Magical Misadventure: Invasion of the not-so-demonic demon cats

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Magical twins Leah and AJ drag their normal friend,Kai, into their problems.

Submitted: November 09, 2015

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Submitted: November 09, 2015



Two figures crept across the lawn of an enormous high school, both wore black, hoods pulled low to hide their faces. When they reached the building, the smaller of the two grabbed the other by the wrist and led them through a patch of juniper bushes that clung to the building wall. The smaller figure pulled something out of their back picket and started to Jimmie a window open.

“Where did you learn to do that?” the taller figure untangled his satchel from the bush branches.

“How do you think I got into the house after curfew?” the window slid open. “Magic?”

The taller figure sighed heavily. “Leah…”

Leah snickered and climbed through the window “bag first.”

He carefully passed the satchel to her before gracelessly climbing into the dark class room and looking around. It was a science classroom, sinks lined the far wall, beakers, test tubes and other glass objects filled the cabinets above them. 12 tables filled the room, uncomfortable metal chairs were stacked in a corner. The room was cold, in both temperature and ambiance. The only thing on the wall was a faded poster listing proper lab safety guidelines.

Leah closed the window “Let’s do this shit.” She pulled her hoodie off and threw it to the floor. She attempted to smooth down her staticy auburn hair to no avail. “AJ stop spacing out.”

“Sorry” he pulled the hood off his head.

Leah grabbed the edge of a table and pushed, immediately stopping after it made a horrific screeching noise. “Help me pick them up.”

They each grabbed an end of the table and moved it against the wall. Then did the same with the other 11 tables so the center of the room was clear.

Leah grabbed the satchel and sat down in the center of the room. AJ knelt opposite of her

“I’m not sure this is a good idea…”

“Hush.” She pulled a large leather bound book out of the bag. “Don’t whine.” She pushed the book into his arms, “she has it coming, and someone would have done it sooner or later.”

“Somehow I doubt that.” He mumbled and stood up with the book, he placed it on the teacher’s desk and started to carefully flip through the age stained pages.

Leah began to pull things out of the satchel. Placing bottles of strange colored liquid to her left, plastic bags of plants and flowers to her right, and bags of what looked like bad Halloween decorations and mystery meat in front.

“You find it yet?”

“This book is like, thousands of pages long. you could have folded the page down or something.”

“That would damage the book!” she looked offended “this book is older than our grandmother’s grandmother.”

“Yeah, yeah.” He brought the book over to her “I found it”

“Hold it up for me.” She pulled a marker out of the bag and looked at the page AJ held open.

Spread over the two paged was a circle with an eight pointed star with in and strange drawings between the points.

She carefully copied the circle on to the floor, much larger than the pictures, large enough for AJ to lay in and not touch the lines of the circle. The points of the star came next, only four of the eight actually reached the circle. Every other point only reached half way. She went slowly to avoid messing up, honestly, the giant circle was the hardest part. She filled in blank spaces with strange symbols and drawings, those were the easiest, they weren’t nearly as complicated as they looked. Over all it took somewhere from 30-45 minutes.

The next step was for AJ to mix the potions, he used flasks from the cabinets and burners from the now unlocked, thanks to Leah, supply closet. He grabbed seemingly random ingredients and blended them together, placing them off to the side for Leah to place when ready.

The whole process took a little over an hour. With the potions placed at the star points and candles lit around the room.

Leah flipped the page and they both read the incantation on the page.

Fog of various colors and scents crept from the potions, the lines of the circle seemed to glow through the fog. As they read the candles flickered ominously.

When the final word was said, the candles blew themselves out and the fog dramatically dissipated.

In the middle of the circle sat 13 creatures. The size of foxes with long fluffy tails twice their length, and cat like faces. Each one a different, unnatural color. All of them looked directly at Leah and AJ.

“Those aren’t frogs.” AJ whispered and grabbed his sister’s arm.

“I see that.” She whispered back, not breaking eye contact with the cat-things.

