Door way of Love

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This is a story that I remember, from earlier in my Childhood.
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Submitted: July 29, 2012

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Submitted: July 29, 2012




The Doorway of Love

I’m standing the glass door, the light shimmers through the glass.  In front of me there’s the neighborhood playground.  On the porch the flowers on the green vine, wraps itself upon the white gate.  There is a Robin eating the bird food that dangles from the roof of the shed.  Behind me the other children around my age are staring at a box that films pictures.  Along with that Mr. Rodgers in the kitchen, making what he calls “World Famous Food.” As the skillets’ smoke fogs up the kitchen, I feel this sudden feeling that one of the kids is staring at me, which made my body shiver.  I know who it is, but am too scared to look behind me.  But out of the corner of my eye I see him staring at me with those cold, predator eyes.  I fear him, but don’t tell anyone.  I wish I could speak up, but who would believe me?  I just look at the beauty of the back yard through the glass door.My thoughts are disrupted when Mr. Rodgers hollers, “Lunch is ready, come and get it!”  My sister and the two boys came marching in and grabbed seats.  The boy I fear sits next to me.  I pretend I am studying my food, instead of looking at him.  I feel the cold sweat trickle down my back, as he stares at me.  Mr. Rodgers sits down next to my sister, and smiles.  “Shall we pray?” Everyone at the table bows their heads; I decide to just study the ground.  The whole time my heart was pumping so fast that my chest hurt.  My whole body clinched in sweat, and my face pale as the white sheets of the table.

As Mr. Rodgers tells his jokes, I sit there drenched in sweat and eating my food slower than the molasses of January.  I still feel the boy stare into my soul, and at my body.  My heart still pumping and I feel that I can’t breathe.  I glance at the glass door once more, and see the Robin fly into the sky.  I wish I can fly away into the sky, just like the Robin. 

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