Dragon Tide Chronicles: Dawn Rising (Book 1) Editing In Progress!!!

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Written By: DracoWyrm and Kamari

Around ten years ago, war ravaged the blessed world Aladoria. Fairys and Dragonlings engaged in a violent war that left a great portion of the continent desolate and barren. The war finally ended, with the end of two king's reigns. The Chromatic Dragonling king, Alexandi, died in the Battle of Alexandi Hall. The fairy king, Quin Crown, stepped down. His daughter, Elzibeth Crown, would become queen. Her lover, Thomas McCarthy became king. For the past few years, nothing has been heard regarding the Dragonlings. However, shadows rise... and a epic battle between good and evil is about to begin... can Danica Crown, the heir to the Crown family, prevail over the overwhelming odds?

Table of Contents

Dragon Tide Chronicles: Dawn Rising

The adventures of Danica Crown,who is a fariy, as well as a princess. No, not the cute little tiny things you often think about, but fariys that are as tall as people, if alittle shorter. In this first installment, Danica descovers a person from her past. Someone whose name she can't remember... someone from a race long assumed dead.
Co Author: Kamari Read Chapter

New Era

Join Danica Crown in her adventures through Aladoria. Danica is forced to read about things she considers to be boring and not worth even mentioning, such as Dragonlings. However, soon events arise that begin to spread doubt on her assumption that the world is at peace... Read Chapter

Mystery Afternoon

Danica searches for the reason the mysterious figure is after her, and more importantly, who he even is. Read Chapter

The Mysterious Renegade: The Name

Danica realizes the name of the mysterious figure, and soon, a battle begins in the captial of the Fairywoodlands, Feltatus City between Danica, Elizbeth, and Alexander. Read Chapter

The Feltatus Madhour

Danica pursues General Alexander through the streets and skys of Feltatus City, in the hopes of stoping him from escaping. Read Chapter

Operation: Silent Sentinel

Chapter 5: Silent Sentinel   “Do we have any progress report, captain? I want to know where he went!” I bark to my unfor... Read Chapter

Spiraling Vortex

Chapter Six: Spiraling Vortex   I groaned, seriously tired of riding. “Any sign of him yet? He can’t have gone that far ... Read Chapter

Darkness of the Unknown

Chapter Seven: Darkness of the Unknown    When I woke, a fire was going. I was inside some dark cave. All around me, I ... Read Chapter

Sapphire Song

Chapter Eight: Sapphire Song After a few more hours, mainly filled by intense yelling, we finally exited the cave. No… grandpa ... Read Chapter

A Razed Memory

Chapter Nine: A Razed Memory   We had been traveling all day, least I could actually tell, what with the thick growth of the... Read Chapter

Seamless and Endless Rage

Chapter Ten: Seamless and Endless Rage   “Filia… what do you want? Give me one reason why I shouldn’t rip your head of... Read Chapter

A Vampire and A Girl

Chapter Eleven: A Vampire and a Girl We ran for what seemed forever, before we saw the cabin. It was slightly run down, but it was go... Read Chapter

Insignia of Storms

Chapter 12: Insignia of Storms   After Alexander had growled at me, Ore had marched right up to him. Alexander tilted his he... Read Chapter

The Murmuring King of Light

  Chapter Thirteen: The Murmuring King of Light   I started, realizing I wasn’t asleep, but I wasn’t in the cabin a... Read Chapter


Chapter Fourteen: Alexander   I woke, wary. I glance over at Orph, beside my bed. I hear Danica talking with Summer about th... Read Chapter

Sapphiriana, City of Eternal Beauty

Chapter Fifteen: Sapphiriana, City of Eternal Beauty   I gasped. The dragonling city was beyond worlds. Sapphiriana was made... Read Chapter

Bejeweled Realm

Chapter Sixteen: Bejeweled Realm   Alexander handed Ore and I two hooded cloaks. I stare at him.   “What are ... Read Chapter

The Assembly

Danica returns to the hotel to discuss their plan with Alexander before they attempt to inflitrate the Elder's Tower. Read Chapter

The Sapphire Elder: Tom Torikson

Chapter Nineteen: The Sapphire Elder, Tom Torikson   The next day, there was great  haste in our final preparations, an... Read Chapter

Act Two

Stay Tuned for Dragon Tide Chronicles: Dawn Rising. Act Two coming soon. Read Chapter

Recovery Delta

Chapter Twenty: Recovery Delta   I wearily woke, as the rest of the group prepared to leave. I turned to Naltheria, and ask,... Read Chapter

Noltandalus, The Skykeeper

Chapter Twenty One: Noltandalus, The Skykeeper   We had barely gotten out of Dragonling airspace, when we all heard the terr... Read Chapter


