Arthur: The Tibes Artist

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There were two tibes and they want to buy a toy. Their grandma says,'' make half of the money and I will pay the rest.'' They start working and they get half of money and get the toy they want.

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Submitted: December 27, 2015

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Submitted: December 27, 2015



One day their went to the shop with their grandma. They sawa toy and askes their grandma if they can buy.'' It's too expencive,'' said grandma. And if you make half of the money i will pay the rest and you will get the toy.''Ok,'' said the tibes. So the next day at school they saw their friend Emily selling pictures that she drew. The tibes decide to draw and sell what they drew. First they drewed a nice picture.friendship_7.jpg

They sold it for  $5.00 and someone bought. They started doing that and got up to $9.00. They ran out of paints. So they went to Emily's house to get some paints. They ended up to $40.00. Then they went to D.W's house they drewed advenced picture. They ended up with exactly $50.00

1285240883_123342863_3-Dear-Nice-FriendsThey got their toy. The next day they sold the toy to Binky. And decided to buy more art suppiles.


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