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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Blackmore Woods is a large forest that casts a sinister shadow over the people of the small town of Blackmore

The woods has lots of dark stories in it's past that to outsiders are just fun myths and legend but for the people of Blackmore it's all very real.

On October 31st 1995, 4 friends came up with a plan for the scariest Halloween ever, to spend the night camping in the supposedly haunted Blackmore Woods,

They soon realize there's something far more evil in those woods than ghosts and that the urban legends...

Are real.

Note: "this story was originally published under the title The Long Halloween"

*October 31st 1995*

*A grey 1983 Toyota Corolla drives down a country road, the road stretches out for 100 miles between Blackmore and the rest of the world, Blackmore sits alone in the middle of nowhere with a population  of only 230, if it wasn't for the sinister legends about the large woods that surround the northern end of the town, it would be forgotten*


John: "Mac I don't think it's working"

Mac: "maybe if u took the lense cap off genius"

*John removes the cap revealing his face close up to the camera*

John: "oh"

*Chloe giggles, John turns the camera to show his 3 friends, Mac drives with his girlfriend Chloe in the passenger seat while John and Chad sit in the back*

Chad: "please remind me why the fuck are we wasting a perfectly good Halloween night in some dirty fucking woods in the middle of fucking nowhere and not at a kickass party" 

Mac: "where's your sence of adventure, besides u ain't getting invited to any parties on the count of u being as popular as an STD in a brothel and we all know if u weren't here you'd be jacking off in your room"

*Chad leans forward onto the back rest of Mac's seat*

Chad: "God Mac can u warn me before u come out with more jokes, so I don't piss myself, and as far as this whole haunted woods camping bullshit goes, u know why no one comes to Blackmore right?"

Mac: "yeah because of the g g g ghosts"

*Chloe and John laugh*

Chad: "no because there's fuck all there accept for shit, inbred rednecks...and more shit, no spirits or demons or witches because just like John's sex life, they're none existent"

John: "says the guy who was gonna spend the day watching porn, oh Hugh Hefner u sex god teach me how to get women"

*Mac and Chloe laugh*

Chloe: "he got u there"

*Chad leans back and looks out the window*

Chad: "whatever"

*John gives the camera to Chloe*

John: "take it"

Chloe: "why?"

John: "tell our lovely viewers why we're leaving the comfort of our warm homes on this fine day to go to the supposedly haunted Blackmore Woods"

Mac: "viewers...who's gonna watch this?"

John: "everyone if we find anything supernatural"

Chad: "maybe we'll find Santa fucking the tooth fairy while a unicorn watches"

Chloe: "ignore him ladies and gentlemen, our dear friend Chad suffers from the terrible decease known as permanent never gonna get laid syndrome"

*over Chloe's shoulder Chad flips her off*

Chloe: "charming man"

*Mac leans into view*

Mac: "yes ladies he is single but please form an orderly line we don't want a stampede"

Chad: "fuck off"

*Chloe turns the camera back on to herself*

Chloe: "anyway, we're here today going to find...wait that sounds we're going to spend the night camping in the infamouse Blackmore Woods...for those who don't know it's just 100 miles outside of our home town of OAKWOOD!"

*the guys give Chloe a confused look*

Chloe: "sorry I thought we were gonna do a group cheer thing"

Chad: "give me that"

*Chad takes the camera*

Chad: "here's how it's done"

*Chad looks away, clears his throat and turns back to the camera in a mocking "dramatic" fashion*

Chad: "it was 30 years ago..."

*Chad uses a dramatic voice, his friends start to snigger*

Mac: "fuck me"

Chad"...when a crazy bitch called Rosemary Williams took her teenage daughter Samantha into Blackmore woods and brutally murdered her, she then hung herself, the end"

John: "seriously, now talk about the rest"

Chad: "that's it she killed her daughter then herself, bitch was fucking mental"

*John takes the camera*

John: "Rose was a member of a coven...a group of witches..."

