In the Dead of Night.

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Hello, this is my first piece on this site and i very much wanted to do something in the eyes of someone in great distress. I wanted to write as a person who goes to hell and back. Read this with a professional eye, this may become mature. I have yet to right it lol. but yes this is my interpretation of what someone in this situation may think, may feel. I know i could never begun to imagine the true horrors of the situation, though i thought it would be interesting to try.. I hope it grips you..

Submitted: July 09, 2012

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Submitted: July 09, 2012



I sighed heavily walking into the living room of my parents' house. It had been a long night. I crept into my bed room, tiptoeing up the stairs. It was almost three AM and i had been at a party all night. Of course my parents didnt know about this, so if i was caught i would have been in big trouble. But lucky for me the coast was clear as i layed in my bed. It was a saturday, well now sunday, there for i could sleep in all i wanted. I smirked in the dark as i applauded in my mind for the perfect sneak out i had done.. 


I layed in my bed, eventually drifting off into a light slumber. It was no more then an hour later i was awoke to see a figure crossing from my door to the side of my bed. I stayed still as a statue, hoping i was seeing something or having a lucid dream. The figure stood about a foot from me, i quickly closed my eyes and didnt open them. I knew he must have been a burgler of some sort. I thought maybe if i didnt move he would think i was asleep, take whatever he wanted, then leave. I will tell you this moment i felt stuck in time. I wasnt sure if i was breathing. I would have given anything for that moment to be over. Then suddenly something breaks the frozen air, a hand that comes right down on my mouth. I couldnt help but open my eyes now, i beguin to scream. He pulls out an object i could only explain as a gun. 


My screaming slowly stopped, by that time my eyes had adjusted. He was wanting for me to stand up, motioning with the gun. I slowly obeyed, not being able to think, i was wondering how i was able to move, or how i was even still breathing. He was behind me now, still holding my mouth shut, the gun to my head. He started to walk me out of my room, and down the stairs i had walked many times. Many things were going through my mind. One of them being if i would ever see those stairs again. We walked from my house, out in the front yard, and to a large car. The stereotypical pedophile car, a van though this van was dark, it was too dark to see exactly what color but  i guessed black. 


I was shoved in the back violently. He quickly duct taped my hands behind my back. Then he duct taped my mouth. He shut the two doors at the back quietly. Suddenly he started to drive. I was in a panic as i looked around in the darkness. There was literally nothing for me to see. Just the walls of the van. It was so dark, and i felt a little clausterphobic. I shut my eyes and somehow drifted asleep. Or fainted. I dont know which.




I awoke what i guess to be several hours later. The car was still in motion. I was in a panic because i had forgotten what had happened earlier. But slowly it came back to me, which didnt ease my mind at all. Tears slipped down my cheeks as i sat there. Slowly the van stopped, and my captor got out, and opened the van doors, i starred at him. He looked back. For the first time i got a good look at his face. Young, maybe a little older then me. 17 or eighteen i guessed. his hair was long, unusually long, to his shoulders. He had piercing blue eyes. He looked familiar. 


He broke the silence.


"Come on" He demanded, ad i got up and out as best as i could. He glared at me. "Try anything funny," he stated, pulling out the gun, "And i will use this". His threat sent shivers up my spin. I nodded slowly.


I noticed we were at a house. A small one story house, that looked more like a vacation cabin. And to my dismay, we were in the middle of woods. I knew my survival instincts had to kick in now as he led me into the house, abandoned obviously. He took off the duct tape on my mouth. Many things came to mind for me to stay, but i only pressed my lips together tightly. He starred at me for a second before he spoke.


"Are you going to say anything?"

"No" I replied.

"I know a million things must be going on in your head. But let me just tell you now, do what i say and we wont have a problem."


I glared at him. Maybe if he sees i am not weak he will know not to mess with me. I decided now was the time to act tough. "My parents will notice im not home. they will find you, you wont get away with this." To this, he smirked.


"I know you have a history of being wreckless. With that history the police will see you as a runnaway before anything else. By the time they realize we will be somewhere far away." 