Chapter Twenty Two:  Homeland   Drasmere’s face was really angry when I saw him. When he gets close, he looks like he... Read Chapter

The World on a Knife's Edge

Chapter Twenty Three: The World on A Knife’s Edge When I woke up, I quickly got dressed, putting on a formal sort of dress and quic... Read Chapter

The Vile Covenant

  Chapter Twenty Four: The Vile Covenant   “And we are helping an enemy of our country escape prison, a dragonlin... Read Chapter

So It Begins

Chapter Twenty Five: So It Begins   Mom was standing at the launch pad of the base when I got there. She had worry in her ey... Read Chapter

It's All Downhill From Here

  Chapter Twenty Six: It’s All Downhill From Here   I landed on top of a guard, knocking him out immediately. I p... Read Chapter

Some Extra Action

  Chapter Twenty Seven: Some Extra Action   I began sweating furiously. What do I do…? There’s no way we can ta... Read Chapter

Flight of the Flaming Falcon

  Chapter Twenty Eight: Flight of the Flaming Falcon   Rockets exploded, bullets flew. But that’s ok. I can out r... Read Chapter

Naltheria, Blazing Mistress Of Ruvain

  Chapter Twenty Nine: Naltheria, Blazing Mistress of Ruvain   When we land, it cracks and lifts huge chunks of the... Read Chapter

Blazing Fury

  Chapter Thirty: Blazing Fury   I seethed with fury for the longest time, hating Alexander’s guts. I can’t bel... Read Chapter

Prelude to Sunset

Chapter 32: Prelude to Sunset I realized, the only way to get out of this alive, was to activate my final and most deadly power. I wo... Read Chapter

Battle of Sunset (Alexander vs Quin Crown)

  Chapter 33: Battle of Sunset (Alexander vs. Quin Crown)   That day, Feltatus City, what was left of it, burne... Read Chapter

Spiral and Dance

  Chapter 34: Spiral and Dance   “STOP THIS!” Came a great cry from between Alexander and me. I had just about ... Read Chapter

Dire Chase

  Chapter 35: Dire Chase   Smoke plumed high above my head, and I coughed, the thick smell choking me. I still felt... Read Chapter

Destiny's Force

Chapter 36: Destiny’s Force “You’re not as dumb as you act, Danica Crown. All while bringing your friends. However, the road en... Read Chapter

Act Three: Insurrection

  Act Three: Insurrection **Author's Note** After this Act, the finale, Act 4 will not be posted untill it's completion.... Read Chapter


  Even if we are enemies, Quin, never forget that we are both leaders of a people we both care about. May I say that it is a fun... Read Chapter

The Temple Guardians

  Chapter 38: The Temple Guardians   After much heated debated between Porkessa (whose name was as funny as cheese ... Read Chapter

Nightmares of the Past

  Chapter 39: Nightmares of the Past   Where am I? I wonder. What I am seeing doesn’t make sense. I see buildings... Read Chapter

Venture into the Jaws of the Desert

      I got out of the giant temple gates, and stood and beheld a great vast wasteland. So this is the scope o... Read Chapter

The Gulch of Sand: The Chaotic Desert

  Chapter 41: The Gulch of Sand: The Chaotic Desert   Dry, barren, and lifeless. That’s just about enough to sum ... Read Chapter

Sunneroria, Blazing City of Dawn

Chapter 42: Sunneroria, Blazing City of Dawn The only word to describe it is… wow. As soon as we landed, Alexander turned to normal... Read Chapter

Desert Stirring

Chapter 43: Desert Stirring Boom! Another massive explosion with the shockwave force of an atom bomb goes off, yet people hardly look... Read Chapter

Prelude to New Dawn

  Chapter 44: Prelude to New Dawn  After a lot of persistent badgering, the Elders finally gave in to what have to... Read Chapter

Tears of a Dragon

  Chapter 45: Tears of a Dragon   After a while, and everyone started talking, Alexander starts to leave.  ... Read Chapter

Voice of the Goddess of Light

  Chapter 46: Voice of the Goddess of Light   I take a long shower, while pondering to myself what I’ve seen and ... Read Chapter

Open Your Eyes

 Inspiration for this chapter comes from this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DbY5h4q-3Ro Chapter 47: Open Your Eyes &... Read Chapter

War Begins

    Chapter 48: War Begins   “You’re that woman that would baby sit for me when I was three! You sang ... Read Chapter

Wrath of the Desert

Chapter 49: Wrath of the Desert That… pixie!!! She has the intelligence reports! Damn it all! “Soldiers! Go out and stop them... Read Chapter

Covenant: Light

  Chapter 50: Covenant: Light (Danica vs Covenant Member #7, Light)   When I wake up, it is not on hot sand, bu... Read Chapter

Post Dilemma

  Chapter 51: Post Dilemma   When I woke up, I was in a soft bed, in a hospital.   “Oh thank goodnes... Read Chapter

