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The first submission is about the poor soul who stands on our city street corners holding a sign warning us that the End Is Near.

Submitted: November 25, 2014

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Submitted: November 25, 2014



From an average person’s point of view

The End Is Near

Have you ever stepped out of a subway station or a department store and saw a man, he would be sort of a derelict looking poor soul dressed in a dingy grey coloured overcoat complete with stains, sporting scraggy long unclean looking hair and about five days’ worth of stubble, he would be holding a piece of cardboard with a hand written message warning us that, “The End is Near?” Well I have, on several occasions sadly enough while working in downtown Toronto. I, like many, and by many I mean all others, gave him a wide birth fearing some sort of infestation from a horde of “crawly critters” or something worse was just waiting to invade any open orifice if we wandered too close. This scene has played out for decades I’m afraid, probably in all large cities around the world. So far thank goodness, his warning of the end hasn’t happened – yet. I mean, does he know something we don’t?

Of course way back in the early stages of modern man, the Mayan’s predicted that the world would come to an end December 21, 2012 by our calendar. Well, not they themselves passed on this warning, others who believed they knew what the Mayans were thinking way back then made that prediction when their calendar suddenly came to a stop. My thoughts are that the Mayan calendar maker finally became bored with the job and decided to do something else.

Thinking about it though, the end of the world, however we perceive it, is an interesting concept. “Not gonna happen,” many may say. Man has risen to defeat many diseases, has extended his life greatly, even figured out how to grow new life in a petri dish in some laboratory somewhere so why would the world end. There seems to be no limit to man’s achievements and his possibilities. I won’t get into whether his achievements are moral or not. That’s for others to debate but he has proven to be the most dominate, conscious and considerate of all species on the planet; right?

Well let’s see. After a lengthy look at the situation we all face, and don’t think for one moment we all don’t face it, I have come to a conclusion. Man has proven to be the strangest species on the planet, capable of great good, as well as great destruction. Just briefly touching the subjects closest to my heart, while considering all to be in their right mind, man species is the only animal that kills for the sake of killing. How can a so called dominate species find it in his conscious to justify the killing of another animal, other than for compassionate reasons or sustenance that is? I’ve never known any other animal to kill something for the sole purpose of hanging it’s head on a wall only to prove to others of his species that he is a hunter. Sorry, the word hunter doesn’t really apply here. In definition the word means to search for or chase. Man hides in a tree and ambushes his prey.

Now I don’t say all man species is like this, killing the largest, most dominate, really breeding animal, no! There are others of the man species that kill every animal in a species until the supply is depleted. This is hunting to extinction. Is there a moral compass here?

Enough of that, let’s talk about the environment for a second. I’ll get back to hunting in a bit. Yes, we find man species is at the forefront once again with environmental issues. We have levelled great forests, flattened mountains, drained lakes and even flooded land to make room for the exponential increase in worldwide population. Gosh, there are whole countries that can’t feed their people right now, while other countries bask in a flood of fast food waste because they can’t eat it all; just food for thought. Did you know, and I think probably most of you are aware to some extent, that in the let’s say mid 1700’s, the world wide mouth to feed population was somewhere around 1.6 billion. Even with the current expectation of decreasing birth rates over the next one hundred years, the earth’s population by the year 2150 is expected to be around 10 billion. Wow! Imagine the strain on the world’s food and fresh water supply. Maybe we should stop the trophy hunting and be a little more considerate of food for future generations. Scared yet? No. Just wait.

Let’s stay with the environment for a bit longer. I have concerns of what man species is doing to this old earth herself, polluting her air, polluting her fresh water supply with garbage, insecticide run off into our rivers, recreational waste. The list goes on. Fresh air and fresh water are two of the staples of life by the way. Even that petri dish kid born in the lab I mentioned earlier can’t live without them. Oh, you knew that. Let’s continue then. For heaven’s sake man species, if there is a heaven, we are also polluting our oceans. Salt, another staple of our carbon base life form when in the correct dosage! I see people throwing pop cans, beer cans in some cases, and even lit cigarettes out the window of their cars. The ditches along our highways have become collection channels for this garbage. Pride in our environment is suffering badly. Shall we take a look into outer space now? Well there’s so much junk floating around our planet I doubt that Aliens would even bother coming here. It would be like visiting a rat’s nest. Sorry rats. We left junk on the moon and now that poor little red planet who is our closet neighboring planet has our size 50 boot print on it. By boot print I mean our junk; nobody’s really set foot on the surface yet. Probably throw a Mars Bar wrapper on the ground first thing anyway. It wouldn’t surprize me if the powers to be decided to send our garbage to the moon or another planet just so we will be able to keep our heads above the refuge pile.

What about war? War is constantly looming over us. Did you know that the number one killer of man is … you guessed it, man species. I mean since year one till now outright wars for whatever reason, be it genocides, cleansings, property acquisition by force not to mention of course the famines which often follow war, mostly being a victor inflicted starvation of the conquered people, then followed by whatever horrific diseases that result, have killed billions. It seems to me that throughout time the north wanted what the south had, the east wanted to tame the west, this country wanted that countries oil, Germany wanted the whole world, course the Jews weren’t going to be allowed in it. We’ve even made slaves of each other throughout every century. “OMG,” and I never say that other than when I write. And let’s not forget the religious factor, believe what I believe or there will be no salvation for you. Do you have any idea how many deaths have occurred as a direct result of what deity you believe in, or don’t believe in. Whether it be God, Allah or even that mythological Greek dude Zeus himself, man has somehow twisted faith into justified killing for his own so called salvation. I had to cast aside any commitment to God or whoever very early in life. I simply couldn’t follow a revengeful, cruel deity that would allow his children to suffer. By children I mean man species. I know, it’s all part of his master plan the religious preach. ‘Horsehockey.’ Not really a word but I heard it somewhere and liked it. I believe it was from the long ago T.V. series called MASH. Course, that was a comedy based during a war; yes, let’s romanticize war. I turned towards a more natural and believable way of exercising my right to having faith in something. I decided to believe in Gaea. For you who don’t follow ancient Greek philosophies and beliefs, Gaea can loosely be described as The Earth Mother or Mother Earth. OMG for me by the way means “Oh My Gaea.”

Killing each other is a madness that many of us suffer from. When will the madness stop? Well, maybe sooner then you may think.

Have you been watching the weather patterns, seismic shifts, rising global temperatures lately? I have. Storms are getting more frequent and much more violent. This is a fact based on what the U.S. weather scientists are saying. There’s an increase in plate shifting causing more frequent earthquakes. The ice cap is melting. Our ozone layer has a hole in it larger than Nebraska. Shall I go on? Because of our careless treatment of our planet and its resources that sustains our life, the way we treat each other, the value we put on riches which unfortunately is a value much greater than our moral standards, if we have any, I think we may have awaken the giant - Gaea. I think the Earth Mother may be in the early stages of cleansing an infestation, and man species is that infestation she’s cleansing. I’m sorry to say that perhaps man species’ arrogance has risen to a height of no return and cleanup is too far beyond his reach or desire. You know, maybe that dude with the cardboard sign isn’t all that wrong, perhaps The End Is Near…..

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