Suddenly, as if someone had blown a whistle, the creatures broke formation, sped past the siblings into the hallway and split in different directions.

“Shit.” Leah yanked to book out of AJ’s hands “shit. Shit. Shit.”

“What are they doing? What’s going on?”

“Don’t worry. They can’t leave the school. “She flipped through the pages “I put up a barrier earlier.”

“What now? We can’t just leave it like this…right?”

“No we can’t. I guess…we catch them and send them back?”


“I don’t know yet.” She her phone out of her pocket. “But we need help”


Kai’s phone jolted to life on his nightstand. He groaned and picked it up, squinting at the sudden brightness. Thalia L the screen read, showing a picture of a short girl with reddish brown hair, brown eyes, and an ungodly amount of freckles. He hit ignore and closed his eyes. A few second later he heard Taylor swifts shake it off blaring through the wall that he shared with his sister’s room. He groaned again and pulled his pillow over his head.

Taylor swift was cut off mid chorus as his sister answered her phone. He tried to pull his blanket up higher when she slammed his door open without knocking.

“Why is your friend calling me at 2 in the morning?”

He didn’t answer.

“They’re your friends. Why do they even have my number? Did you give them my number?” at this point he was a little afraid to look up. Making eye contact might actually get him killed.

Her phone went off again. She answered with a curt “what.” Then she tore the pillow off his head, chucked the phone as hard as she could without breaking it, and stormed out of his room, slamming the door as hard as she could.

The phone hit him square in the back of the head. He grabbed it and tentatively held it to his ear. “What do you want Leah.”

“Wrong twin.” AJ said.

“Alright. What do you want AJ.”

“I know it’s early. I’m sorry.”

“No. I love being woken up and 2am by my pissed off sister throwing phones and trying to glare a hole in my skull.” He sighed and dropped his face back into his mattress. “Please don’t drag Sarah into this. She’s bratty enough as is.”

“Well you didn’t answer your phone!” Leah apparently tore the phone out of AJ’s hands ignoring his protest of “Leah no.”

“It’s 2 in the morning.” He reminded her.

“2:18 actually.”

He hung up the phone and placed it on his night stand next to his phone. Which lit up as soon as she realized what happened.

Ajax L the screen showed a picture of a taller, less freckly, and slightly more masculine version of his twin.

“AJ please. Let me sleep.” Be begged instead of a normal greeting.

“I can’t. We need your help. We fucked up.” AJ said. Voice soft with regret and guilt.

Kai sat up suddenly. “What kind of fuck up? Because I only have enough money to bail maybe one of you out of jail, so you’ll have to flip a-”

“Magical fuck up, kai.” AJ cut him off.

Kai seriously though about hanging up again. “I think I would prefer jail…”

“Yeah. Me too. Will you help?”

“fine.” He threw off his blanket and tried to find a pair of pants on the ground without turning on a light. “Where are you?”

“The high school.  Mrs. McCoy’s room.”


AJ sighed. “Because Leah wanted to-” he was cut off by Leah shouting into the phone.

“Come in through the window!” and she hung up.

Kai sighed and finished getting dressed. He carefully snuck into his sister’s room and placed her phone on her desk, turning the ringer off. She had cocooned herself in blankets, with only bits on black hair sticking out the top to show there actually was a person in there.

He grabbed his car keys off the kitchen counter and a jacket off the couch before heading out.


Ten minutes after the phone call to Kai, and his grumpy 14 year old sister who would probably hate them all for a week or so, the twins were huddled around the book, trying to find the creatures the accidently summoned. When a knock came from the window. AJ though he must had jumped a foot in the air, thinking something was coming for them, or worse, their parents had returned from their trip and found out that they snuck out of the house.

But it was just Kai. Black hair still messy from sleeping and green eyes contrastingly alert.

Leah opened the window and he climbed in.

“Could I have an explanation now?” he eyed the circle on the floor and spilled potions.

