The Dragon Of Darkness

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A little poem about a black dragon that i wrote when i was about... 9? 10? One of those. I just found it recently and I thought that maybe you guys would like it. I write better now, though.

Submitted: December 31, 2011

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Submitted: December 31, 2011




In a valley of deep shadow, a dragon walks alone

For he was left there in darkness, banished by his own

The people rejected him, the people he once protected,

And they forgot the goodness, the goodness he once reflected.


Agonizing pain is hard to forget,

And the dragon cannot accept the fate he has met.

He was once a creature of beauty divine,

Now he lies in dusk, waiting for a sign.


He can’t find peace even in his dreams,

Haunted forever, in silence he screams

As a gloomy sun begins to set,

The dragon is filled with overwhelming regret.


Regret for his actions that earned him this fate,

The actions that caused him to feel all that hate

He only befriended a human child,

Since then, his world became wild.



Befriending a human was against the law,

To do it be would be a dragon’s worst flaw

Humans would show sharp hatred, because of fear,

Fear that they will lose the power that they hold dear


The dragon trusted the child not to tell,

He knew that if he didn’t, all would be well,

But the child told his king about the dragons,

 Thus the humans left with weapons and wagons


 A war was started, between dragon and humanoid,

Dragons lost and the humans, they had to avoid,

More than 100 dragons were lost that day,

It was he, the dragon that had to pay.


Now he sits in a dark cave furious and alone,

And regrets the actions that took him from his throne





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