Chad: "what's that smell?"

John: "...her neighbors claimed they'd hear horrific sounds and screams coming from her home weeks before she killed her daughter, police searched Rose's flat and found writing all over the flat claiming her daughter was evil and had to's believed the coven she joined may have brainwashed her to believe that..."

Chad: "it's getting worse"

John: "...since that night 30 years ago there's been sightings of a woman believed to be Rosemary Williams as well as the spirits of those who've entered Blackmore Woods...never to be seen again..."

Chad: "oh God that smell is disgusting what is it?"

John: " we will spend Halloween night in the very same woods this all happened on the 30th anniversary and maybe we'll even find the cabin that legend says Rose took her daughter too that faithful night"

Chad: "now I recognize that smell it's bullshit" 

*camera switches off*

*camera come back, John holds the camera out of the window and films the old "welcome to Blackmore" sign*

John: "we're here"

*the camera zooms into the woods in the distance*

John: "and there's the legendary Blackmore Woods...I've actually got chills"

*Chad chokes and laughs*

John: "what?"

Chad: "nothing you've got chills ha"

John: "look at the woods and tell me what u feel"

Chad: "I your a loser and that I'm wasting valuable hours of my life by coming to this backwards town"

Chloe: "I don't like the look of this guys"

*John points the camera at some of the locals as they drive past, everyone they pass stares at the group of outsiders*

Mac: "hay check out the creepy old lady on the right"

*the camera turns to an elderly woman in black rags and a widows vail, she turns as they pass maintaining eye contact, as they pass her she does the mark of the cross on herself and mumbles"

Old lady: "Dios los proteja de las brujas malvadas"

Mac: "what did she say?"

John: "I don't know"

Chad: "it sounded like some Spanish shit"

Mac: "creepy"

Chloe: "do u think she put a curse on us?"

Mac: "no, the people out here are isolated from the rest of the world, they're very religious and very fucking weird"

Chad: "isn't that the same thing"

Mac: "ha ha ha yeah it is"

Chloe: "guys I'm serious"

Chad: "Chloe calm down I know a bit of Spanish and the first word she said was Dios that's Spanish for God, no curses or hexes mention God we're fine"

Chloe: "what else did she say?"

Chad: "I couldn't hear the rest"

Mac: "it doesn't matter, come on we're almost there"

Chad: "great"

*camera turns off*

*camera comes back on showing John, Chad and Chloe standing at the edge of Blackmore Woods, Mac is holding the camera*

Mac: "well here we are...Blackmore woods, it is kind of creepy actually"

*John and Chad's unintelligible arguing can be heard*

Mac: "God they're still going at it...sexual tension in action folks...let's have a listen"

Chad: "what evidence is there exactly?"

John: "hundreds of eyewitness accounts, dead animals have even been found gutted on the outskirts of the woods and countless people have entered these woods and have never been seen again"

Chad: "oh u forgot the forgot the Bigfoot and UFO sightings around here too, grow up John"

John: "ok those are obviously fake"

Chad: "Jesus fucking Christ, Bigfoot and UFOs oh that's bullshit but witches and ghosts now that's real"

Mac: "can't u guys just fuck and get it over with"

Chad: "can't u fuck off"

*chad covers the camera, the camera turns off*

*camera turns on showing them walking through the woods, John filming*

John: "we've been walking for about an hour now...still no sign of anything"

*Chad turns to face the camera*

Chad: "we're not gonna find anything because...THERE'S FUCK ALL OUT HERE!!"

Mac: "dude shut the fuck up"

Chloe: "this place is disgusting"

Mac: "it's the woods babe what did u expect"

*John looks around at the trees and spots a few small twigs that seem to be arranged into a symbol on the ground*

John: "what the..."

*Chloe's blood chilling scream makes John almost drop his camera*

Mac: "CHLOE!"

John: "what is it?"