“Do you remember how McCoy failed both of us on that biology test last week?” she closed the window

“Because you cheated off of your brother and he let you? Yeah. Is this revenge? “He waved a hand at the floor. “drawing a pentagram on the floor.?”

“Not a pentagram. It’s a 6 pointed star. Not 5. Huge difference.” She ignored his glare.

“It’s a summoning circle.” AJ spoke up.

“Summoning…did you summon a demon?” Kai looked at Leah as if she had grown a second head.

“What? No. don’t be ridiculous.” Leah said the same time AJ said “maybe.”

Maybe?” Kai glanced at the circle again. Leah gave her brother an exasperated look.

“Anyway. We didn’t mean too.” AJ didn’t look at Leah. “We thought we were summoning frogs.”

“Spring peepers.” Leah corrected. “Hundreds of them.”

“You tried to summon frogs but got a demon instead? I’m still new to the whole idea of magic existing, but how do you fuck up that bad?”

AJ shrugged and put his hands in his pockets, staring intently at the floor between his shoes.

“They’re not demons.” Leah piped up.

“They? Plural? How many are there?”

“13.” AJ said sheepishly before Leah could answer.

“Great. A lucky number. 13 demons loose in a high school. Sounds like a bad short story or something.”

Leah picked up the satchel. “Not demons. And we have to catch them.”

“Well what are they if not demons?”

“I... don’t know…” she admitted.

“Are they dangerous? Do they have magical abilities or something?” He wiggled his finger when he said magical abilities. Like a stage magician.

She shrugged. “I don’t think so. We’re not strong enough too accidently summon something really dangerous.”

Kai sighed again and leaned against a desk. His grandmother said his soul was going to escape if he kept sighing so much. She was always fun to have around. No doubt she would condemned his two closest friends to hell if she ever met them. “Why call me? My knowledge of magic is limited to harry potter-”

“Which is inaccurate.” Leah interrupted.

anyway.” He shot Leah a glare. “Why me? I think summoning 13 demons is something you call you parents for.”

“Our parents are out of town.” AJ finally looked up. “You’re the only person in town who knows about us.”

“And they’re not demons.”

“What are they then Leah?” he snapped at her “Tell me. What are they?”

Leah huffed and looked away.

“Magical creatures of unknown origin?” AJ offered. “They look like very large house cats. Colorful, large house cats.”

“How large is very large?”

AJ held his arms apart. “Around the same size as Freyja” Freyja was AJ’s 20lb Maine coon. He thought the world revolved around her. Kai thought she smelled.


After a few minutes of arguing and several  games of rock-paper-scissors, they decided that Leah would clean up Mrs. McCoy’s room and look for a way to get rid of the ‘not-demons’, while Kai and AJ would try to round them up. Leah had given them the satchel and sent them off with a cheerful “Try not to die.”

“Nothing in this room.” AJ closed the door of a highly decorated Spanish class room.

“How are we supposed to catch 13 of those things with a bag?” Kai held the satchel up. “You could fit maybe two Freyja’s in here. Maybe.”

AJ took the satchel. “It’s enchanted. Its magical.”

“A magical bag? Like Mary Poppins?” Kai joked.

“Exactly like Mary Poppins.”


AJ looked embarrassed. “My mom based it on the Mary Poppins bag. It’s a hobby of hers, I guess.”

“Making fictional magic items real? What about invisibility cloaks?”

“Those have actually existed for centuries. But she did make a ring that turns you invisible.”

“You’re shitting me. Like lord of the rings?”

AJ laughed nervously “she’s a bit of a movie junky. She’s been working on making our car fly.”

Kai had the sudden image of Mrs. Larsen, A tall mousey haired woman, with nerves of steel, marathoning Lord of the Rings. “Is that allowed? Flying cars and magic rings? Don’t you have rules?”

