More or Less

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More or less, this is just a bunch of rhyming words with 'The more you' and 'The less you' inbetween them. Tried to tie it together, but after awhile it just got blurry.

Submitted: April 30, 2008

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Submitted: April 30, 2008



More or Less

By Drache Kugel

The more you think, the more you know

The more you blink, less time to go

The more you fight, the more you cry

The less you write, more time to die

The more you do, the more you lose

The more you stew, less time to choose

The more you tip, the more you pay

The less you rip, more time to pray

The more you buy, the more you smoke

The more you fly, the less you choke

The more you kill, the more you stink

The less you fill, more time to drink

The more you care, the more you bleed

The more you stare, less time to read

The more you make, the more you spend

The less you take, and that's the end...

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