*Chloe points her shaking hand at the foot of a tree, they all a dead rats decomposing body covered in flies*

Mac: "Jesus babe u scared the shit out of me"

Chloe: "that is fucking disgusting"

*John sighs disappointed, Chad nudges him*

Chad: "hay maybe it was killed by the ghost of Rosemary hay, or maybe now it'll come back as a ghost?"

John: "why do u have to be a dick about this, even if u don't believe in the stories why can't u just enjoy us all hanging out and camping together?"

Chad: "because I'd rather be anywhere but here...that's why I'm being a dick"

*they all walk deeper into the woods, Chloe jumps at the snapping of twigs in the distance*

Chloe: "what's that?"

Mac: "babe relax...John's stories have got u all worked up"

Chloe: "no something's following us, I've been hearing those snapping sounds since we found the rat"

Chad: "see John I told u the rat would come back as a ghost"

John: "fuck off"

*John looks around and sees movement in the distance, he zooms the camera in to look and sees a tree a few feet away and notices 4 claw marks down it's trunk*

John: "uh guys...look at this"

*they gather around the tree, John puts his fingers to the marks and follows them down*

John: "claw marks"

Mac: "what could have made them?"

Chad: "any dickhead with a knife"

John: "it's rare but some bears have been spotted out here"

Chloe: "BEARS!"

John: "years ago it's safe now, they were pretty much hunted out of these woods"

Mac: "they look pretty fresh to me"

*Chad reaches into his back pack, pulling out a revolver*

John: "what the fuck!"

Mac: "what are u doing with that fucking thing"

Chad: "what...did u really think I was coming out here, without protection"

John: "I thought u didn't believe in ghosts?"

Chad: "it's not for ghosts u retard, people have been found dead out here and if we come across anyone or anything with bad intentions or even a fucking bear, we can defend ourselves"

Chloe: "to be honest I do feel better now we have a gun"

Mac: "just put it away and let's keep going"

*John keeps filming the claw marks while the others walk away*

?: "John"

*John spins around looking for the origin of the unkown woman's voice*

John: "who's there?"


*a hand slams down on his shoulder causing John to scream in fear as he turns to see Chad laughing at him*

Chad: "HA HA HA u scream like a girl HA HA HA"

John: "screw u Chad!"

*John storms off ahead of Chad*

Chad: "oh come on ya big babe"

*Chad looks around and through the trees in the distance and he briefly sees someone run out from behind one tree before vanishing behind another less than a foot away from the other*

*Chad raises his gun*

Chad: "show yourself!"

*no one emerges but he starts to hear a woman's unintelligible whispers, he slowly walks towards the tree that the figure ran behind*

Chad: "I'm armed...come out now"

*Chad stands less than a foot from the tree, the woman's whispers now louder than ever, Chad quickly jumps to the other side but no one is there...and the whispers have stopped*

*attached to the tree he sees a piece of paper with a child's drawing of 4 people with backpacks that look like Chad and his friends*

Chad: "what the fuck"

*Mac & Chloe walk ahead*

Mac: "this place is creepy but I think it could be quite romantic"

Chloe: "no way not out here in a shitty tent"

Mac: "can't blame a guy for trying"

*as John catches up to them Chad emerges from the trees grabbing John and slamming him into a tree holding the drawing in his face*

Chad: "was this u!"

John: "what...where did u get that?"

Chad: "don't fuck with me!"

*Mac gets in between them*

Mac: "what's going on!"

Chad: "this!"

*Mac takes the drawing*

Mac: "not bad I've seen better at least u got my good side"

Chad: "I didn't fucking do it he did and he got his little friend out there to put it on a fucking tree"

John: "what friend?"

Chad: "I saw someone run behind a tree and when I went there this was all I found"

Mac: "is there someone else out here, are u setting this up for your film?"

John: "what NO!"

Chad: "bullshit!"

