Journey To Hell - The One Called Sparky

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: The Guild of Honour

Table of Contents


A large mound of rock towered above the surrounding mountains. A red glow emanated from the crater of the volcano. A purple flash app... Read Chapter

Chapter 1

I awoke to a girl screaming. Lightning crashed into me, again. The more it hit, the more energised I felt. I stood up as the black cl... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

In woke up in a flash, falling onto the wooden floor. Glancing around, I saw the paintings, the table, everything real. Yet… The dr... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

Shouting woke me up. Groaning I stood up. "Sparky! They're here." I walked out of the room, and towards the stairs. An ice dragon... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

The island. It haunted me again. I watched as civilians screamed. The black dragon landed, and started slaughtering innocents. "No!" ... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

I followed the party. Chip said nothing, and was to the left of me. Ahead, Freya and Ember were arguing. It quickly escalated into a ... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

The castle was... plain. It was made out of bricks, and towered above me. Each corner had a tower, with a roof like a cone. In the middle... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

While I faced the fact that I had a massive, impossible journey ahead of me, I was allowed to stay at the fort. Unfortunate... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

Sorry it's short. Dramatic effect. Read Chapter

Chapter 9

I followed Corvus, Sasha and Tixini out of the front gates. I was trying to think o a way not to kill the Demon Lord, but to no avail. ... Read Chapter