Gods little angel

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This was a poem I wrote about a young teenage girl and her fight against bullying. It was basically the consequence of what happens when people are bullied, well at least the drastic measures taken.

Submitted: July 01, 2014

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Submitted: July 01, 2014



A family that does not care

A home but no one’s there

A place I want to belong

but everything I do seems to be wrong

I try to conform

to fit in with the norm

but wherever I go

I never belong


Blood stains splash the already wet floor

I don’t seem to value my life anymore

My parents are screaming and yelling at the door

I slip out of consciousness and fall to the floor


The ambulance flares and blazing sound

awakes me up from the slumber I seldom found

My limbs barely moving I turn to my side

to see my parents looks which were everything but pride


I tried to fit in but to no avail

The words that seemed to haunt me

“slut, whore, fail”

They’d push and they’d shove until I was no more

They’d taunt and tease until I cried on the floor

Whatever I did it was never enough

To fit in with the popular kids you just had to be tough


Why do I even try anymore

what’s that? I think I hear death at the door

I stand on the chair and tie a noose around my neck

I don’t even think my parents will bother to check

Within a few minutes my body lays limp

An angel of God throughout her life has been called nothing but a whimp


So if you’re reading this I take it you care

That one of Gods angels throughout her entire life nothing was fair

So next time you see someone being bullied at school

don’t walk away and think you’re being cool

For every mistake a consequence is made

Even if it means a life not saved


So now you know what being excluded feels like

An outsider, a nerd, someone who is ghost like

For everyone has a story to be told

But not everyone’s is alike because they cannot be controlled


So next time you see a child walking by

with tears down their face and they start to cry

reach out to them and put out a wave

for you never know

but one of Gods angels may have just been saved


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