Mac: "alright calm down, maybe there is someone else out here fucking with us but that doesn't mean John's apart of it does it...does it?"

Chad: "no...I guess not"

John: "take me to the tree u found the drawing"

Chad: "why?"

*John takes out a small gold medalian with an eye in it's center*

John: "because I have this"

Mac: "and what is it?"

John: "my great aunt was a gypsy, this was her spirit eye"

Chad: "great gypsy voodoo shit now and what magic power does it have"

John: "none but if u hold it and spirits are near, it will spin, the faster it spins the more there are"

*Chad burst out laughing*

Chad: "that is so fucking stupid u really are a retard"

Mac: "leave it Chad, come on let's get back to the car"

John: "what...why?"

Mac: "because I ain't sleeping out here when someone else is walking around leaving fucked up drawings of us on trees"

*Mac, Chloe and Chad turn in the direction they came*

John: "no wait, it was me"

Chad: "I fucking knew it!"

Chloe: "why did u do it?"

John: "I know when I suggested we come out here none of u really wanted too, so I thought if we found something creepy it'd encourage u to stay at least the night"

*John lies through his teeth, he didn't do the drawing but he knows if there's the slightest chance it was the action of a spirit then they have to document it, he lies so they can stay*

Chad: "u faggot"

Mac: "Chad shut up...come on let's find a clear spot to set up camp"

Chad: "what we're fucking staying!"

Mac: "yes!"

*John follows behind his friends, still filming the whole time, his medalian dangles between his fingers, he stops as he feels it slowly starts turning and whispers to himself*

John: "we're not alone"

*he speed walks to catch up to his friends, now several feet behind them where they were standing a foot covered in blood crunches the leaves*

*1 hour later*

*They find a small clearing*

Mac: "this'll do, let's pitch our tents"

Chad: "thank fuck my feet are killing me"

*John slowly turns to look behind himself as he feels something watching him from the trees*

Chloe: "u ok John?"

John: "uh yeah I'm fine"

*they start to build their tents*

*Chloe looks through their supplies when she hears a twig snap, she looks around...not knowing that something is staring back*

*hidden from the others in his tent John holds up the spirit's eye and it slowly spins again this time slightly faster than before*

John: "I can't believe this"

*he starts to film the medalian*

John: "this is proof...something is going on out here...and it feels..."

Chad: "what the fuck!"

Mac: "what's wrong?"

*John leaves his tent and sees Chad looking at his watch then up at the sky*

Chad: "the Sun's setting but it's only 4 in the afternoon"

*they all look up at the mostly tree covered sky with streaks of orange light beaming in*

Mac: "it's the trees they're blocking out the light"

Chad: "no man look it's...getting darker by the second"

Chloe: "this is creeping me out"

Mac: "there's nothing to be creeped out about it's just the lack of sun light this deep in the woods"

John: "but why's it getting darker when we're not moving?"

*they stand in silence as a ground level fog begins to emerge through the trees*

Chad: "nah fuck this we're leaving!"

Mac: "where are u gonna go, it's gonna be pitch black in less than an hour at this rate and we're 3 hours away from the car"

Chad: "FUCK!"

Chloe: "please say we have flashlights"

Mac: "yeah we do, let's get a campfire going as well"

*they stand in silence as within one minute the sun completely sets*

Chloe: "holy shit"

Chad: "so Mac do u still think it's these magic fucking trees that caused the sun to set early, or perhaps it was John's ghost stories that scared the sun away, yeah that's it"

*they all turn on their flashlights*

Mac: "alright calm down man, we're all stuck in this fucked up situation right now, I say we make a fire then in the morning we leave"

Chad: "nah fuck that, I can't stay here!"

Chloe: "neither can I Mac we have to go"

Mac: "it's much safer here than walking in the woods at night"

John: "Mac's right"

Chad: "of course you'd agree with him"

John: "what do u mean?"

