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Samantha Polar is a normal girl, or so she thought. When an unexpected being crash lands near her, she sets out on an adventure that would take her not only to unexpected places, but also to her father, who had been missing for the past ten years.

Submitted: July 19, 2013

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Submitted: July 19, 2013




Three years ago my father, Samuel Polar, disappeared while on a ‘scientific’ expedition. My thirteenth birthday is tomorrow, well, that’s what my parents say, I’m pretty sure that they are not my real parents. They act like they are all the time, but I know that they aren’t my real family. I don’t remember much of anything about my mother, but I remember my father had disappeared when I was ten. But the next three months will change my life forever.

The night was clear, the moon was full and the stars were crystal clear from the roof of my foster parents’ house. I know this because I was lying down on the flat section of the roof. My foster parents don’t know I’m up here every night I can, but that doesn't’t mean I don’t get caught up here. Tonight was different, I was minding my own business on the roof, watching the moon when out of nowhere I saw a strange shadow in front of the moon, and I figured it was a cloud at first, then realized something was flying past it in a serpent-like fashion. I sat up, watching the shadow,

“What is that, some sort of snake?” I realized it was in the air circling above me in a spiral fashion, the shadow was getting bigger by the minute. I realized whatever it was is falling towards me. A distressed voice shouted as I jumped out of the way,

“Watch out!” As the strange shadow hit the roof, I realized it had a body that looked a lot like a large lizard, but when I saw the wings, I realized I was in front of a dragon. The dragon stood, its wings folding flat against its back. I asked the most redundant question, my voice was shaky, but clear.

“Who are you? What are you doing here?” The dragon looked at me with bright golden eyes, its voice soft and excited.

“My name is Morico, I’m a dracor, or what you humans would call a ‘Dracosapien’. I’ve been looking for you Samantha Polar.” I was shocked to say the least, where did Morico hear my name? Better yet, why was she looking for me? My mind was racing as I thought of my dad’s disappearance. Maybe he told Morico about me, does that mean he’s still alive?

“Morico, is my father alive?” Morico’s golden eyes closed as she smiled.

“Yeah! He’s alive and well, he’s waiting for you right now!” I walked towards Morico as she continued. “But I can’t take you there myself, you need to prove you really want to be with him again.” I took a step forward, placing my hand over my heart.

“I do want to be with him again! My foster parents know nothing of my personality!” Morico nodded in understanding before talking again.

“Then allow me to give you a riddle of how to get to where your father is. You might want to write this down.” I pulled out a sketchpad and a pencil, I always stash one or two of these out on the roof. Morico’s riddle, as I wrote it down, made obvious, at least to me, what it meant.”

The canyons are all the people see, unless they gather the treasures three, one of fire by the sea, where the fire meets the ocean so free. The next by the sea alone, where it is surrounded by living stone. The third in the highest of mountain height, where the air is thin and tight.’

From there I watched Morico fly away, in the morning I instantly checked every world map both on the internet and in books for potential places. I was able to quickly cross off most of the world from my list. I was left with Hawaii, the Great Barrier Reef, and Mount Everest. I knew what I had to do, I had to leave this life behind to start my search for my father.

It’s been about a month, and I’m currently resting in the jungles of Hawaii. I was in a tree, the safest place for anyone or anything at night here. I packed what little camp I had set up and harvested some native fruits, macadamia nuts, and a few sandwich bags of berries that I had reassured myself were okay to eat, and I set out for the volcanic fields, the many volcanic pits were not going to make it easy to find this first treasure.

As I walked through the volcanic fields, I noticed that I was the only one out there. It made the entire area feel like a red hot bubbling ghost town. I walked through the stone-like remnants of the previous eruptions in silence. I soon noticed that a small glowing spot in the stone was right below my feet, the area shaking softly, not enough to be an earthquake, but enough to shock me a bit. I bent down and grabbed the object, pulling it out of the ground after a few minutes, I fell down onto the rocks after being flung back by the force of my own pull. After a quick glance at the glowing stone, it resembled a small flame, its glow seemed to make it seem like it was a fire in itself. Next I knew where to go, the Great Barrier Reef.

