Paige V.S. The Dragon

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

It is a short story. Paige must find and capture a dragon, and when she finds herself on the other side, can she do what she needs to?

I slumped up against the brick wall. I was searching for a dragon, but all of the clues just disappeared.The blasted thing had been kidnapping people. I stood back up. It was a hot summer day in 2026 and the kidnappings were getting worse. No one knew it was a dragon because most people don’t know what it  really is, even though they have been with us all along. The dragon who was causing so much trouble was just like you and me, except she wasn’t. She was too beautiful to be entirely human, and she had eyes where the pupil was just a small slit. She had a certain talent that could influence anyone, except me. I needed to take her out before everyone in Chicago was gone. After that  she would take the other large cities, then the small ones. She would eventually, probably switch dimensions. She is called Azure.

Then I saw her, she was walking quickly, wearing her sunglasses and taking quick glances behind her. Our  eyes connected I stood still, sweating and hoping she wouldn’t kill me. She turned back  around and continued on her way. Of course, Azure wouldn’t risk killing me in front of all these other people. She wanted me to follow her, and I did. I needed to capture her. I was sprinting through the crowds, everyone staring at me, I pounced on Azure, she hissed. People were taking out their iphone 23s, some called 911 as I took out the vaporizer.

“Fate,” Azure said. I frowned at her,  as the police came up and shoved me into their car,

“Wait, you don’t get it, she is kidnapping everyone, it’s her!” I said with vain. They didn’t listen. I missed the good old days when they actually listened to you and gave you a trial. Now there were too many crimes to do that, and so many of them done by kids, the quit the idea of juvie all together. So I was going to the normal prison.



I stared at myself in  the dirty mirror above the  old dirty sink. I did look like a juvenile delinquent. My dark brown hair was cut to chin length in a bob,  but it was all splayed out and covered in dirt. My eyes, once a beautiful green-blue, were now grey. The worst part, I was a girl. If I was a guy, more people would trust me, I wish I could be stronger and taller. Right now I’m of average height and skimpy. I guess that makes me faster. The only reason I was able to tackle Azure is because dragons are extremely light.  The one question you probably wanted answered is if dragons can fly. Well, no, they can’t. They don’t have wings. Imagine this: The most beautiful person you can think of and multiply that by 100, add power of persuasion, speed  and invisibility, subtract acting human and with that equation makes up about 1/10 of a dragon.  Let's see, how to escape? I sighed, wishing I had a mom or dad. The thing is, I was born out of a tree, no really, The tree just split open, and there I was, toddler Paige, waddling out of a tree. How do I know this? I remember. I have remembered everything, and I still do. Everyone in the city says that i'm crazy and I'm just an orphan. I sighed, no one believes me anymore. I wiggled the bar on my window, no luck, I eyed the space under the bunk. I moved the bed out of the way, and felt the floor creak,  I put my ear on  the ground and knocked, it was hollow. A trap door? I pushed down on the door, and it fell in. I braced my arms and legs on the inside of the pit and  slowly climbed down. Hmm, no ladder. I let go and let myself fall, luckily the ground wasn’t too far away.

When my feet hit the ground, I looked around, I saw two paths, one light, one dark,

Light path here I come. The reason it was light was because flashlight lay littered on the ground.  I guess the people who used to be in here didn’t think to come back and put lights in. I wondered how the flashlights hadn’t gone out yet. I looked closer, they weren’t flashlights, what  were they? I picked one up, it was a blue glowing light trapped inside the flashlight. I broke it open. It flew out, it looked like one of those wisps. It flew down the tunnel, I followed it. I was too shocked to think better of it.They say if you follow it, it will change your fate. My fate pretty much sucked right now, so it couldn’t hurt to have it changed. I sprinted down the tunnel. The wisp thing stopped, so I did too. The wisp disappeared.

“Hello?” I called. I saw an old woman floating towards me. I backed up, floating old ladies is not something  you see everyday, if you know what I mean. She said in a flat emotionless voice ,

“Beyond this place of horror and tears

Looms but the Shade,

And yet the struggle of the dragon Finds,

and shall find, you unafraid.”