Chad: "this is what u wanted isn't it, to film this weird shit"

John: "I agree with Mac because it's the safest option"

*Chloe starts to sob and Mac consoles her*

Mac: "guys stop your bitching, turn the camera off and lets make a campfire"

*camera turns off*

*camera turns on, John films his friends sat around a campfire in silence and surrounded by darkness, out of sight of the others John holds up his medalian in front of the camera now spinning so fast it's a blur*

*in the background Chloe takes an apple out of a backpack and takes a bite, immediately recoiling and spitting it out*

Chloe: "OH MY G..."

*camera turns off*

*camera turns on, showing a fresh apple with maggots and a rotten core inside, Chloe can be heard vomiting in the distance*

John: "this was Chloe's apple...she took a bite out of it and this is what was inside...we've checked and all our food is like this"

Chad: "what the fuck is going on?"

Mac: "clearly we didn't store the food correctly and it's gone bad, no big mystery"

Chad: "Mac that's bullshit and u know it!"

Mac: "look let's get some sleep and in the morning we leave this fucking place"

Chad: "why did we fucking come in the first place"

John: "I thought it'd be fun"

Chad: "oh yeah, so much fucking fun, spending the night in fucking Hell!"

*John walks away with tears in his eyes*

Mac: "well done Chad"

Chad: " wasn't my idea to fucking come here, I wanted to go to a party"

*they all separate, Chad and John to their own tents and Chloe and Mac to theirs*

*as John sleeps his medalian (he's now wearing around his neck) raises into the air spinning impossibly fast*

*John starts to toss and turn before sitting bolt up right...while still asleep, he picks up and turns on his camera, pointing it close to his face*

John: "La muerte nos rodea, nuestra carne se rasgará, nuestros huesos se romperán y nuestras almas serán violadas, estamos a su merced...pero ella no tiene...todos vamos a morir esta noche"

*in that instant the small embers of their dying campfire erupts with a loud bang shooting sparks all over the campsite, the explosion is followed by the sinister scream of a woman*

*Chad is jolted awake by all the noise and runs out of his tent with his gun in hand*


*as he stomps out all the small fires John rushes out of his tent*

John: "oh fuck"

*John then clutches at his chest in pain before pulling out his medalian spinning faster and faster, Chad sees it*

Chad: "what does that mean?"

John: "eh nothing"

Chad: "no u said...the faster it spins...the more spirits there are"

*they both stare in silence at the spirit's eye as it becomes a golden blur*

Chad: "stop fucking with me!"

John: "I'm not!"

Chad: "this shit can't be fucking real!"

*chad snatches the medalian out of John's hand, throws it to the floor and shoots it in an explosion of metal and dirt*

John: "what the fuck!"

Chad: "ever since u shown us that fucking thing all this weird shit has happened!"

John: "it wasn't the spirits eye that did this, it's what I've been telling u these woods are fucking haunted!...I can feel it...and its evil"

*tears form in Chad's eyes because for the first time in his life, he questions his reality*

Chad: "fuck"

*Chad suddenly stops and turns to look at Mac and Chloe's tent*

John: "what are u looking at?"

Chad: "where are they?"

*John looks noticing the zip is still up*

Chad: "they can't have slept through this"

*they slowly approach the tent when the zipper slowly lowers to the ground*

Chad: "MAC...CHLOE!"

*they stand just a few feet away in silence for a few seconds with no more movement from inside the tent*

Chad: "open it"

John: "why me?"

Chad: "I've got the fucking gun now open it!"

*John cautiously opens the tent, hundreds of flies swam out from within followed by a putrid smell that all living things know...*

*the smell of death*

Chad: "holy shit"

*John vomits*

John: "please don't tell me"

*chad looks inside and sees Mac completely naked a cut wide open from the top of his neck to the base of his stomach, his internal organs all removed and placed into a pentagram draw in his blood, next to his remains*

*John looks in*

John: "Mac?"

