Sane Inside Insanity

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Introduction to the insanity ward hahaha XD x

Submitted: February 23, 2010

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Submitted: February 23, 2010



Come one, come all, to this new place,

Just plaster a fake smile onto your face.

Look around and don't be a stranger,

Act like your life isn't in danger.

Grab a chair and come listen,

Try not to let people see your tears glisten.

We have these nice padded walls here,

And everyone understands you crystal clear.

Go ahead and walk around,

And if you want, you can fall screaming to the ground.

People will not stop and stare,

Because life here is completely fair.

Your wrists are bleeding? That's too bad.

Your best friend died? That's so sad.

We will listen to you no matter what.

We can open your mind that you have shut.

See that girl? Her heart was filled with a lot of strife,

So then she decided to pick up the knife.

Turned her bathtub into a pool of red,

But it's okay, because we are in her head.

We dug around and pulled out what we could,

Then stood her upright and called it good.

Or see that guy? Standing in the corner?

His tale might not be good if you're a mourner.

He had this feeling that was under his skin,

So he decided to go ahead and commit a huge sin.

Pulled a gun and fired one shot,

Knowing that Hell would be where he rot.

But his plan failed once again,

By the horrid act of his best friend.

Now he's here, trying to hide,

We think he's just here for the ride.

But people like this are completely fine,

And this is where these people tend to shine.

The poeple here are not crazies,

They just talk to themselves and pick daises.

You can hear a scream? Pay it no heed,

Let them let it out, it's what they need.

You heard a weird thump, is that what you said?

Oh, it's okay, that guy is just hitting his head.

And if you get cold we can give you a great jacket,

But if you wear it, try not to make a racket.

Go ahead and hold yourself tight,

Because you will probably stay like that all night.

In this building is where I would want to be,

If you were here then you'd definitely agree.

Nice white jackets and walls soft to the touch,

To get in here, it doesn't take much.

So, you, sitting out there and looking in,

Would you like to give this place a spin?

Or you could just sit there in vanity,

While poeple in here are sane inside insanity.

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