I woke up three weeks later on a fishing boat I had asked to take a ride in to the reefs, luckily for me they agreed, it might have been a long trip, but it was worth it. I walked up to the upper deck, looking out to the clear water below, showing me the coral and fish that were living below us. I jumped into the water, snorkel, wetsuit and all. As I landed in the water, the fish scattered among the corals, hiding from my curious eyes. I surfaced after a minute, blasting water from my snorkel and swimming along the surface to regain my breath.

As I paddled with my swimming flippers, I noticed a glow similar to the one I saw with the fire treasure, except this one was a bright blue color that almost matched the water. However, as I neared the glow, a group of tiger sharks came charging towards me, I held my hands out to defend myself, only to realize they were swimming in circles around me. As if they were waiting for my reaction, I stayed where I was, lowering my hands. Amazingly the sharks left, as if acknowledging my reason to be there. I grabbed the treasure in both hands, knowing I only had moments left before I’d have to surface again. As if it knew my limit was near, the treasure glowed brightly and the corals released its hold on the bright blue pearl, its glow slowly dying as I surfaced from the sea. I knew where I needed to go next, the Himalayan Mountains, specifically, Mount Everest.

It has been three months into my adventure to recover all three of the treasures, I was close to the summit of Mount Everest, the air was thin and tighter than a lion’s grip on its prey. I realized that I was close to the treasure when the other two, which were in my bags, began to glow in their pockets. I looked into the snow covered boulders that I was standing on and saw a glow beneath the ice and snow. I dug into it with my glove covered hands, uncovering a massive white pearl that was the size of my hand. Finally, after three long, tiring months that took me around the world, I was ready to go to the Grand Canyon, where Morico told me she’d be waiting.

It took me another month and a half to get to the Grand Canyon, I had been able to book a flight after earning some unwanted international attention as ‘The Seeker’. I was eager to lose the paparazzi in any way. Thankfully the media hadn't’t shown them my face in America. When the plane landed, I rushed out, heading straight to the nearest tour bus that led to the Grand Canyon, more than eager to find my father after so long. I climbed down to the middle of the canyon wall, where the trails were nonexistent, looking for any sign of Morico.

Suddenly, as I climbed the side of the canyon, the stones beneath my feet slid out from under me, I gripped the rocks that held my body up with all my strength. But even those rocks, as sturdy as they were, gave way to my weight, I fell probably three hundred feet before I felt something catch me, I couldn't't’t see or thank my hero, I had passed out right as I was caught.

I awakened to the sound of whispers outside of my tent, wait… I’m in a tent? As I pushed the flap of the tent away, Morico met my gaze with her own. Her bright golden eyes happily staring into my own blue eyes. She gently took my arm in her talon tipped hands and pulled me out of the tent, dragging me towards the wall of the canyon. She stopped in front of a section of the wall, where three slot-like areas that matched the shapes of the treasures I had gathered months before. Her voice spoke happily as she pointed with her bright blue scale covered tail.

“Place the treasures there, then you will see our world, you are the only human that I’ve told of this place, so you must keep this a secret.” As I pulled the treasures from my pockets, I asked her a single question,

“Can I write a story about this place? A fantasy of adventures, treasures and great battles?” My friend pondered this for a moment before speaking any further.

“You’ll need to speak to the elder first, I can’t give that kind of permission.” I nodded in cooperative understanding, placing the treasures in the slots as my friend spoke.

“I, Morico, a dracor of water and wind, do offer the three treasures of the dracosapien door with the aid of Samantha Elaine Polar.” I placed the fire treasure in the far left slot as Morico continued. “First, the fire stone, found in the volcanoes of Hawaii during a spectacular eruption. Next,”

I placed the water treasure in the center slot, Morico still speaking, “the ocean’s pearl, found hidden in the Great Barrier Reef near Australia. Finally,” I placed the mountain treasure in the final slot, causing them all to glow as Morico continued on. “The Mountain’s crystal sphere, hidden and found within the summit of Mount Everest in the Himalayan Mountains. Now with the treasures three, offered to the door of the world of the dracor, allow us to pass into the world of dracor, back to the world from whence I came.”