*John cries and vomits again*

*Chad looks around*

Chad: "where's Chloe?"

*John's blood runs cold as he only now realises she's nowhere to be seen*

*John and Chad quickly grab their flashlights and look at the nearby trees*

John: "CHLOE!"

Chad: "Chloe!...where are u!"

*John's flashlight finds Chloe's ripped up clothes covered in blood and hanging from a tree*

John: "oh my God, Chad look"

Chad: "fuck...FUCK!"

*Chad grabs John by the collar of his shirt*

Chad: "what's doing this!"

John: "I don't know!"

Chad: "this has to be a prank please tell me it's a prank...PLEASE!"

*Chad sees in John's eyes that the horror is real, one of their friends is dead and their other friend is missing and most likely dead too, he let's go of John and starts to breakdown into tears*

John: "God help us"

*an unnatural silence falls on the woods when they both clearly hear the voice of a little girl*

Little girl: "there is no God"

*before Chad and John can even process what just happened they fall to their knees and cover their ears as the deafening sound of women's laughter echoes all around them*

*Chad takes John's hand*

Chad: "RUN!"

*they run as fast as they can not knowing who or what awaits them, as they get away from the laughter the sky ignites with lighting and a blanket of heavy rain thunders down on them*

*as they stumble through the trees John trips landing face first in the dirt, he gets to his feet fast but sees no sign of Chad, John stumbles through the trees desperately searching for him*



*even through the thunder and rain he hears a faint whisper*

?: "over here"

*it came from behind some nearby trees, John walks around them and sees a large clearing with a figure standing in the rain looking up at the sky with it's arms out and it's back to John*

John: "Cha..."

*he stops as the horrific reality of what he's seeing is revealed to him by a flash of lightning, the figure is a woman completely naked and covered head to toe in dark crimson blood, her hair is long, black and soaked in blood, John knew it wasn't human*

*John takes a step back standing on a stick that let's out a noticeable snap, even in the chaos of the rain and thunder, John freezes in fear not being able to see if the woman heared him, the next flash of lighting reveals the woman now facing John, her pure white eyes glaring straight at him, his heart stops as a smirk crosses her face as darkness falls once again

John: "p...please...please don't...kill me"

*the woman lets out a loud scream, in that instant the camera lense cracks and John is thrown backwards and crashes into a tree*

*John's vision blurs as he can only watch the blurry figure of the woman slowly walks towards him*

*Chad staggers through the woods and finds John sat in a pool of blood*

Chad: "JOHN!"

*John wakes up feeling dazed and confused, the memories of the evil woman return to his concussed mind*

John: "where is she?"

Chad: "who?'

John: "the woman...the woman blood"

*John points at the now empty clearing*

John: "she was right there Chad"

Chad: "no one's there man, we have to run, I found somewhere we can hide come on!"

*Chad pulls John to his feet and they make their way through the woods, they emerge from the trees and stand in front of an old cabin*

John: "wait is that...the cabin where..."

Chad: "who cares it's shelter!"

*Chad helps John inside the dusty old cabin and barricades the door*

*he sits John on an old couch that looks like it could collapse any second*

Chad: "where are u hurt?"

John: "just my head"

*Chad looks John over*

John: "what are u...looking for?"

Chad: "u were sat in blood, I'm looking for any cuts but your fine"

John: "it mustn't have been mine...she was covered in...blood"

Chad: "...what do u think this is, I mean what they did to Mac"

John: "it's Rose"

Chad: "Rose, Rosemary Williams...she's dead"

John: "the sightings of...her...she was a witch...maybe she sacrificed her daughter so...she could...haunt these woods"

*they sit in silence for almost an hour, Chad stands guard while John strughles to remain consious*

John: "Chad...why did u never believe in ghosts?"

Chad: "I do now"

John: "no...why didn't u believe until now"

Chad: "it all sounds impossible, even now it still feels impossible"

John: "is it because you've always been afraid to believe?"

