Zoey Ross Chronicles

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Zoey Ross has moved to a new school, the town seems normal until someone goes missing, the town goes on lockdown as Zoey goes on to change into something she never knew was inside.

Submitted: December 16, 2011

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Submitted: December 16, 2011




I was walking down the halls deep in thought, thinking of how this new year was going to go. I had gotten into so much trouble last year, the drugs, drinking on school property an of course the vandalism and the stolen cars. Life wasn’t good for me then and had gotten worse as I found out my destiny. my normal life had begun to change, my body hadn’t gotten built without working out, my hair began to grow as I soon began to grow a beard fast, my senses had changed a lot to, I soon was able to hear things from a far distance, I was able to smell the strongest and most horrible smells, touching things and lastly on an late night adventure I discovered that I had developed night vision and could see anything crawling through the night, I remember the night my father told me what I was.


I never had a good relationship with my dad. He was a bully a tyrant and he didn’t care; He would be gone for long periods of time, most of the time He’d get drunk and beat up my mother, once she died he changed over to me almost immediately. Getting angry if I didn’t have dinner out, or if I said the wrong answer. You’d think that beating your wife for ten years and she dies because of the bullet you shot into her head while you were drunk you finally get help, but my father was hard of learning or retarded. He didn’t give up on being the worst father of the year every year. That was something he stayed on like it was a job. I never thought I could hate my father so much until he told me that I was a hunter. I fought with him about it for hours, not giving in, not believing that I would become something like this and killer…

"Damien you’re a hunter" he slurred out

"What? Dad sober up" I said in disbelief, he always mumbled stupid shit when drunk.

"Damn it! Damien when are you going to stop be such a smartass!" he yelled throwing his empty beer bottle at the wall.

"I’ll stop being a smartass when you stop being a sad, pathetic piece of shit!" I yelled back

"Don’t you dare talk to me like that!"

"What are you going to do hit me? I’m used to it" I walked up to him and turned my face towards him giving him the chance to punch me "You’ve done nothing but hit me all my life, what’s the difference this time?" I asked with a bitter smile on my face, still waiting for him to punch me

I could see the anger on his face, his eyes were glazed over and the closeness of his body to mine was ever present as I smelled the rank beer breathe on my face, his fist was clenched as he went forward and could see the shape of his clenched fist swinging towards me, something happened. Instead of his fist coming in contact with my face, my instincts kicked in that I’ve never had before. My hand came out in a blur and grabbed his fist pushing him hard; he went flying into the wall. Standing there in shock I looked over to his body leaned up against the wall; he had a smug smile on his face.

"Better watch that temper, your emotions are heightened." He said with a chuckled

"Get Bent, I’m not some kind of monster"

"Your right you’re not a monster, you’re a hunter" He said wiping the blood off the corner of his mouth as he pushed himself off the floor and walked towards Damian.

"I’m not anything but a human"

"But you’re wrong, you’re a hunter, didn’t you just see the quick movement you did to block my punch, it’s in your blood son, you’re like me a hunter grow the fuck up and deal with it."

"I’m not a Hunter and I’m NOTHING like you"

"Too bad, you’re leaving tomorrow for combat training" he said as he walked to the frig and got himself another beer and headed upstairs to pass out as usual,

I sat on the couch my head spinning, questions swarming in my head. I am hunter? What the fuck does that mean! I was enraged. He gives me this bullshit lie and expects me to believe him, a bitter old drunk, who leaves his son alone with no food, leaving him to survive by himself. And now he wants to act like a father and pretend that I’m some new thing I hunt Kaniua? What the fuck is that! Who does he think he is? I got up and threw the lamp against a wall my breathing labored as I let out an angered cry of fury. Even if this was real, how long would I be at combat training? My life is going to change… And it’s my drunken asshole of a father fault.

*End of Flashback*

I had just snapped out of my flashback when I bumped into something, or someone. A black haired girl stood in front of me, her eyes a deep muddy brown, looking into her eyes I sunk into the dark beauty of her eyes, it was like I was staring into her soul. Shaking out of my thoughts I looked down and got the full view of her face, she had a small flat nose, and thick pink lips. She was breathtaking.

"Sorry" I sputtered out

"It’s ok; I thought I saw something, guess it was just you."

"Yeah these halls are pretty creepy when alone" I said

"Well I should be going. Nice meeting you…?"

"Damien, Damien Collins"

"Zoey Ross, nice meeting you Damien" she said giving him a little wave, and walked in the other direction.

"Zoey… maybe this year won’t be so bad. " I said with a smile on my face, she was something special.

The rest of the day my day went on in a blur, as images of Zoey Ross haunted my mind…


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