The Creation of Alanphnar

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the creation of Alanphnar.

Submitted: February 18, 2008

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Submitted: February 18, 2008



In the beginning there was the void, the complete and utter blackness of space, and the star. From the star, the pinnacle of light in the universe was born the Titans the creation gods of the universe.

First of them was Nimbus, the king of the Titans who was the boiling, seething mass of chaos, who was waiting at the border to surge forth into the universe. And when the goddess was created it broke over the universe like a wave on a beach..

Then Nia who was space and the dimensions between them, she created Tatarus, where the hot stellar winds blew the bone white sand across the wastelands where Nimbus was to place the punished.

Then Thrift who was time.

Thia ruled order and was the last to come from the star, and then it collapsed exploding outwards sending chunks of rock and sparks of fire flying into the void where they became planets and suns.

Nimbus took the rocks and centred them around the dying star where its soft light would light the world till it faded away completely. The Titans chose a world to create and rule and then they swirled down and walked upon their earth. Nimbus waved his hand and from his fingertips trickled red sand soon it filled the earth and in some places became solid rock and rich black soil.

Each day the star grew dimmer and dimmer and then it winked out. With this new ordered world Thrift was out of place. She walked all around the earth collecting handfuls of different earth, when she returned she moulded the earth into a shape and took the little moisture from the air and moulded it too into the figure of a man and woman based on the looks of the other Titans. She named them Ea and Aundin and Thrift cared for them and loved them.

In their palace made from gold the far seeing Nimbus foresaw the fall of himself and the other titans from the universe and the world falling into the hands of children of the Titans.

Thrift raised the two children in secrecy from the other Titans and when they grew they became gods of the elements they were made of. Ea became the earth goddess and Aundin became the water god. When they stepped on the soil of the earth plants grew and springs bubbled up from deep within the soil.

In his palace Nimbus screamed his hatred onto the earth where it became many foul creatures which adored their master and served him, which Nimbus wanted.

“We must destroy the new gods” Nia said.

“No, our conflict will destroy the world. We can only wait, but Thrift must be punished.” Nimbus said and the others agreed.

The three Titans locked Thrift away in Tatarus, where some of Nimbus’ most hideous servants marched Thrift endlessly across the bleak deserts of Tatarus. To prevent her from escaping the Titans fashioned four gates into Tatarus from adamanite, a metal that no immortal could touch.

Ea and Aundin fled from the Titans wrath and hid in the thick forests on the opposite side of the earth. When in hiding Ea sickened and faded when her spirit, the forests of the world, wilted without light and water. She pleaded with Aundin to help, so Aundin fashioned four figures from clay and breathed life into them.

One became the sun, one became the sky and moon, one became the mountains and winter and one became the storms. To his fiery son he gave the name Aten and to his other son he gave the name Jovan and to Aten’s twin sister he gave the name Azura and to his other daughter he gave the name Skadi.

As soon as each had touched the earth rain clouds watered the forests and refreshed the rivers, ball of fire flew from the earth and became the sun, mountains topped with snow sprang from the earth and fed the rivers and in the night sky pinpoints of light sprang into existence and the moon rose in the sky. Ea grew strength and was soon well.

The Titans saw the sun and moon in the sky, side by side, and knew that they were close to their downfall.

The gods rejoiced in the world they had created from the wastelands of the Titans dominion. The rivers flowed to the sea and storms raced across the land. The plants grew under the warmth of the sun.

The Titans loathed the world that they had no influence on and stepped from their palace through the heart of stars, the gate between the three worlds, and went with their armies of infernal creatures to hunt the gods. But the gods thought ahead and as the Titan’s armies were crossing over the bridge between the worlds they severed the link between the two worlds and the Titans and their minions fell into the depths of Tartars. And when they climbed back up the bridge they found it bound with Gates wrought of adamanite.

“I will break free, whether it takes me one hundred years ore one million, I will again walk the earth and you will be crushed under my feet! My daemons will break free and destroy and you will be powerless to stop tem!” Nimbus screamed to the Godss.

On the earth Ea bid one of her animals to open one of the gates, when it was open Thrift rushed forth and embraced her two children.

As a gift to the world Thrift moulded four figures from the air and gave them life, she gave them power over her other creation, man. And by creating the mortal race gave chaos backto the world.

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