Everybody Wants To Rule Pusheenoland

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a very big war of the century.

About a hundred million years ago, there were dinosaurs. The dinosaurs were like the horses of each nation. Gun nation’s dinosaurs were raptors and spinosaurus and they were the strongest nation. Gun nation was located at the Gun and Stickman Alliance Continent which was the largest continent where the weather can sometimes be very confusing. Some days they had a lot of rain and some days they could be super dry and hot. However, the temperature never went past 60 degrees celsius. WOOT WOOT! In the smallest continent, Iceland and Icecream Land could get to -200 degrees. That is as cold as space! Here, they used tyrannosaurus and argentinosaurus for traveling and going to war.Gun and stickmen in the smallest continent have to eat 1,000,000 calories to survive! There are no killer clowns on both continents because the army already killed them.In contrast, Continent #1 is a very peaceful land with fluffy doggo dog dogs rolling around in peanut butter soil. Suddenly, a killer clown appears. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!, Get the military here right now!” said Co-commander Doggo Dogensen Doodle Face Doggone Swami Havabanana. After calling for the army, fluffy doggo dog dogs swiftly jumped into the scene of the killer clown. However, it took them five minutes to go there so 5000 doggo dogs were killed by the clown. Now the doggo dog population only had 5 doggo dog dogs left. Then a doggo dog could not control his doggy behavior and started playing with a ball. The ball popped and juice came out. The juice made the doggo dog dog duplicate 10 dogs per second! Doggo dog dogs began running wildly everywhere chasing the same ball. It was chaotic! Then they trampled the clown! Now Fluffy Doggo Dog Dog land was safe and sound again! But Commander Doggo Diggen Doggy Doodlesen Doggy Havabanana got trampled in the crowd of doggo dogs. Co-commander Doggo Dogensen Doodle Face Doggone Swami Havabanana was DEVASTATED! His brother died! Afterwards the Co-co-co-co-co-co-co-co-co-co-co-co-co-co-commander Doogle Beagle Doodle Poodle Doggonsen Havabananaandapear said, “i Co-co-co-co-co-co-co-co-co-co-co-commander Doogle Beagle Doodle Poodle Doggonsen Havabananaandapear say I should be de new commander!” Just right after he finished his statement, Co-co- commander Shubeedoowop announced, “ I have a will here. It says that I am the leader if our Commander is not around.” Co-co-co-co-co-co-Commander Dopoboposopolopowopoeopotopoteapobapo said, “Shubeedoowop prepare to face your death!” The two doggo dog commanders drew their stick swords and started slashing each other. They both attacked but they both successfully dodge each other’s hits. Then Co-commander picked up his axe and split both of them in half. Now there were two doggo dogs lying in the soft peanut butter. All the other doggo dog soldiers were in shock. A few minutes later a dog with an axe the size of a house came. This doggo dog was super strong and had no problem carrying that large heavy axe. He started slashing at the co-commander but Doggo Dogensen Doodle Face Doggone Swami Havabanana had no problem dodging it and swung his axe at his opponent, but when the axe hit the dog it bounced back off from the dog’s head. This dog was made out of rubber! He was so elastic and bouncy. After 100 hundred hits in the head he got split like a banana.I guess he was not so bouncy afterall. Now that this dog killed all of the important commanders, he was ready to declare himself as the king of Fluffy Doggo Dog Dog Land. However, an army of slugs ran towards him “It’s the slug attack again!” said Beagle Beagle. Slime spread all over the peanut butter field making all the doggo dogs slip whenever they tried to stand. The doggo dogs became defenseless. Then the peanut butter waves came and made it super sticky. Fluffy Doggo Dog Dog Land was now a disgusting mess. It was slime mixed with peanut butter which made the doggo dog dogs puke. Now the soil was mixed with slime, peanut butter, and puke. Disgusting!!! Then the slugs started puking on everybody's face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a puke festival at Fluffy Doggo Dog Dog Land. The remaining animals had to evacuate and flee to Continent # 2 which was the Gun and Stickman Alliance Continent. They served for the army there so they could be stronger.The doggo dogs worked out day in and day out and eventually got super big muscles. They were now the Muscle Doggo Dog Dog Gang! Then their arms were as thick as a human leg and their legs were thicker than cats and their body was as big as a human’s body. Since the Gun and Stickman Alliance was testing out new super power injection experiments, they decided to give some to doggo dogs to make them even more powerful. A few muscular doggo dog soldiers received the injection and the doggo dogs became Super Dogs! And the doggo dogs turned very big and strong with laser eyes and super strength. The doggo dogs were now ready to battle and all of them wore a soldier suit. When they went back to doggo dog land, there were a ton of slugs. There was a sign that said, “Sluggo Slug Land”. The sign was written using green slime produced by slugs and there was a trail of slime running in all directions. The slime trails came