Albert And The Wizard

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Second instalment in Alberts world

Submitted: May 26, 2010

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Submitted: May 26, 2010



Albert and the Wizard

One Autumn day in Misty wood a dragon could be heard

He wailed and bellowed through the trees and scared a passing bird

It was Albert the dragon with his wibbly wobbly belly

Tears streaming down his face cause he’d lost his yellow welly

His foot was very grubby and his claws were cold as ice

He squelched through mud and puddles trying to find some tasty mice

His crying woke an owl who was sleeping in a tree

The owl stared down at Albert and his very muddy knee

Albert walked on further till he reached a deep green pond

And met a grey old wizard who waved his magic wand

A thunder clap, a flash of light lit up the forest floor

Albert jumped with fright and let out a mournful roar

The wizard smiled a  magic smile and waved his wand up high

Its ok Mr Dragon there’s really no more need to cry!

The owl had settled back  to sleep and gave a tired hoot

As Albert looked down at his foot and his brand new yellow boot.

Why thank you Mr Wizard my foot is warm as toast

Wont you join me on my walk as I find some rats to roast

“No thank you” said the Wizard “your welcome for the welly”

He held his fingers to his nose “and your foot was rather smelly”


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