Two Houses Divided

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Thinking out loud.

Maybe, Booksie could do with the use of an additional House Forum, in addition to the Classic House (which is default by nature); so the members Home Page not only reveals the Classic House ( and, Houses they subscribe too ) but, a New Booksie House. ( Not just " Booksie Classic" ).

We have a disconnect with so many Houses and just one Booksie House. 
(Oh, Booksie House, this is not in competition with you, but a mere sibling of your family.)

The problem is a supportive, creative, intellectual, inspiring community that elevates its mutual members, and the writers talent themselves,  piquing their own curiosity toward new writings and the exploration of discovery through new genres. We need to get that community back.

I am quite sure if something like this happened, more would break down their wall of pause, and hesitation toward self expression, writing more often.

And, no, not just a new "Booksie House" that will become the same play ground, but perhaps one for members that have a real passion and wish to be more active, encouraging, supportive, honest and real, without prejudice, bigotry, hatred, intolerance, or slander/libel.

Yes, any member here could create this, however, BG is the only one with the power.

This is, of course, is just food for thought,  however,  I truly feel this would be a refreshing "thing" for Booksie.

So, you already have questions: ( here a few )
Whats to stop it from becoming the same or yet, worse, off-spring of the Classic House; yet another place for the same vitriol?
Maybe, it can only be made available to paid members?
Who will moderate and take the time to keep peace in "Two" Houses?
Why not just do something to make the "Original" Classic House more active, pro-active, and more friendly and awe-inspiring forum?
Will it even matter or do anything to get current members more excited about writing?
( and, how will new members consider this )

Plus, Shakespeare: "Two Houses, divided in dignity.."

Just thinking out loud.


Submitted: February 09, 2020

© Copyright 2020 Dr. Acula the friendly Ghost. All rights reserved.

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This is a very thought provoking piece, Doc. Booksie always had a strong community feeling; I remember how impressed I was by it when I joined well over four years ago now. Some of the most active and supportive writers have either left or have become less active, and it seems to be a real challenge to get newer members involved in the same way.
There are a few though, but it sure would be nice to get the old Booksie atmosphere flowing again.

Sun, February 9th, 2020 1:22pm

Mike S.

Great idea, Doc!

Sun, February 9th, 2020 6:20pm

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