Dragon Tide: Aladorian Blood War (Series): Noble Team

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The Aladorian Blood War is perhaps the most bloodiest and violent period of Aladoria's history. Yet in the dark hour of history, comes stories of heroism, in the face of despair and war. Join Noble Team, 9 Dragonling special forces from the Redhawk Division, and their sacrifice to save their homeland. Ever wondered why Alexander acts the way he does? Explore the all new Dragon Tide series by DracoWyrm now!

Table of Contents

Dragon Tide Chronicles: Noble Team

The first Dragon Tide Short Story. Join Noble Team, nine Dragonling soldeirs, along side with Alexander, their captain. Experince the Great War with the fairys in their eyes, and in their great struggle to protect those they loved. Read Chapter

A New Adventure

Chapter 1: A New Adventure I stood in line with my twin brother Tox, waiting for our turn to sign up for the Frontal Offensive Unit. ... Read Chapter