Come At Me

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To all those people that don't take the time to know someone before they judge x

Submitted: February 28, 2010

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Submitted: February 28, 2010



I don't ask for these tears to run down my face.
You want me gone? Go ahead and end this disgrace.
You act as if I care that you want me to end.
Don't even worry about it I'm already dead.
You hate that I'm breathing? Darling don't fret.
Here take this gun, its already all set.
To you it doesn't matter what anyone else says,
You think theres too many of us as it is.
My opinion doesn't matter to you, you say my brain is loose.
You want to stop hearing my words? Take me out with a noose.
Don't expect me to cringe at your words or get upset,
What part of me being dead already, do you not get?
You don't think I'll hurt someone like you? Trust me I'm on the brink.
I'll say what the hell I want, reguardless of what you think.
I hate people like you, your completely living a lie.
Well someones wearing black, that must mean they want to die.
All you do is assume things, and call us out on who we are,
Have you looked in the mirrior lately? Our minds aren't that far.
If your taking all this time to tell me this, then in some way you cared,
Because one way or another our brains can't be compared.
So go ahead and break me, I promise not to give a shit,
Say what you will, it won't affect my opinion one little bit.
Because once I'm gone, you're on my list of people to haunt.
Spear me with your hatred, I'll laugh at every taunt.
If you don't like the words I say then don't listen to what I speak,
Swallow your damn ego, It's people like you that are weak
You're not the first person to hate me, I haven't forgot,
So line up with the rest of them and take your best shot.

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