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Just an outpour of thoughts

Submitted: March 25, 2009

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Submitted: March 25, 2009



Why do we wander
through the broken halls
guessing and stumbling
Wondering which way to turn

does it seem like we wonder
of the rain as it falls
while ignoring the crumbling
of the world as it burns

smoke and ashes
are all that we see
but all that we notice
are the 'prettier' things

taking the lashes
we don't feel it seems
while shaking are fists
at the unfariness of dreams

when the world does end
and we find ourselves alone
in a desolate land
that we call our own

will we wonder of our actions
that brought us this far
or actually take action
asthoughwe weren't up to par

will we cease to remember
that we always ignored
what we wished not to see
though it knocked on our door

I hope when that time comes
that we realize our mistakes
and though it will be too late
to realize the cost of our haste

that some will surrender
and attempt a repair
so that in theyears onward
they recall where we failed

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