Chad: "what's with all the questions?"

John: "I'm afraid if I close my eyes...I'll die"

Chad: "hey enough of that, we're gonna make it out of here u hear me"

John: "I don't believe that"

Chad: "come on if it helps u stay focused then ask away"

John: "where do u think you'll go when u die?"

Chad: "if there's a Heaven then you'll defiantly go there when u die mate, but not here, not today, not in these fucking woods"

John: "no...not me...where do u think YOU'LL go after u die"

Chad: "uh I don't know...Heaven...I hope"

John: " u think Chloe and Mac will be there?"

*Chad looks back at John, Chad's blood runs cold, he can see John is in a bad way, his skin has gone so pale it looks like he's already dead*

Chad: "yes, but we'll have to wait to see them again"

*they both jump as they hear a thud at the window, they look and see...Chloe, standing naked in the rain*

Chloe: "HELP LET ME IN!"

Chad: "CHLOE!"

*Chloe moves from the window towards the door, Chad goes to move the barricade*

John: "Chad...don't open the door"

Chad: "what are u talking about it's Chloe!"

John: "don't do it's not Chloe!"

*Chad takes Johns words to be delusional due to his injuries and throws everything out of the way and opens the door*

Chad: "oh my God Chloe...what happened to u?"

*Chloe stands there completely nude with strange symbols carved into her body with one hand behind her back, she looks slightly down with her shoulder length blonde hair wet and covering her face*

Chad: "Chloe?"

Chloe: "he...warned u...Chad"

*her voice sounds much deeper than before, Chad takes a step back*

Chad: "Chloe?"

*her head snaps up looking straight at Chad her eyes rolled into the back of her head*


*Chloe lunges at Chad, knocking him down as she mounts him, in the hand she'd hide behind her back she holds a large knife, Chad holds her arm up preventing her from stabbing him*

*John tries to get up to help but he's far too weak and he drops to the floor*

John: "Chloe stop!"

*Chloe doesn't acknowledge his pleas and continues to scream*

*Chad grows weaker as the knife lowers closer to his right eye*


*briefly Chad's eyes look just over Chloe's shoulder at a dark figure, almost invisible in the blackness of the cabin, only two small glistening dots at the figures eye level stand out, his eyes adjust just enough to see the outline of the figure he now realizes it's a woman with her right arm hanging over Chloe, her fingers moving as if she's moving a string puppet, lighting flashes iluminates the room but there's no one standing over Chloe*

*Chad's focus returns to Chloe, he looks around for anything he can use to stop her, he notices his gun on the ground where he dropped it when Chloe took him down, he quickly moves Chloe's knife away from his eye and down to his shoulder letting go allowing Chloe to bury it in his shoulder, he then reaches out, grabs his gun and points it at Chloe, his hand shaking*

Chad: "I'm sorry Chloe"

*Chloe screams louder*

*Chad closes his eyes and pulls the trigger with a loud bang, his shaking hand however moved just enough to miss her, Chloe falls off of Chad holding her head in pain as the gun shot right next to her ear*

*Chad gets to his feet and points his gun at her*

Chad: "WHAT ARE U!"

*Chloe raises her head and Chad lowers his gun as he sees her face, tears flowing from her now blue eyes, he feels it in his heart, this isn't the woman that attacked him, this is his friend*

Chad: "are u ok?"

Chloe: "my head"

*Chloe feels blood coming from her left ear, Chad notices it knowing the gun shot probably destroyed her ear drum, suddenly he renembers the door's still open, he quickly goes to shut the door when he sees them...*

*just a few feet away stands a large group of about 50 Women just like Chloe, all naked and covered with satanic symbols and standing in the center is another woman, her nude body rapped in barbedwire*

Chad: "oh my fucking God...WHAT ARE U!"