The hope from my eyes faded. He was grinning now. "Call me Jay." he said quickly. The name sparked a memory deep in my mind, but i couldnt acess it. "my name is Claire" I replied. He nodded, "I know."




I worked the rest of the day trying to get to know this person who captured me. I was thinking that if he grew attached to me, he wouldnt kill me. But this was a hard process because i didnt want to at all be nice to him. But it was for survival. He didnt say much other then he lived around where i lived. We went to the same highschool. With that he felt all the more familar. He was often rude and harsh to me. Not once did he say why he had done this to me, and not once did he take the duct tape off of my hands. When night fell upon us we both retreated to the only bed room in the cabin. one bed. And i told him i would rather sleep on the floor. He said that wasnt going to happen.


I sat on the bed, and he sat in a chair next to the bed and turned on a small tv. The first thing, ironically, was a news channel and there was my face. There was an "Amber Alert" out for me. I smirked wide, because this meant his 'runnaway' theory wasnt true. They had known it was a kidnapping. He looked disgusted. 

He clicked the TV off angrily. He then got up and left the room. he returned minutes later with some liquor. 


He chugged the bottle for a few minutes, then offored me some. I refused. 


he put the bottle down then layed next to me on the bed. He took the duct tape off my hands for me finally. We layed in an awkward silence for the longest time, i was almost asleep. But slowly i felt him roll over on me. he positioned himself on my right side, not quite on top of me. He held my wrists to the bed and i could feel his breath on me, i could smell the alcohol. My breathing sharpened. I starred up with wide eyes. He didnt look too drunk, maybe tipsy. He knew what he was doing.his lips were only inches from mine, his scent was heavy in my nose. He leaned down softly placing his lips on mine. I trembled, wanting it to stop. i didnt kiss him back as he started to move his lips almost agressivly against mine. He clutched my wrists as he kissed me roughly. I tried to pull away, but he was heavy and pressing me down. I shook my head violently, causing him to sit up. he looked down at me, looking oddly surprised with himself. Soon anger over took that. He was mad i had put an end to it.


"no" i said meekly, out of breath from the rapid beating in my chest. Jay let go, standing. He left the room, taking the liquor with him. He was gone a little bit longer this time. I was asleep by the time he came back, no more then an hour later. He had a cup in his hand, i noticed, when i was awoken by the door opening. "You need something to drink" he said. i realized i hadnt drunk anything all day.


I took the cup and looked at it. 

"Water" He said quickly. 

I sipped it tentivly. Then ended up chugging it, i was so thirsty. We sat in silence after that. I had a sort of bitter taste in my mouth, and began to feel weird. I felt myself start going in and out. He put something in that water. I knew he had. I felt panic spreading, not wanting to black out completly. My eyes were heavy as i turned to him. jay seemed satisfied and eager. He came over and took two fingers, pulling down my eyelids. It didnt take long after that for me to black out. i awoke with a headache the next morning. My arm was handcuffed to the bed, a note beside me. "Went for food" is all it said. I noticed i wasnt wearing pants i couldnt find them. The hand cuff was too short for me to get up and look around. I surveyed the room. A bathroom which was too far away. A small tv and a chord phone. My hear jumped. I tried to reach it, but couldnt just barely. i stretched out my leg.


Eventually i was able to kick it off the hook and to the floor. With my foot i slid it towards me. Then i carefully bent and got it. The numbers were on the bottom of the phone, thank god. I eagerly dialed numbers. Oddly enough the person i called wasnt my mom or dad, but my best friend christin. "hello?" i heard her voice chime. I felt relief for some reason, probably from hearing my best friends voice.


"Ohmygod, claire?"

"Yes" I stated.

"Where the hell are you?"

"I was kidnapped, Christin. i dont have much time. please help me" I was almost sobbing now.

"Claire where are you?" She questioned.

"I dont know, Chris. In the woods somewhere. a Cabin in the woods"

"How far away are you?"

"I dont know i wasnt awake the whole time he was driving and i wont have a watch. but i did see the time he took me, uhm like four AM. And im going to guess we arrived here around ten to noon." I stuttered trying to give her every detail to help me.

