The Genesis Of Oxorin: Vifur

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A journey that will take you beyond the scope of imagination, life, and existance itself. A story of the desire to protect everyone you care for, and the lengths you must go to protect them. To read more chapters, go to the Table of Contents. The story of the champions of Oxorin, and their struggle to protect their honor, home, and family, not knowing the dreadful event that would literally shatter their world.

Table of Contents


The prologue to the series
Chapter 1: Read Chapter

Vale of Asendar

Read Chapter 2 here: Read Chapter

Battle Within A Nightmare

Chapter Two: Battle Within A Nightmare Chapter 3 Here I bolt up, awake, and yet asleep. I can tell that I am sleeping only faintl... Read Chapter

The Skies Turn Black

Chapter Three: The Skies Turn Black “Well, if it isn’t the human witch who turned me into a newt for about a week.” I grin wick... Read Chapter

The Legendary Six

Read Next Chapter Here: Chapter Four: The Legendary Six Orcus, the giant brute of an orc, slapped me on the back, making me cough... Read Chapter

Heralds of Doom

  Chapter Five: Heralds of Doom   I finally went to sleep that night, after a short dinner. I had hoped disturbing ... Read Chapter