Alexander: Fury of the Storm

  Chapter 52: Alexander: Fury of the Storm   The TV turned on, and I was instantly alert, because all fairy TV’s ... Read Chapter

Alexander: Source of Ever Burning Hate

  Chapter 53: Alexander: Source of Ever Burning Hate   “If we are so different, Danica, then why do you fight?”... Read Chapter

Naka'sakor ni'Sada

  Chapter 54: Naka'sakor ni'Sada   When I came to, Alexander was already rushing me for a deadly strike straight in... Read Chapter

To Break the Fury of the Heart

    Chapter 55: To Break The Fury of the Heart   “So even you have turned traitor, Racla, Elder. Just as... Read Chapter

Abyss of Darkness (Act 3 Finale)

Chapter 56: Abyss of Darkness   As soon as the blade retracts from my back, I turn around to face my enemy, blood oozing fro... Read Chapter

Act 4 & Announcement!

Act 4: The Hour of Shadow Act 4 will be coming in the next couple of days, in a weekly update sort of manner. Act 4 will be rele... Read Chapter

Call of the Lost King

FINALLY! This chapter is OVER! Here it is, still friday when I posted it so it comes during the planned update... plan. ENJOY! ~Note:... Read Chapter

Flying on Crimson Wings

Chapter 58: Flying on Crimson Wings   “DON’T, please don’t eat me!” I stammer as the dragon looms closer. I get terr... Read Chapter

The King of Light

Chapter 59: The King of Light   I wake up with a start, when I realize we aren’t flying anymore.   “Where a... Read Chapter

The Shadow Made Clear

Chapter 60: The Shadow Made Clear   “Yes, I can, Danica. That and more. Did you really think I’m like the rest of my peo... Read Chapter

Across The Frozen Sea

Chapter 61: Across the Frozen Sea   When we get out, Flax is standing at the entrance, but appears totally frozen… and gre... Read Chapter

The Eleventh Hour

Chapter 62: The Eleventh Hour   As the spirit of Wintress continually pounds us with attack after attack of spears of ice, m... Read Chapter


Chapter 63: Redemption   We appear at the Feltatus docks, and immediately hurry for the hospital, out of time as it is. As w... Read Chapter

War Carried on Ships

Chapter 64: War Carried On Ships   I look up at the sky, deep in thought.   “What are you thinking about, Ale... Read Chapter

Hymn of The Hurricane

Chapter 65: Hymn Of The Hurricane   I start running to catch up; Alexander had gained a considerable distance ahead of me. D... Read Chapter

Prelude to Descent

Chapter 66: Prelude to Descent   Alexander turns, and his smile melts right off his face, and turns into a look of utter sho... Read Chapter

The Last Lines Drawn

Chapter 67: The Last Lines Drawn   We reach a huge, circular room in the temple, and Alexander stops walking.   ... Read Chapter

Demon Shaft, Day One

Chapter 68: Demon Shaft, Day One   An ice cold wave of ice water gushes down on my head, snapping me awake instantly. &n... Read Chapter

The Battle Begins: The Alesia Ocean

Chapter 69: The Battle Begins: The Alesia Ocean   I sit down at a marble waterfall near the Feltatus Docks, listening to the... Read Chapter

The Anceint One

Chapter 70: The Ancient One   Alexander stops, after what feels like an eternity.   “Danica, we’ve arrived ... Read Chapter


Chapter 71: Betrayal   The battlefield just got from bad to worse as soon as we arrived. The Chromatics are clearly pinned d... Read Chapter

The Sun Devouring Shadow

Chapter 72: The Sun Devouring Shadow Alexander opens the massive doors, and we stare into a huge stone chamber, miles across. Countle... Read Chapter

Requiem of Chaos

Chapter 73: Requiem of Chaos Ramok Battle, Part One. Listen to the music inspiring this fight!   Xah’mmad lands ne... Read Chapter

The Last Wind

Chapter 74: The Last Wind   Ramok looks down at me, chuckling.   “I see you bear the semblance of a dragon. B... Read Chapter

The Final Sacrifice

Chapter 75: The Final Sacrifice   What… what’s going on… first I was about to fight Ramok… and then… wait. Where t... Read Chapter

Dawn Rising (Final)

Chapter 76: Dawn Rising The Final Chapter   As soon as I walk into the meeting hall, the elven princess Aladora comes up... Read Chapter

Epilogue: Entombed

Epilogue: Entombed   The dim roars of Xah’mmad and Ramok can be heard throughout the Realm of the Arcane, growing increasi... Read Chapter

-The Final Thank you and Dedication

Let me just say, to all of my amazing, epic fans and readers, thank you. It has been a long two years working on this novel, and I'm plea... Read Chapter