When She Sings (An ode to Brandy)

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I am an avid music lover and I am particularly in love with Brandy and Janet Jackson. This poem is an ode to Brandy! Hope you like!!!!

Submitted: January 27, 2013

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Submitted: January 27, 2013




When she Sings (An Ode to Brandy)

No one understands the healing power

In her voice like I do

I get all choked up trying to explain

Exactly, what her voice does

When she sings my world is at peace

Way back when she saved me from my pain

This ode to Brandy is my way to say thanks

I haven’t met her yet but my time is coming

The only thing I’d ask of her is to sing for me

Her voice speaks directly to my heart strings

Hence, this random epiphany

Partly entitled (An ode to Brandy)

I can’t explain it I truly can’t

If I could explain it

This is the best fit

Her voice

Sounds of the purest rainfall

I wasn’t planning on scripting this poem

It was her voice that inspired it

I was reading something

Another poem

By someone else

Her voice forced me to listen to it

Only to end up writing this

If there are others like me

All on one accord

That, angels rejoice when she sings

Let the church say, AMEN!!!!

So, I penned this poem for you Brandy

Because your voice saved me way back when

Signed a loving fan

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