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challenge from xcharlix :)

Submitted: March 13, 2009

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Submitted: March 13, 2009



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Your name is lauren

Lauren is a young girl in her teens. She has spent all her life trying to get her best friend to notice her as more than a friend. When he gets a girlfriend Lauren is hearbroken. She is vunrable and meets some 'creatures' that lead her down a bad path. Will Lauren get her happily ever after or will these 'creatures' sway her to their side.

P.S. these creatures can be anything - elves, vamps, fae
Have fun :D


Lauren wandered down

through the years

but her friend

he saw no tears

he left her for

a strangers heart

and her world

he tore apart

she walked alone

on darker streets

and a stranger

she did meet

he told her

he would grant her dreams

if her heart

he could claim

but Lauren's eyes

they never closed

and his goal

she soon disclosed

for her soul he asked

and this she said

I would rather

I were dead

she fled along

the empty streets

until her destiny

she would meet

another stranger

a gift so pure

and her heart

she did outpour

until this day

she comes to rest

and lays her head

down with the blessed

(just a side note, she died in the end, presumably after years of happiness with the second stranger, the first was a demon)

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