Shattered class of dreams

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I wrote this because I'm struggling really bad and thought I would wright this poem

Submitted: July 29, 2012

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Submitted: July 29, 2012




I’m sitting on the sidewalk, thinking about my broken road.

Thunder cracks across the sky, reminds me of the screams that my family cries.

The screams shake the whole house.

Broken glass shattered everywhere.

The glass isn’t the only one that’s shattered.

My heart and soul are also shattered

Each glass item that breaks crushes my hopes and dreams.

The whole house is crumbling down, including my family.

The wood that’s built together, is supposed to keep the house strong.

But with the screams, the wood has come to a breaking point.

I’m cut by the shattered glass, and a broken by the weakness of the wood.

 Will the shattered glass of dreams be put back together again, or will the pieces be left on the ground?

The weakness in the wood will never be fixed,

But the shattered glass of dreams can be glued together, if only I believe.

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