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As science unravels the truth of Nature, human race is faced with more complex questions which are rather more difficult to answer compared to the earlier problem.
Recent discovery of the mass-less sub-atomic Higgs-Boson particle has a life of millionth to the power minus four second. Higgs says that he could not predict anything about the utility of this mass-less particle having such a short life.
The discovery however has posed new problems before the scientific community for answering. Naming the particle as 'God's particle' is only sensational and sort of hype in fundamental science. The question is with which this mass-less sub-atomic particle has been built with ? From where it has been originated ? Why it has been created ?
Since the mass-less particle must be having dimensions, it occupies some space. What is space ? Even if the God's particle has a very very little life span, still that is 'time' and could anybody define what is Time ?
Even the concepts like Zero, Infinity are not well understood. Man has little knowledge about life, death, and many other natural phenomena.
The concept of God is perhaps giving a solution to all these mysteries. All that is there in Nature and the events that have been occurring within it might be scientifically explained up to a limit, after which it becomes difficult to explain/answering questions.
These ultimate questions are left as 'creation of Nature' which has been conceptualised as God, the Creator and Master of the Universe.
As science keeps unravelling more mysteries of the Nature, the concept of a Creator or God is probably getting strengthened.
When the rationalists are failing to explain many natural events and mysteries inside, the faith in God by believers is becoming deeper.

Submitted: July 16, 2012

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Submitted: July 16, 2012



By : DR TUSHAR KANTI NAYAK. 12 July 2012, Thursday.
Evolution with the time
Human thoughts going unlimited
Its intricate brain and intuitive mind
Unending quest for going deep
Inside things around, within and beyond
Wonderful are the words created by human
Codon for a subject on their own
Cracking every code comes as a new challenge
All that science and philosophy
Matter,energy and force
Stars, galaxies and the universe
Laws of the gravitation
Molecules and atoms
Proton, neutron and the electron
The mysteries of the Nature
are problems vexed and complex
As if the human race is created by the same
with a brain given with the mission
to unravel the mysteries of the Nature, its own creator
The human imaginations again
Zero,space and infinity
The words remain great puzzles and mystical
Man had invented God
Well before the theories of
modern science were postulated
And the tools to prove them came in his hands
Mysteries of the universe, Nature, space and time
Human like the millions living species over the planet earth
The phenomena of life, death, growth, procreation 
Just not the essence of all these words
And the secrets of all phenomena
Perturbs the human mind with
Why, how and when ?
A solution for all complex words 
and secrets within
God is perhaps the best fit for all that
The balance keeps swinging in favour of
the greatest of words (God) in human philosophy
Searching missions in science
Unravelling the truth of Nature
Perhaps stepping ahead to reaching the God's point !
All these particles in atom and sub-atom
masses or mass-less
thriving a millionth negative four second
Puzzle still remains
with a mass-less God's particle and its life
There is something still lesser than this
Having a life whatever little might be
The search would never end
The calculations shall remain unsolved
The Space, Time, Zero and Infinity
Existence and non-existent
Matter and energy
From where have they come from
And why are they there
The element of mystery shall remain for ever
The past, present and future
Its all the phenomenal God ?
Rationalists would fail to explain
The believers shall deepened their faith
More the mysteries of Nature are unravelled
The Good Lord God bring human to submission
God, You are Great ! 

© Copyright 2018 Dr Tushar Kanti Nayak. All rights reserved.

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