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In India and most Asian countries starting from the Middle East to China, male child is preferred over the female in the family.

Since the time sex determination has become possible using ultrasonographic technique, abortion of female foetus has become rampant in all these nations particularly in India.There are complex set of social reasons, cultural traditions,religious beliefs and taboos/stigmas, which are responsible for the occurence of this heinous and inhuman act.

A girl after marriage by tradition goes to the husband's home to live in a joint family. The groom and his family members usually keep lot of material and wealth expectations from the bride's family. This is usually demanded at the time of marriage as 'Dowry'.

If dowry demands are not fulfilled, the girl is subjected to mental harassment, physical abuse and various social taunts at her husband's home. These are often used as extortion tactics by the husband, his parents and other members, to put pressure over the bride's parents and family to acquire more wealth.

Often the bride is killed in brutal manner (for example by setting fire over her body after pouring kerosine oil) when the demands of the husband are not fully met. The married woman also suffers from many psychological problems while living in a hostile atmoshphere and for losing peace. Some women even resort to the extreme step of committing suicide.A married woman if remains issueless due to any reason what so ever becomes stigmatised in the society. People even consider her as omen and avoid looking at her face. Also if the woman gives birth only to female children and doesn't bear any male child.

If a woman is widowed at an early age, she is also considered cursed, and suffers with various kinds of humiliation. It is worth mentioning that in Hindu religion a very cruel practice was going on until the 18th century what was called as 'Sati'. In this the widowed woman was forcefully kept over the dead husband's pyre and burnt alive along with the dead body. When Lord William Bentik was the Viceroy, he banned this terrible practice enacting a law.

In contrast to the above male children are a privileged lot. Earlier to 2005, male children only had the right to inherit parent's properties. The law now entitles the girls to claim equal rights over the same. Male children as per Hindu tradition perform the cremation of dead parents,and perform all rituals there of. The married girl only joins the function as a guest.

This is not an easy task to change the culture, traditions, beliefs of a society (civilisation) which is so ancient. Education, awareness, rational thinking however has its effects over people. This might not be good always. For example killing a foetus (rather a pregnant woman, even a pregnant animal) was considered was one of the most heinous crime in Hindu society. Has education helped changing this belief ? The answer perhaps is 'Yes',

Married couples often feel hopeless thinking about the fate of a girl child in future. The decision to abort a female foetus is always a very hard decision by a sensible couple. They do remain traumatised all through their lives remembering the sad event.

Submitted: May 13, 2012

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Submitted: May 13, 2012




12 May 2012. Saturday.

Cards have been flying

Gifts have been flowing

The air has been buzzing

With 'Maa'

Are hearing the Day of the Mother

'Mom', a name or word we never understood

We only lived in the darkness of the womb of a woman

Never knew why and how came there

We could not see the light of the day

Nor lived to see the beautiful flowers and butterflies

Or the trees mountains and oceans

Nor the azure skies with a moon and hundreds of stars

To singing ourselves the 'Twinkle Stars'

We missed for ever listening to the birds singing and playing with their chicks

What is the taste of mother's milk ?

Remained in our dreams for ever

Could have cried with the universal language

like any other new born


The crying song from which probably 'Maa', 'Mom', the words are born

What was our fault ?

We could be born like any baby girl

Just as you were in your mother's lap one day

How could you be so cruel

To force us out of your womb when we were very much alive?

You poisoned us, throttled and tortured

Using all possible means

To kill us like a brute

Didn't have even the mercy of a butcher

You threw our body over a garbage dump

Without even giving little respect what is given to other humans when they are dead

For being eaten by stray dogs and crows

Even threw us into the waters in the darkness of a covered well

For getting us rottened to degenerate

In quietness and guarded secret

From the knowledge of your kiths and kins and fellow beings

We are now living somewhere

Do not know if you call it Hell or something else

We could not call you 'Mama' Oh, Dear !

Are grateful to you however for resting us in your womb and giving us all nourishments

Even if for weeks or a few months

We know its not all your fault

We forgive you and all for your sin

We are grateful for one thing nonetheless

You have saved us to meet your fate

If we were born alive to grow up

To carry a female foetus in the adult hood

Thank you very much M...........

God Bless you all and forgive you for your sins.

© Copyright 2019 Dr Tushar Kanti Nayak. All rights reserved.

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