Albert The Greedy Dragon

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Story about a funny Dragon

Submitted: May 26, 2010

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Submitted: May 26, 2010



Albert the Greedy Dragon

Albert wasn’t very scary, his horns weren’t  red or pink,

He was a famous dragon but just not what you think!

His teeth were small and pointy , his tail was round and short

His toes were flat, his nose was wide, and he made a funny snort

His favourite drink was chocolate milk! Which he’d drink and drink all day

He liked hamster pie and rabbit mousse and badger fricassee

With sticky toffee water vole or sweet and sour bat

And on a Sunday for his lunch he liked toasted mouse or rat

Well as you can imagine Albert really loved to eat

He grew and grew so quickly that he couldn’t see his feet.

Then one day he breakfasted on corn flaked kangaroo

It jumped so much inside him, he did not know what to do

When Albert had a birthday his mum gave him a treat

Chocolate covered fingers and sugar coated feet

He was a greedy dragon and he ate up every crumb.

And once the meal was over he slept and sucked his thumb.

So beware if you meet Albert as you’re walking in the wood

He’s such a greedy dragon he’d eat you if he could

If you see him come towards you ,your legs will turn to jelly

That little orange dragon with the not so little belly.

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