The Wizard of Sherbs: On BOOKSIE!!!!!!

Short Story by: drama989


what happens when ur fav twos characters discover booksie!!!!


Submitted: April 29, 2009

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Submitted: April 29, 2009



The evil sun was particularly bright on a spring day in La La Land.  Acorn, Duncan, Michelle, and Dee were playing a game of follow the leader in the Venus Fly Trap garden.  Purple, the once-again-nobel-prize-winning-wizard-town-crier-and-designated-ponderer-of-the-tri-kingdom-royal-court was the leader, but he didn't know it.  Nothing all that unusal... until...

"DELLILAH!  DELLILAH!  HURRY INSIDE, SOMETHING UNUSUAL HAS HAPPENED!!!"  Trevor, Dellilah's fiance, aka Russia, burst out of the castle, tripping down the steps, and landing unfourtunatley on Audrey Too.  Again, nothing unusual.

"What is it, hun?"

"I woke up this morning with a mysterious box on my head!!!  Come look!"

And so, the six friends went inside to examine the mysterious box.

"Hmm... maybe it's some sort of bomb..."  Michelle shook the box.  When nothing happened, she chucked it at the wall.

"I've seen a device like this only once before... but not in La La Land..."  Purple murmered.  He picked up the gadget and flipped it open.  A blue screen appeared, along with a keyboard.

"AHHHHH, IT'S MAH WORST NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!"  Acorn cried.

"What, authority?"  Dee and Michelle shrugged.

"Worse..."  She whispered.  "Technology."


"It appears to be a laptop.  I haven't seen one of them since the war..."  Purple pressed a few buttons, and in a minute, they were on a website... Booksie!

We will never know how or why the laptop was on Trevor's head...

"What's Booksie?"  Duncan pondered.  Acorn was still curled up in a corner, twitching at the thought of computers.

***Booksie in the words of Purple the Ponderer***

"By definition, booksie is a website where users can read unpublished stories, and write tales of their own.  Users can interact with others by becoming 'fans' and may create profiles to express themselves.  Booksie is a catchy name, used to make the site sound hipper, and cooler, in hopes to make it more popular for aspiring writers, and critics who may view their work.  Also-"


"We do too, eh!"  Dee and Trevor sang.

"Me to!"  Said Duncan.  Even Acorn was drawn out of her corner.

"Very well then.  First, we will need a Pen Name."

"How about La La Land Llams!"  Trevor suggested.

"Nah, too long."  Acorn pointed out.

"TWOS?"  Michelle asked.

"What's that?"

"Never mind..."

"How about..."  Purple pondered for a minute.  "Writer."

"... whatever, Purple."

After they were all signed up, the friends took turns writing stories:

Michelle's Story- This is a Story about Cats Flying

Once upon a time, there was a cat named uncle Bouncy.  Uncle Bouncy had a friend.  Flufy and Uncle Bouncy were friends.  When they were outside they started to fly.  An evol cat tried to stop them.  Her name was Winter.  She said grrr.  They said grrr too and she went away.  They flew some more.  Teh enddd.

Trevor's Story-  The Unhappy Canadian *cough* I mean Russian

Once there was a prince named Trrrr...uh, Trrr... Tr, um, let's see... Trrreadway.  Yeah, uh, lets go with that.  So, uh, yeah, Tredway had an evol g-pa, who wanted him to marry a dude named Darcy.  Darcy was a ballerina with unusually hairy ears.  Tredway had to run away and join a cult.  The cult was secretly Fairy Tale Middle School.  He met Lilah there, and, well... yeah.  So, am I done now?

Duncan's Story- The Cell Block Tango  (abridged)

Pop!  Six!  Squish!  Uh-uh!  Cicero!  Lipshitz!  Step-dad!  Cherbs!  Foreign Polocies!  Piroettes!  Stalker!  ...Something else!

Purple's Story- Was far too long and advanced for your minds to comprehend, so  let's just skip that and get on with it, shall we?

Finally, Acorn and Dee wrote the awesomest story of all!

Dee and Acorn's Story- The Wizard of Sherbs!

The End.

© Copyright 2017 drama989. All rights reserved.

The Wizard of Sherbs:  On BOOKSIE!!!!!!

Status: Finished

Genre: Humor



Status: Finished

Genre: Humor



what happens when ur fav twos characters discover booksie!!!!
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