EXOL8: The Experiment

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

A sixteen year old is kidnapped by scientists... and what happens to her will surprise you...

Matthew Cathine is an average teenage guy, who has a seemingly normal life... untill he meets Exolia.

**Tell me if you like this, and we'll go from here.**

Table of Contents

EX0L8: The Experiment

EX0L8: The Experiment A novel by DracoWyrm/Blake D. Price I don't remember my name, or what life was like before... the lab. What I d... Read Chapter


Chapter 1: Matthew   I had been carrying hot chicken soup when I saw the news. A girl named Sara had been kidnapped, blond h... Read Chapter

The Facility

Chapter 2: The Facility   Needles. Instinct hates the needles with all her fury. She is Sara's alternate self. Although, Ins... Read Chapter


Chapter 3: Others   The scientists carefully observe the experiment, watching for any sign of sentinet activity. The long, f... Read Chapter


Chapter 4: Motive   The black general strolled into the laboratory, humming quite softly. He knew what was going on here, ev... Read Chapter


Chapter 5: Restraint   Sara's mind burns with one thought, one memory, one desire, one name. It grows, consuming her entire ... Read Chapter

Containment Breach

Chapter 6: Containment Breach As they hang in the cold empty chamber, Sara and EXOL8 in their own ways, ponder their situation. M... Read Chapter

Power Surge

Chapter 7: Power Surge The guards in the break room are nervous, as the facility's alarm bells have yet to cease their endless blarin... Read Chapter


Chapter 8: Inferno   The huge metal blast-proof doors fly off their heavy hinges from one strike of EX0L8's fist, her whole ... Read Chapter

Desperate Struggle

Chapter 9: Desperate Struggle   EX80A begins to laugh as EX0L8's body painfully begins to morph, her legs melting and fusing... Read Chapter


Chapter 10: Ballistic   "What do you mean she escaped?!" The Director roars.   His lab assistant stutters terri... Read Chapter


Chapter 11: Berserk   Boom! With a heavy explosion of sound, EX0L8 tears through the grate on the side wall of Gate B. &... Read Chapter

Rogue Run

Chapter 11: Rogue Run   "EX0L8, can you stop?! I need to go!!" EXLG0 and EXCaR whines while riding on EX0L8's back. With a g... Read Chapter

A Flower Blossoms

Chapter 12: A Flower Blossoms Alex and Theresa return, both looking tired, but for some reason, Alex looks almost like a zombie. ... Read Chapter

Playing Chess

Chapter 14: Playing Chess   "I don't understand, if EX0L8's purpose is to mate and muliply, how does she even infect people?... Read Chapter


Chapter 15: Artillery   The sounds of armor clad soldiers marching through the forest rumble like thunder, filling Sara and ... Read Chapter

The World Against Us

Chapter 16: The World Against Us   Instinct races across the land, at fifty miles an hour. She is confident that her pursuer... Read Chapter

The Kind of Trouble You Are In

Chapter 17: The Kind of Trouble You Are In This guy? I guess I should've expected this. Instinct snarls to herself as she dodges his ... Read Chapter

Return From The Wild

Chapter 18: Return From The Wild   Several days later Sara and Instinct find themselves at a beach, after a long, tiresome j... Read Chapter


Chapter 19: A NORMAL Friend   "So, where are you from? Are you from L.A., or are you from somewhere else here in California?... Read Chapter

Midnight Hunt

Chapter 20: Midnight Hunt   Crash! With a great clash, the special ops units break into the house swiftly as possible. They ... Read Chapter

Just Add Water

Chapter 21: Just Add Water   Racheal steps into the hot shower, letting the hot water cascade against her skin. Her short br... Read Chapter

New Identity

Chapter 22: New Identity Under an overpass, Sara and Racheal hide as a tank rolls by. Great, so that Gunther guy even has tanks?!... Read Chapter

Suit Up

Chapter 23: Suit Up   Max watches Sara with some interest as she looks through guns of various types, including a Vulcan HMB... Read Chapter

One Who Owns The Battle

Chapter 25: One Who Owns The Battle   Sameul, in his jeep says to his 'buddy', John the machine gun operator,   ... Read Chapter

Wrecking Ball of Pain

Chapter 26: Wrecking Ball of Pain   "I'm Sabrina Teris, in downtown L.A., where a showdown between General Gunther is raging... Read Chapter

The Departure

Chapter 27: The Departure   The Director walks into the dark room, a silent frown on his face.   "Counciler, ar... Read Chapter

Embers of Pain

Chapter 28: Embers of Pain   EX0LA feebly stirs to consciousness, the sound of a fireplace burns warmly in the background. H... Read Chapter

An Encounter

Chapter 29: An Encounter   Sara watches the country side, waiting. Perched in the snowy mountaintops, she waits for Racheal'... Read Chapter

Final Road (Finale)

Chapter 30: Final Road   ...Sara? Instinct calls out to Sara, as waves crash at the seashore beside them.   ... Read Chapter


Epilouge   Matthew weaves in and out of the crowd of soccer players, dominating the rival team. The crowd cheers him on as h... Read Chapter

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Thanks so much for all of the support you have given EX0L8! Over the next few weeks, I will start editing EX0L8 for an E-Book version whi... Read Chapter