Suddenly the walls of the canyon shook as the treasures glowed brighter, the section of wall where we stood moved, revealing a tunnel that was dimly lit by simple torches. Morico smiled, bounding into the tunnel with myself running close behind. Suddenly she jumped, letting me realize that the floor dropped ahead. I watched her wrap her wings, which doubled as her forelimbs, around herself and dive into what seemed to be an abyss of darkness. I followed her after being reassured by Morico’s voice calling,

“Come on then! You’re almost there!” I jumped down at her voice, feeling my body somehow becoming much lighter, I closed my eyes as air rushed by my face and ears, restricting my hearing, I suddenly felt myself rise, though nothing was holding me. I didn't't’t bother opening my eyes, but I noticed a strange feeling of hard, lightweight objects protruding from my skin, my body was changing, but into what? My mind raced as I felt my back become longer near my backside, I felt my back start swinging back and forth in a serpent like motion as my legs began to change as well, my shoes were torn apart as m feet grew in size, I felt my hands changing in the same manner. As I moved my hands into fists, I noticed that I was able to fly, and at the same time move freely, I realized now that I was becoming a Dracosapien, what Morico called a dracor, I knew as Dracosapien. In what felt like hours of falling, I felt my body hit the ground, it wasn't't’t hard, but it still knocked the wind out of my lungs. I heard soft murmurs around me as I pushed myself to sit on my haunches, rubbing my eyes with the backs of my hands. A small, childlike voice spoke in front of me, when I opened my eyes, I saw bright blue scales trimmed with a golden color covering my body. I also saw a small dracor. Its large, yellow eyes watched me as the small male, probably a baby, crawled towards my hand, which I placed onto the ground to keep myself stable. His voice was much like a five year old human boy,

“Are you the one Morico kept begging the elder to allow into our world?” At the question I looked at Morico, who was bounding towards us with a larger, ancient looking dracor behind her. He looked down at my newly transformed body, his bright red eyes resembled massive, ripened apples that were freshly picked. His voice was gentle, though at the same time ancient.

“Is this the one you told me about Morico?” His tail curled around his left leg as he sat on his own haunches, his eyes watching me, as if pondering what to say as Morico began to speak.

“She’s the one, even though she was human, she didn't't’t want to harm us, she wanted permission to write stories about our kind, but I’m afraid I’ve forgotten that once you enter this world you become one of us.” That final part of her statement caught me off guard, my eyes widened as I realized that I was never going to be human again. The elder spoke again, his red eyes watching my own eyes.

“Young Samantha, you wish to find your father don’t you?” As he said this I silently gaped, my mouth now holding razor sharp fangs. When I finally caught my voice, I said the obvious question.

“How did you know I was looking for him?” The elder moved to the side, now standing on all fours, gesturing for me to walk with him. As we walked through the village-like area, the elder’s eyes darted around, as if searching for something, or someone. Suddenly his voice boomed over the clamor of voices, causing a sudden silence to haunt the area

“Samuel Polar, your daughter is here to see you.” As possibly hundreds of dracor moved aside, revealing a silver dracor walking towards us. A large smile plastered on his face. When he was about twenty yards away, he stopped, moving only to sit on his haunches. His voice was the same voice I had been wanting to hear for over three years.

“Samantha, I was wondering when you’d come here. After all, you and I are dracor that know of the pains of the human world.” He sat up, still sitting on his haunches as he opened his arms, his wings opened in a gesture for embracing. I bounded to him, jumping into his arms. As his arms and wings wrapped around me and his right hand rest on the back of my head, where a pair of silver horns protruded from my golden hair. My now catlike ears twitched as his voice echoed within them, speaking countless reassuring words.

“I thought you left me behind because of mom,” I began, “but now I know that you left because you were coming back here.” He released me from the embrace and led me to a house built in, on, even around a massive tree. He spread his wings and leapt upward to the entrance, gesturing for me to follow. I spread my own wings, jumping into the air and flapping them, only to fall to the ground on my back. My father sighed softly and landed beside me, pulling me to my feet and speaking softly.

