is quite unfavorable or uncongenial, the lady bug lays infertile eggs, otherwise the eggs would be fertile.


The question of why they lay infertile eggs, scientists have answered.Lady bugs are poor parents as far as ‘parental care and nursing the young ones are concerned’.  The young larvae need food to eat as soon as they hatch out. 


Lady bug cannot avoid laying eggs because the condition is unfavourable.  But at the same time, it cannot lay eggs just to die of starvation.  The lady bugs are not doing someone’s job brief.So it uses its extra sense and instinct.  It lays limited number of fertile eggs and unlimited number of infertile eggs so that the larvae that emerge from fertile eggs can eat the infertile eggs and can grow.


Neither the effort of the lady bugs go waste nor the result suffer due to some reasons (unfavourable condition).


The corporate leaders must develop such instinct.  Instead of using excuses and glorifying adversities, must develop right instinct to ensure effort doesn’t go waste or do the result suffers.


Balance of effort and result is must.  To achieve that, one must not see the availability of plenty of excuses as first or best option.  Nature has not made any life form on earth except man, with the luxury of lethargy, taking things for granted, use of excuses, procrastination etc.


If the corporate leaders and the respective HR function learn this essential management message from ladybugs, they can empower their people with right instincts than their instincts to cite excuses. 


Instead of seeing bad in others or around you, see what best you can offer.


Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Lt.d., Chennai

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