*the woman screams as she runs towards him, quickly Chad slams the door shut and barricades it just in time as the woman slams into the door her right arm smashing thought and wildly swings left and right*

Chad: "where done, this is the end"

*as Chad steps back he trips over the rug on the ground, exposing a hidden basement door*

Chad: "thank God, Chloe get down there!"

*Chad helps John get up off the ground and down the stairs into the basement closing the door behind them, the rug falls back over the basement door*

*Chad turns on his flashlight exposing the horrifying room they're now in*

*Chloe instantly starts to cry at the sight of it*

Chad: "what...the this?"

*John returns to consciousness and replies*

John: "witchcraft"

*all around them the dead bodies of hundreds of cats hang from the ceiling rapped in barbwire above a pentagram painted in blood on the floor*

*Chad sits John down in the corner of the room as they listen to the women breaking in and running around the cabin*

Chloe: "they're inside"

Chad: "who are they?"

John: "Rosemary...she was a member of a coven...those women are the rest of her coven"

Chad: "they're fucking witches"

John: "yes"

Chad: "Chloe...what did they do to u?"

*Chloe cries again*

John: "they must have...possessed her somehow"

Chloe: "I killed Mac"

Chad: "it wasn't u"

Chloe: "I tried to kill u"

Chad: "it wasn't u, I think I saw what...possessed u, it was a woman...only she was like a living shadow, she moved her hand like she was controlling u...then the lighting flashed and she wasn't there"

Chloe: "I saw my tent...I woke up and she was standing over me...she got in my head...I could see everything I was doing but I...couldn't stop"

*Chloe sobs uncontrollably, Chad puts his arm around her*

*Chad checks his gun*

Chad: "I've got 4 bullets each if it comes to it...better then dying at their hands"

Chloe: "yes...your right"

*Chad looks up at John, his face now ghostly white and black rings, now formed around his eyes and his lips almost seem to be turning blue but in the dim light if Chad's dying flashlight it's hard to see clearly*

Chad: "hold on buddy...please don't leave us now"

*Chloe moves over to John and holds him as he weakly says"

John: "we've all got to die...someday"

*a single tear falls down Chad's face as he knows all their deaths are inevitable, then he sees it...the shadowy figure of the woman stands beside John and Chloe, her left hand pointing a single finger at John*

*Chad goes to raise his gun but he can't, his entire body remains motionless as the woman's right arm raises and points at him, he feels her invading his thoughts and filling his mind with horrific images and terrible ideas, he knows she's possessing him*

*Chad fights her toxic influence as his right arm, still holding his gun, slowly raises*

*Chloe's heart drops as she feels John go limp*

Chloe: "John?"

*Chloe places a gentle kiss on his cold forehead*

Chloe: "Chad, John is de..."

*she pauses as she turns to see Chad holding his gun in his mouth, Chad looks her in the eyes and mutheled by the gun he says*

Chad: "I'm sorry, goodbye Chloe"

Chloe: "NOOO!!"

*Chad pulls the trigger spraying blood and brain matter on the wall behind him, the sinister sounds of the women upstairs stops and is replaced by mocking laughter as Chloe crawls over to Chad's body*

*she closes his eyes and takes his gun, behind her John's body rises from the floor and levitates off the ground, Chloe hears the sounds of his movement, she turns and sees him*

Chloe: "oh my God"

*John speaks but his mouth doesn't move*

John: "don't cry Chloe...they have big plans for u"

*Chloe raises the gun and fires the last 3 shots all hitting John in the chest but he remains in the air, finally he drops with a sickening thud*

*Chloe stares at the blood stained wall as the batteries in Chad's flashlight die, leaving Chloe in complete darkness...but not alone, standing where John was levitating is the shadow woman and she stares right into Chloe's soul*

Chloe: "AAAAHHHHHH!!!"

The End.

Submitted: January 16, 2018

© Copyright 2020 Dr. Nightmare. All rights reserved.

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