I wanna fly!

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i've been stressed lately so i wrote and this is what came out

Submitted: November 09, 2011

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Submitted: November 09, 2011



I Wanna Fly

Don’t clip the feathers I use to fly

For my falcon wings carry me on the wind

Each day a feather changes a color

There is only one white feather left

For my personality is not tainted

The selective feathers that have turned lavender

Show the lights that I have found in my journeys

But when I see myself flying

My wings are black as night

I fly in graceful sorrow sadness taking over

All the sadness and hatred blend me in with the night

And stand out during the day

I don’t want to stand out

I want to fit in and join the happiness

I want to show off my tattered wings

To go out into the sunlight

Unfurl my tri-colored beauty

Reach to the sky and leap

Most of all I just wanna fly

Into the sky with others

So don’t clip my lavender feathers

For I use those to fly in the night

One white feather will always remain

My personality will not change

Believe it or not I’m content with my black

My wings are my own mark

And I wanna fly!

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