Davis The Angel of Darkness

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Davis is an angel who received his powers from a wish that had been granted when he was only twelve , and all of a sudden his presence in life had been absent until government S.W.A.T had found him problematic and chased him around for years until one day they found a way to take his wings unless he would agree to meet them , and then turn his back and slaughter them there in the darkness.

Submitted: July 11, 2012

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Submitted: July 11, 2012




 It was 12:34 a.m he had been flying for hours to look for his target , not finding the meeting place he had finally spotted the garage building he had seen the day before , not seeing any vehicles parked ther this time. Davis flew down and landed on the roof .When he had a flawless landing , without making a sound , he began to walk towards the door.Folding his wings close to his body to prevent them catch on the doors or hitting the beams holding up the building.

 Opening the door , as it creaked open he noticed the lights had been turned off .The building was pitch black to the point you couldn't see anything a foot in front of you .while walking he managed to find the light switch , turning on the lights it illuminated the room .Now able to see where he was going , the door was also now in sight .Walking the direction of the door he opened it with no hurry , opening it to the sight of complete darkness.

Continuing without bothering to look for the lights , he had passed threw the the next few floors as they were the same as the last.openiing another door that lead to another flight of stairs.Davis began to get frustraighted , he let out in a short burst of anger ,"WHERE'S THE PARTY JACK ?!"Now walking faster he kicked open another door , jumped down the stairs and landed with a loud thud.Opening the next door with a slam , as it broke off the hinges , now pissed off with only three floors left and no sight of the enemy , he let his wings partly spread out , the feathers now fluffed up and and ridged.

 As Davis walked down to the next floor it the lights had been turned off , he could only hear the treading of his own feet as they were only bare , covered with callus , from his habit of not wearing shoes. When he had come across some stairs leading down to the next floor it had been lit up with bright florescent bulbs leaving no shadow in sight , as this came to sight he sighed in regret , now relizing the trap he had walked into, yet slightly excided.Now standing at the bottom of the stairs he heard the sound of boots and chains coming his way , his muscles tensed as the sound got closer.

 A group of government S.W.A.T  team soldiers crowded in a cluster  of about thirty men . With a satisfied grin on his scarred face he looked at them without making any noticeable emotion . One of the men stepped in front and told him with a deep and graveled voice,” Davis , come with us and we won’t have to hurt you any more than we have to , or you can just come with us without resisting and we shouldn’t be having to use any force.” Davis walked towards the men that were standing a few yards away . As he did so , the men raised their shields in defense of any of his attacks.

 Jackson , the first man to speak had pulled out a shot gun and raised towards Davis . “I warned you !” he said in a cry of fear.  Davis smirked as he knew he could take all of them on by himself, he slowly began to walk towards them again . His eyes glowing red , and as this began the lights flickered , then all of a sudden the lights shattered . . . one by one as he approached  . . . step by step , the group of men backed up as he got closer .

  The men from being nervous or from fear, had started shooting at Davis letting out all of their  ammunition on him .His footsteps seemed to echo threw the building , the shooting had stopped as soon as they relized he had not died or been harmed.The men seemed terrified they had begun to get ready to turn tail and run , til Davis hadn’t  even blinked , but the man in front of him had fallen dead within the complete darkness , as only their flashlights could light up this darkness.

 Davis had grinned , laughing uncontrollably he shouted into the darkness,”COME HERE  LITTLE PIGGIES , OR SHALL I KILL YOU WITHOUT THE MERCY OF YOU NOT KNOWING ?!?!” One of the men  crawled at his feet ,”SPARE ME , I BEG OF YOU !” Without looking down , Davis killed the man with his own helmet having it squeeze his skull to the point of bursting open and pouring blood out his ears.Davis laughed again , hearing the sound of running and doors slamming shut , this time he raised his hands and the whole building began to collaps under his feet  , the two floors underneath him had fallen and killed every man below him.

 The rubble above him also crashing down on top of him , but he had gotten up from the rubble , brushed himself off and as he walked off he said to himself in a sigh of content ,”That’s how the angel of death does it.” Sniggering to himself as he flew off into the night sky.






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