AJ rubbed the scar on his earlobe, thinking. Leah had given him the scar years earlier, when she decided to forcefully pierce his ear and had torn it during the struggle. “Most people with magic live in communities separate from the non-magical world. Dad grew up in one of those. Mom didn’t. She didn’t want us to be ignorant of the regular world like dad was. She said it was embarrassing to be around him. But it is illegal to tell normal human’s about magic.” He made eye contact with Kai. “Which is why you can never tell anyone. Leah and I would be shipped off to a juvenile detention center that doubles as a school. Mom and dad would have to move. And I don’t even know what would happen to you. Memory wipe maybe.”

“You can erase memories?”

I can’t. It’s very high level magic. And very dangerous. I can’t even summon frogs.”

Kai shrugged and opened the door to the next classroom to end the conversation. It worked. The room was an absolute mess. Posters had been torn down, a bookshelf knocked over, and papers strewn everywhere. The teacher’s desk cleared of everything but a shallow box marked ‘hand back’. Sitting in the box was a cat. A big, dark blue cat.

They both froze.

The cat didn’t move. It was the size of a Maine coon, but leaner, with shorter fur and a giant tail that curled around its feet. It reminded Kai of those ancient Egyptian statues. Except it was blue, and very much alive.

“It’s not moving.” He pointed out the obvious. “Why isn’t it moving?”

“Maybe it liked the box? It is a cat after all…I think.”

The cat’s ear twitched.

Kai slowly approached the cat. It watched him, but still didn’t move.

So he reached out and tried to grab it, and it sprang to life, front claws raking down the inside of his forearm. He jumped back with a hiss of pain and instinctively clutched his arm to his chest.

The cat acted like nothing had happened. It sat in the box like it was his God-given right. Kai felt a surge of hatred for the thing.

AJ handed Kai a towel from the bag, and he pressed it to the scratch. It was long, but it wasn’t deep. Stung though.

“Let me try.” He approached the cat and knelt by the desk so the cat wasn’t looking up at him, and slowly offered his hand, like he was asking for handshake, stopping a few inches from the cats face. It stared at him for a few seconds before lenitively leaning forward and sniffing his fingers, nose bumping the tips. Kai felt a stab of jealousy. Stupid cat.

AJ eventually reached out and stroked it head. And it let him. He slowly stood up and gingerly picked it up, cradling it to his chest like he would his declawed house cat. Kai glared at them.

“What?” AJ asked innocently “cats like me.

Kai huffed and picked up the discarded bag with the arm that wasn’t bleeding.

“You should put a Band-Aid on that.” AJ scratched the cat behind its ears. “The nurse’s office is just down the hall.”


Turns out the nurse didn’t have a bandage the size of his forearm, so he had to settle for washing it out and clumsily wrapping his whole arm in gauze while AJ lay on his stomach trying to coax another demon cat out from under the bed by clicking his tongue and wiggling his fingers.

This one was pink, he had gotten a glimpse of it when they walked in, before it had hissed and bolted to the safety of the bed. The first one had gone into the bag without a fight. AJ had said that cats have a natural affinity towards those with magic. Which is why they appear in so many fairy tales and stories. And that he should stop pouting over such a trivial matter.

The one under the bed hissed again as AJ attempted to drag it out.

“Need a hand?” Kai sat down on the bed, making the cat hiss again.

AJ shot him a sour look. Before sliding under the bed, grabbing the cat by the scruff of the neck, and dragging it out. He grabbed a blanket off the end of the bed and threw it over the struggling creature.

“I thought cats liked you.” Kai made no effort to help.

AJ’s response was cut off by his cell phone ringing from his discarded hoodie by Kai’s foot. So he answered it for him.

“I did it.” Leah screeched without warning. Kai held the phone away from his now ringing ear and put it on speaker.

“Did what?” he asked.

“Found a way to send them back! I still don’t know exactly what they are though.” She sounded less than enthusiastic about that last part.

“I think they’re just cats.” AJ said from the floor, cat still struggling.

“Whatever. I figured out how to reverse the circle. I can send them back.”

“That’s great. But we’re still 11 short.” Kai checked the time on the phone. 3:05am. god he was tired.

