Elegant Cycle

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A brief glimpse of the future and how the knowledge of time becomes a deadly force.

It's not that big a story, just a reflective imaginative written for a pracise QCS writing exam.

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Central Idea 2+
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Submitted: April 05, 2011

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Submitted: April 05, 2011



Elegant Cycle

 At the start of the millennium, it could be said that the world was driven by greed; most of the world’s wealth was owned by a minute population and wars were raged over resources and business contracts. Now approaching what people claim to be 2860, I found myself reflecting on this time of mortality and innocence. For those alive at the time, it appeared that Armageddon was approaching, with nuclear war in sight.

 While resources did run low and the world did come close to a violent reenactment of past events, a mutual care for the future of the world allowed survival. This survival was quickly placed into doubt though, when medical science revealed the fabled fountain of youth. Would the world be able to cope with a population that didn’t die?

 The answer came soon however, when the ability to reach new worlds via wormholes was achieved. Worlds could be terraformed, made habitable, securing Earth’s future. For the next few hundred years, progress on these planets gave rise to agricultural and ecological advances and kept people happy. Eventually though, with most tasks automated, boredom became commonplace and without the feeling of purpose, suicide rates rose. Immortality was no longer appealing to some.

 With space conquered, there remained one plane of existence left to control, time.

Humanity had set to work on manipulating the fourth dimension and with the scientific community exponentially larger than in the past, this did not take long. Mankind had now transcended into godhood. I wish we hadn’t.

 When the first group of time travelers set our on their journey, humanity discovered something; while objects could be brought from or taken into another time, the timeline did not change locally. Mistakes in our past could not be undone, only prevented from taking place in another timeline. With this knowledge, time was plundered; artefactswere stolen from the past and technology from the future.

 War broke out over control of our own time and extreme measures were taken. A new interdimensional police force was formed and the ability to travel time was controlled. With the knowledge on the matter well known however, illegal time travel devices were created and distributed around the galaxy.

 This was two weeks ago, but already the negative results have been dealt. When you travel time, you go into the time chosen, then after a period, you return to the exact same time you left. With this capability, a person can leave on a time voyage and then return having lived a lifetime elsewhere.

 The implication of this is that within a week, you could live and experience all that there is worth experiencing. This is what has been occurring and so far an estimated third of humanity has decided to end their lives, knowing that there is nothing left to live for.

 As for myself, I’m not ready for that. I understand it’s inevitable so long as I do travel, but despite the fact it will take several millennia of travelling to happen, I have a sort of sentiment for this timeline and its elegant cycle.

 Perhaps there is a role left for humanity, as a grave warning to future civilizations as to what can happen to themselves upon a technological singularity. Perhaps there is still a purpose for our race.

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