in a variety of colours making the floor look like a splashed painting. Then Mega Commander German Shepherd said, “Let’s take back Doggo Dog Land! Oh ya, they changed the name. Let’s take back Sluggo Slug Land!” All the doggo dogs zoomed over to the sign quickly. One doggo dog swiftly took away the sign and the other doggo dogs began smashing it into small wood pieces. Another group of doggo dogs replaced the old sign with a new one. The sign read “Super Doggo Dog Land”. They started smashing slugs and some stuffed the slugs in their mouth to chew them to death. While they were chewing, slime dripped out of the doggo dogs’ mouths. The doggo dogs were spraying bug spray around and lasering the slugs with their eyes. When they were done killing the slugs, a group of doggo dogs were sent to bring them back to make escargot because they were getting super hungry again. Also, there was a clean up group that burned the slime to slime vapor and cooked the escargot by burning them the laser. The smell of escargot drifted around the land and all the doggo dogs rushed back in to feast on the crispy slugs. Soon the Wolffo Wolf nation found the dogs. What the doggo dogs didn't know was that their pawors were gone. The Wolffo wolves ran in a pack and were ferocious. Their body size was much bigger than that of the doggo dogs and they ran much faster as well. Suddenly, Mega Commander German Shepherd bit a wolf in the neck and killed it. The wolf that was killed was, in fact, the leader of the pack. Without the leader, the other wolffo wolves decided to retreat and get more help. They came back with three packs of wolves, but, by the time they came, there were doggo dogs holding swords and axes everywhere. The wolffo wolves were not prepared to fight the doggo dogs because the wolves had no weapons of their own. However, a wolf had an enormoews suitcase full of weapons. The wolf opened the suitcase. In a split millisecond, the suitcase expanded to the size of a room. Inside this room were endless cases of ammunition and the top of the line machine guns. The wolves' technology was superior. Mega Commander saw that and called the gun and stickmen alliance and in a split nanosecond, there was an army of guns and stickmen, but, with the wolves, there were 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 soldiers. It was going to be the battle of the century with the wolves against the Gun and Stickmen Alliance along with the doggo dogs. The wolves were starting to shoot like crazy. Nonetheless, every shot missed. Consequently, they used up almost all of their ammunition in a short period of time. But then tons of suitcase cars pulled up and ammo started pouring out of the suitcases. The Gun and Stickman Alliance saw that the wolffo wolves were bringing in a lot of ammunition so they decided they needed to use better weapons too. They got out 100,000,000 mpal - 23 which was half a flamethrower half a sniper. This weapon was going to help win the battle easily. There was also a special function on the mpal-23. After the ammo and gas is used up, it can be thrown as a grenade and it would cause an enormeows explosion. Likewise, the wolves got out a mspal-12 which is half of a rocket launcher and half of a minigun. The rocket could fire across the span of 300 meters and the minigun could fire enemies from close range. The doggo dogs finally took out their mtpal-39 which is the same as the mspal-12 except that it can shoot 800 meters. It was game on. Ammunition flew everywhere, grenades were thrown, shots were made, blood dripped everywhere. It was a chaotic war zone. Instead of ammo, some doggo dogs fed the wolves peanut butter from the ground. After their first bite, the wolves were addicted to the delicious savoury peanut butter and could not stop eating it. The wolves were losing when 100,000,000,000 wolf tanks pulled up 20 meters away from the battlefield. Inside these tanks carried the most talented wolf soldiers with the most advanced weaponry. It was rumoured that the wolves had technology given to them by aliens from planet xp-512. They had rpgs, snipers, ak-59s and M4A1s. Such weaponry required the magical stones of Eon Mountain and they had successfully removed these stones from the location and even uncovered a gigantic transformer robot. Then iron men, which were a part of the doggo dog iron league, came out of a hole in the ground. These gigantic robots were prepared to conquer the world. Their fists were the size of buildings and one step by them would crush an entire street. The doggo dogs were invincible. They were so strong. Where did they get the technology from?!

On the palms of the iron robots were power beams that could demolish the strongest of materials but the wolves took out their own iron league that was bigger than the doggo dogs. Super Doggo Dog land was left in a disaster from the war between the two iron giant crews. 


Just kidding! The war lasted 50 years! The doggo dogs, wolffo wolves, and the iron giants turned to grandpas. For some good reason, Mega Commander was still four dog years old! The peanut butter he had eaten in Doggo dog land was the key to his youth! The war was pretty much impossible to end!


Submitted: August 07, 2020

© Copyright 2023 dr. anonymous shrew and dr. anonymous grizzly bear. All rights reserved.

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