“You only caught two?” she sounded disappointed in them. “It’s been forever. What have you been doing? Skipping through the halls?”

“You ever heard the expression herding cats?” he snapped

Leah clicked her tongue “whatever. Come back with the ones you have now.” And she hung up.

AJ carefully shoved the cat into the bag, blanket in all. “We should go. Maybe she found a way to catch them faster.”


On the way back to the science room, they discovered another cat, this one green. They were able to catch it with minimal damages. Meaning Kai got a back paw to the face and AJ got away scot-free. Leah also managed to catch one.

“I didn’t do anything.” She protested. “It just walked in and sat on the book.” She pointed at the cat like it had offended her.

“Maybe it likes you.” AJ carefully set the magic cat bag down.

“I don’t want it to like me. I want it to stop staring at me.”

“It’s just a cat.”

“Anyway” Kai interrupted “you said something about sending them back?”

“right.” She looked at the cat again. “Get it off my book.”

AJ rolled his eyes and shooed the cat off the old book. It relocated to Leah’s hoody. She didn’t look to happy about that, but she picked the book up and showed them a page. AJ nodded like it made sense. Kai couldn’t make heads or tails of it. So he stood to the side and only moved when told to.

Leah drew 6 circles and connected them with a line, and drew a larger circle around it, filling in blank spaces with seemingly random drawings. While AJ mixed things together. Kai wasn’t sure he wanted to know what exactly, but it looked like those health smoothies his cousin tried to push on him. After a while Leah finally stood up and read a short phrase from the book.

The lines on the floor started to glow, and the very center of the circle started to fall away, revealing a soft purple light.  Kai backed up as far as he could, pressing against the door.

The cat on Leah’s hoodie got up and walked directly into the circle, not even hesitating before jumping into the purple light.

“Well okay then.” Leah closed the book. “I didn’t expect it to do that.”

Kai was distracted by something scratching at the door behind him. He peered through the tiny window and saw a bright orange cat. It meowed when it saw him. So he opened the door a crack and it slipped in. followed by a black one, then a yellow one, then red, gold, white, one by one the remaining cats filed into the room and jumped into the portal.

“Nor did I expect that.” Leah watched the cats warily

“Did you just say nor?” AJ opened the bag and let the remaining 3 cats out.

“Shut up. It’s almost 4am. I’m tired.”

The cats jumped into the portal without even a backwards glance. Except the blue one. It hesitated a moment. Meowing at them once before disappearing himself. As soon as he did, the lines stopped glowing and the floor looked like a regular science room again. Except for the magic circle and occasional burn mark.

“I thought that would be more difficult.” Leah ran hand through her hair. “Like, a lot more difficult.”

AJ shrugged “maybe they just wanted to go home.”

“They’re not the only ones.” Kai detached himself from the wall.


“Do you guys do this often? The glowing circles and portals to hell, I mean.”

“It wasn’t a portal to hell.” Leah put the book back in the now cat free bag “they weren’t demons.”

AJ nodded “it was probably just another dimension.”

Just another dimension.” Kai repeated.

“Uh. Yeah.  And we’re really not supposed to do magic outside the house.”

Leah nodded solemnly. “Mom and dad’ll kill us if they find out.”

“You should have figured that out before you summon the demon cats.”

“Sorry.” AJ said the same time Leah mumbled “not demons.”

Kai rubbed his eyes “I’m going home now.” He turned towards the door.

“Wait!” Leah called after him, making him stop and turn. “You have to go out the window. All the exits have alarms on them.”

“Of course they do.” Kai climbed through the window.

“Thanks for helping!” AJ shouted after him.

“See you on Monday!” Leah called, way to cheerfully.

For some reason he got the feeling this wouldn’t be the last time he would be dragged into something like this. Those two attracted trouble. Hopefully next time it would be at a somewhat reasonable hour. He rubbed his arm. And with less cats. He really wasn’t a big cat person.

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