"Who took you?" She asked. I thought for a moment "Uhm, jay something. He said he went to our hig-" Thats when i heard a door open. "hes coming. Help me!!" i begged, then threw the phone over to the hook, where it just hung, then i layed back and pretended to sleep.


Jay shufffled around outside for a little while, then made his way into the room. he sat on the bed, then shook me. I blinked, looking up at him. "Oh,hey" I said cooley. He shoved some slim jims toward me. I looked at them then took them, and chewed at the small sticks of meat. I found this jar character as awkward and skiddish. It seemed as if he wasnt planning anything, but just going with his gut. "we are going to get on the move tomorrow, find a permanent place to stay far away" He stated. I gulped. Hurry Christin.. my mind screamed. Jay had looked at me, pushing a piece of hair from my face. he had that same look in his eyes i was familiar with. 


He leaned in once again, pressing his lips against mine. His eyes closed, one of his hands on my cheek, the other uncomfortably on my theigh. He tried to keep his kiss soft, and not rough like before. I could tell he was struggling not to just take me right then. This made me nervous. his breathing was heavy, and i couldnt help but kiss back out of fear of what he'd do if i didnt. his figernails slid against my soft cheek roughly and he began to lay me back, pinning me down. his hand that was once on my theigh was now moving up further. I felt hot tears formig in my eyes. I opened my eyes to blink them away. 


My head was spinning his hand was now in a most uncomfortable place, i tried to squirm away but it was no use. i had never felt so helpless as this took place.



When he was done, he had drifted into sleep, i decided to do the same. I slept until sometime in the early morning, two o clock i guess. jay had woken up and began to stir. He walked around the room, then noticed the phone off of the hook. He shook me awake in a fit of rage. "What the hell is this!?" He demanded. "A phone?" I said innocently. "Why is it not on the hook!!" He was growling now.


WHen i said that i didnt know he began pacing, and packing shit. He pulled out his gun, pointing it at me several times as he kept pacing. I felt utter fear. "You fucked up everything.." He yelled. "Get upWe have to go now!" He demanded of me. I quickly shot up, following him into the living area. There seemed to be some unsettling going on outside because there were footsteps. He looked out the window. Suddenly we heard on a loud speaker, thing "Come out with your hands up".


I felt my heart skip a beat.


But thats when the gun was pointed to me. Jay screams "If you come in i'll kill her". 


My breath catches in my throat as i stare at him. Trying to reason for my life, i said "Dont, jay dont. You arent a murderer." I tried to tell him. he shook his head "Im not going to go to jail" I was looking around for something, anything, to help me. I took a courageous step foreward, toward the gun pointed at me.


i held out my hand. "Jay," i said, "Give me the gun" I took another step and he trembled. "No, stop" He demanded "Stop or ill shoot" Adreniline was pumping through my veins as i nodded. I stopped. I was close enough snyway. my hand shot out, slapping the side of the gun with all of the force i have, sending it flying away from jay, and turned and started to run. when i reached the door, he had the gun again i opened the door as quick as i could, and fell to the ground as i heard a shot. It would have went right in my neck if i didnt drop down, i then got up and qucikly ran to the police cars lining the woods. I ran right into the arms of one of them, frantic. "Help me please help me" I cried over and overr. He tried to calm me down. "We are here we have you youre safe".




Jay had come out and surrendered only a minute after i was rescued. i was then taken to a police station. There i got answers. They sat me down with the cheif of police who explained that once i had hung up on christin she had called the police station. She had known jay from an expirience that the officer said i wouldnt remember well.


"She had said a few months back you two were at a party where this guy named jay, a senior at your school, had spiked your drink. Christin saw him trying to take you somewhere and she stopped him. It was roofies, which is why you probably dont remember. But she was almost certain that was the jay. We called his parents and they told us about this cabin they had. We went off on that, and found you"

I took it all in. "He spiked my drink at the cabin too, i know he did" She told the cheif. he nodded to her, and promised her she would be taken home soon .



(( OMG ITS OVER. Did you like it? Comment please :P. As you can see i was conservative on the 'rape' scenes because well im not in the mood to be smutty. (; Lolololol xD )) .

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