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It is about new life being born

Submitted: February 09, 2012

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Submitted: February 09, 2012



Born from love,
the egg sits waiting.
The mother dragon sits,
guarding her clutch.

In a cave,
cozy and warm.
The mother dragon sits,
watching the rain outside.

Howling wind,
screams loud as a death cry.
Rain dripping and falling,
cold like ice.

A crackling sound,
comes from the nest.
The mother dragon looks,
to see her offspring emerging from their shell prisons.

The sounds of new life,
making the mother dragon smile.
Baby dragons,
small as a calf.

Squealing and sniffing,
the baby dragons look for their mother.
The mother dragon,
emits small roars to get her offspring towards her.

The baby dragons,
walk towards the motherly call.
The mother dragon,
cries tears of joy.

For new life,
comes as often as a season.
And when new life comes,
the sun will shine with happiness.

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