“You don’t flap your wings until you are ready to land, keep that in mind. Now try again.” He jumped back to the entrance and opened the door. As I spread my wings and leaped, I felt my body soar through the air around me. Just before landing, I flapped my wings a couple times to slow down. He laughed as I stumbled a bit,

“Don’t worry,” he stated, “you’ll get the hang of it.” As we entered the house, I looked at my father, who smiled while we entered.

“This place,” I began, “I’ve seen it before, and in a dream I think.” My father’s wings folded flat against his back as he placed a hand on my shoulder,

“You did see it, but not in a dream. You saw it when you were a little girl, you were just a hatchling then, but then you somehow managed to be taken to the human world while chasing a butterfly.” I looked at him, noticing my wings had done the same. I smiled as I sat in a chair, its wooden arms decorated much like dragon’s necks and heads, their arms moving from their necks that made up the arms of the chair, to the floor, holding wheels formed from wooden pearls the size of my hand. My father walked on two legs to a cauldron that was over a fire, he plucked a spoon from beneath the lid and tasted whatever was inside.

“Ah yes, it’s almost done, probably another five minutes at the longest.” He looked to me with a smile, his hand flicking with the speed of a lightning bolt to flick a soupy liquid towards me, I instinctively opened my mouth and caught it, once the liquid touched my tongue, and I tasted a mix of sweet, meaty flavors I never had tasted before. He laughed softly, whistling a soft, cheery tune as he began to chop a piece of some sort of meat, roasting it with a single fiery breath, and dropping it into the stew. He placed the lid back onto the cauldron, placing the spoon between the cauldron’s neck and the lid.

“What was that? I’ve never tasted anything like that before.” I asked in excited curiosity as I licked my scaly lips, trying to find any more drops of the delectable fluid. My father laughed as he answered me.

“Well Samantha,” he began, “That’s a traditional dracor stew with lamb and beef chuck. The taste of the fruit that is stewed within it makes it sweet, the lamb and beef chuck give it a hearty flavor, as well as most of the nutrition we need.” I was silent as I began to become drowsy in the comfortable chair. My father gently tapped my shoulder and I looked up at him, the time must have passed faster than I thought, because he was holding a bowl of the stew in his hand. I reached for the bowl and noticed there was already a simple spoon within it. I held the spoon in my talon tipped fingers, scooping up a spoonful of the stew I had tasted earlier. My father sat in a chair beside me, enjoying his meal as well.

“Dad,” I said as I finished my stew, “why didn't’t you come for me?” he sighed, I knew what was next was a long story.

“Samantha” he began, his voice sad, as if he regretted something, “I wanted to bring you back, but I couldn't’t leave without risking the discovery of the dracor, or what the humans call ‘dracosapien’. I knew you’d come back someday, but Morico was eager to meet you, and left without permission. I’m actually happy she did. Because if she didn't’t, I wouldn't’t have you back” I placed the bowl in the sink that was beside the fireplace, letting his explanation sink in. I faced him as he stood, doing the same and hugging me. He knew what happened to mom, I wanted to know.

“What about mom?” Instantly he smiled, pointing upstairs.

“be quiet now, she’s sleeping.” I smiled, sneaking silently into my room that he led me to. I silently crept into the covers, falling asleep in moments.

The next morning, I heard someone crying softly. I heard my mom’s voice speak, another voice I’ve been dying to hear once more.

“Samuel, It’s been eleven years since Samantha’s disappearance. When will she return? Or have the humans found her first?” Her crying resumed as I silently crept down the stairs and stood behind her. “I miss her so much, Samantha, I wish that you would return.” Dad looked at me with a sad smile, winking when mom wasn't’t looking. I quickly hugged her, hearing her gasp in surprise as I spoke,

“I’m home mom, I missed you so much you wouldn't’t believe it” As I released my grip, she turned around, crying hysterically.

“You wouldn't’t believe how long I’ve been asking when you would return. We sent soldiers out to find you, all of them came back with no trace of you except for your loose tooth.” I shook my head, telling her where I was and what happened with Morico, my journeys, and my return. She embraced me in a tight hug, her wings wrapping around me. I knew, at last, that I was home.

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