Jedi Kymour

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just A Short Story of a character I made in Star Wars: the Old Republic online game.

Submitted: December 21, 2012

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Submitted: December 21, 2012




That's what they call me. They say that my ancestors were humans but when they settled on the world I was born, they evolved over a short period of time. Now me and my “race” don’t have “eyes”. Yet physically, emotionally, intellectually, and morally, my people are the same as humans. We have the same body structure, skin tones, we speak the same language, even other “alien” races cant tell the difference. Despite this, we are still called a separate race: The Mirakula.

Fact is I really don't care what they call me. Words can hardly describe who I am and the things I “see”. Yes, I “see” everything, just not like “true” humans, I use the power and essence of all living things, humans call it the Force. I can see a beautiful girl, with long blond tresses cascading over her shoulders, underneath an Alderaanian broad-leaf tree, as she studies a holo-novel for missing texts and graphical glitches. How can I do this with no way to “see”? I can only describe it as a vibrations from the Force and my sensitivity to it. In a way, I am bonded with the force as I let the force “see” for me, what biology has taken away.

This is also how I live my life. As a young-ling around four cycles old, my family sought a great wise-woman of our community; my abilities surpassed them even at my early age and they sought the knowledge to better my life. This wise-woman was also a Jedi, her name I lost so long ago. She told my family that I had to be taken to the Jedi temple on Dantooine in order to train me to live with this gift. They were reluctant at first, my community distrusted all outside organizations, even more so those off-world, but seeing me get more “connected” with the force scared them more.

When I finally was taken to temple, I “saw” many different races for the first time, heh , seeing a rodian child was fascinating! I was immediately enthralled by all around me. The green fields, the scattered trees, the blue sky and the rosy sunsets it was too much for me. A week after I had arrived, they told me I had delved into a “Force-trance”. I dont recall this or anything during that period, what I can tell you is the first thing I remember after that.

I was surrounded by four Jedi sages all chanting around me as I sat cross-legged on top of a tall hill far away from the temple. All four sages obviously exhausted, they had a blue “haze” radiating from them and they were bleeding from their noses. When I showed signs of conscience, the jedi apologized, called forth another Sage, one much older, and they collapsed on sleep rolls. He name was Renair-vuthas, a Mirialan, his green skin covered with geometric patterns that radiated a slight blue haze like that of the other sages. When Renair-vuthas spoke, his lips did not move, yet his voice was clear and un-distressed, “Child of the force, you seem to have come back from the precipice of death.” For the first time I felt fear, things were going dark, I was losing my sight! I started trashing about, trying to find someway to stop this, but what could I do?!

“There is no emotion, there is peace. There is no ignorance, there is knowledge. there is no passion, there is serenity. There is no chaos, there is harmony. There is no death, there is the Force. Say this, young-ling, believe in what it says.” Renair-vuthas voice was speaking with the force, forcing it into my head as I was losing connection to it, when I realized this I tried mentally to grab onto it, fearing the darkness a life without my connection would be like. As I tried this I felt him pull away, and I had a feeling of negativity radiating from it. I was so scared, but Renair-vuthas kept his distance and repeated what he said. “There is no emotion, there is peace. There is no ignorance, there is knowledge. there is no passion, there is serenity. There is no chaos, there is harmony. There is no death, there is the Force. Say this, young-ling, believe in what it says. Understand what it means, if you do not you will lose your connection to the Force and you will be forever blind.” He spoke with a warm, yet distant voice, as if he wanted to prevent himself from getting to attached to me. I was never alone in my entire life until that moment. It was all dark, there was nothing but the cool air that I could feel and I couldnt even tell if the jedi where still there. His voice, in my head, repeated again those words, “There is no emotion, there is peace. There is no ignorance, there is-...”

“knowledge” I said pitifully.

“There is no passion, there is....?”


“Repeated the code, Youngling, repeat it and believe in it...”, Renair-vuthas voice seem to feel brighter, more positive. I repeated the code word for word, over and over again for what seemed like hours. After awhile I started to calm down, concentrating on the words, the meanings behind it, every word his voice there speaking it as I thought it. I felt a great warmth come over me and then all of a sudden everything was bright again! It was like a flash of brillance had decended upon me, I was so happy and joyfull, I could see again! I saw the jedi all lying there not asleep at all but meditating as Renair-vuthas was sitting crossleged right in front of me apparently passed out. My emotions welling up in me, from the happiness of being able to see to the dread and worry about Renair-vuthas.

He voice went loud in my head “STOP!” with a start I did and went carefully listening to him. “Remember the code?” there is no Emotion. I calmed myself again although I didnt know why. I grasped the code in my mind and concentrated on the words and the meaning behind them.

After a little while longer, I had lost track of time completely and the sky was now darkening, Renair-vuthas, spoke in my head again. “you have done well, now keep your emotions at bay, this is what you must do the rest of your life if you truly want to live with the force.” his voice was warm but also warningly. You have been in a Force-trance, for well over a year, youngling. We didnt understand what was happening to you till one of our sages entered your mind and was almost overwelmed by the force. “ he voice grew slightly lest intense in my head. “you somehow crossed a barrier that no other jedi have ever crossed, you were becoming indistinguishable from the force, yet still tied to your body.” his voice barely in my head now..

Finally his lips were moving and his eyes slowly opened. “You saw the greatest beauty of all things, you bonded with the power that radiates within every living being, from the smallest virus and mediclorins, to the largest Rancors and Kryat-dragons. But instead of letting it guide you, you let your power consume you. Over 30 jedi did everything they could to keep you alive and here in the this world. We came out here to remove you from the force, and we were barely able to do that. That was why you lost your connection, it was either that or let you complete your bonding.”

Still with the code in my head, even with his voice gone, I kept calm and listen to him, watching him tell me all that transpired and not having a single emotion to it. He told me of how other jedi have been able to become one with the force by being close to death, but never has one as young as me come so close without being near death. He told me how the force is neither good or evil but just is, never wanting, or denying. The discussion went on till the stars in the night sky were the only lights and the winds started to send chills down my spine. Finally, Renair-vuthas, appearing to regain his composure and strength lifted his head to look directly into where my eyes would have been and spoke a few more words. “now sleep youngling, and tomorrow you start on your path to become jedi” he reached out with his hand and barely touched my forehead when I past out.

Renair-vuthas, I never saw him again. The Jedi instructors told me that he stays no longer than he has to for fear of developing attachments. But his teachings stayed with me, the Code, they Jedi code, is more apart of me than it could be for anyone else. The code, broke me, the code saved me, the code brought me back to the force. I shall discuss with you next part of myself at a later time. If you are still interested.

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