why Athens and Sparta should not go to war

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imagine you are back in the time of the ancient greeks, this is a letter persuading a war leader not to send athens and sparta to war
i wrote this a while ago so it is not my best i just thought that i would post it anyway

Submitted: July 06, 2013

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Submitted: July 06, 2013



Why Athens and Sparta should not go to war


Athens and Sparta have no reason to go to war and many reasons not to. Some people think that Sparta is planning to attack Athens but these are just rumours and have not been confirmed yet so we cannot be sure that Sparta are really planning to attack us. For this reason it would be easier to remain peaceful for as long as we can and less lives will be lost.

Also another obvious reason why we should not go is because here in Athens we can prepare our soldiers for battle in case there is an attack but our soldiers are not ready for a full scale war. The Spartans have been known for their large and fierce army and our army in not yet large enough to defeat them. So we at least need to train up some more soldiers before we decide whether to go to war or not. While we remain in Athens it will be easier to train up more soldiers for wars that may come in the future. So if Sparta attack and we have stayed here training soldiers we have a larger chance of defeating them. That is just one of the reasons.

Everyone knows that it would be a lot better to confirm the rumours before acting against them. The best idea would be to send a small group of soldiers to confirm these rumours. If these rumours are not true and we go to war then Athens may be taken over and it will be only us we can blame. Surly you can see that these rumours may just have been created by our enemies to trick us into going into war and weaken ourselves so they can attack. To have our enemies attack while we are week could result in much worse consequences than if Sparta attacked us. So that is another reason.

Obviously Sparta is surrounded by mountains so by the time we got there we would be tired out and we might not have enough energy to battle but if we remain here the Spartans will be tired by the time they reach us so we will have the advantage. It seems pointless to waste our energy walking there if we can just stay here and wait to see if Sparta do attack and if they do we will be ready for them. This way it would be easier.

I would also like to point out that Sparta is known for its highly skilled army. In Sparta they are focused on war and obedience and boys are trained from the age of seven. Many people say for one Spartan soldier you need seven other soldiers so our army would have to be seven times as big as the Spartan army which it isn’t so our chances of surviving the battle are slim. An attack could lead to victory for Sparta and Athens may lose its power. I am sure none of us want this to happen so an attack would be unnecessary and a waste of time.

My final reason is that the rumours are extremely unlikely to be true because although they are powerful Spartans like to keep to themselves so are unlikely to attack us. For that reason I believe that these rumours are not true. Although Sparta likes to keep to itself an attack might provoke them so they might attack us if we do manage to escape. As you can see there is no reason for us to attack Sparta and there are loads of reasons not to.

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