I looked down, struggling  to find something to say, but when I looked up and had something to say, she was gone.  I frowned, what she had said had not been in English, but somehow I translated it. What she said was more like,

“Zaidi eneo hili la kitisho na machozi, Looms lakini Kivuli, Na bado mapambano ya joka hupata, na mtaona, wewe siogopi.”

It dawned on me. When Azure spoke, it was similar to  that, it must be in dragon tongue. But how could I understand dragon tongue, if  I’m not a dragon? I felt something stir in my chest. I let it loose, and swirling lights flew around me. I looked in the flashlight that had held the wisp. It had a reflection. Want to know what I looked like? A dragon. I used the power of speed to go to the Willis Tower. I giggled, it was so fun! At the base of the Willis tower was a Shade. It was a dark, thin smoke blob, it laughed maliciously. It took a seven year old boy and sucked it into its smoky stomach.

“You’ll be sorry that you did that.” I mumbled. I felt a buzzing in my hand. I looked down at it. In it was a sword with lightning crackling around it.

“Oh yeah, I can work with this,” I said as I swung the sword near the shade. It was perfectly balanced, but I still missed. I tried again, and missed again. He laughed,

“Paige, you cannot beat me, even with your powers, a Shade is always more powerful than a dragon. To be honest, I was afraid of you, but some dragon princess you turned out to be.”

“What did you call me?” I said indignantly. I may be a dragon, but a dragon princess, I refuse. I swung the sword, and this time it cut part of him, but not enough to kill him.

“You try to be good, but because you are a dragon, that is impossible. A dragon’s thirst for power is too much. Soon you will be capturing humans and sucking their intellect.”

“You're wrong, I’d never do that! All of my life, I have been protecting Earth from dragons. I always was part of the solution! I can’t be part of the problem.”

I was tired of him, I swung my sword a final time and the Shade vaporized, spitting out the little boy, who at this point was crying. The sword in my hand evaporated. Out of instinct, I put my hand on the boy’s forehead. All of the pain and fear in his eyes was replaced with confusion.

“Where am I?” He asked. I told him that he lost his mom in the crowd, and someone accidentally kicked him and he fell unconscious. The pain and fear now in his eyes wasn’t the same, it wasn’t a fear of death. I used my speed to run away as I saw the boy’s mother come out of the crowd and snatched him up. I followed the pull in my gut to Azure. She was standing at the base of Mount Rushmore.

“Look who finally showed up. Oh, you're a dragon too? That’ll just make this battle more fun.” Azure said with contempt.

“It doesn’t have to be a battle. Look at all these innocent people, they will be hurt. If you just give yourself up, it will be easier, and less painful!”

“Never!”Azure snarled.

“Okay then. Your mistake.” I raised my hand, and in it appeared my sword, With my other hand, I pulled out the vaporizer and pointed it at her. Azure raised her hands, and in them swirled fire. I dropped and the vaporizer. I held my hands, and in them appeared mini tornados, one air, and one water.

“Show off.”Azure mocked. We pushed our elements together, and it created an explosion. It pushed Azure back, but I stood in my spot. We tried again, same result. I was getting cocky. My biggest flaw. This time I used half of the power I did before, trying to show off, but this time I flew back and landed painfully. The vaporizer and my sword were near me I army crawled to them and picked them up, all the while Azure shooting fireballs at me. Up on the bridge the people were filming this with their phones. I held up my sword. stabbed at Azure. She now had a sword in her hand, and it was named Jeff.

I’m kidding. I thrust, She blocked. Frustration  corsed through me, she was a good swordsman. I dropped my sword and picked up the vaporizer. Instead of using it, I switched it out for another tool. It was forbidden for use, but I needed it. I pointed it at her, shot it, and then at me, and shot. When I woke up from my unconsciousness, I looked over at Azure.  Yup, there she was, human again. That tool that I used sucked out all of the dragon. After that, I taught Azure how to live without powers. Sure, I lost my powers too, but when I really need to use it, the power is still there for me. Though I may be human now, the dragon is always within me.

Submitted: January 27, 2016

© Copyright 2022 Dragon Expert. All rights reserved.

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