a love no words can describe

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a poem about finding that special some one

Submitted: December 21, 2010

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Submitted: December 21, 2010



These few words don't seem right,

they don't fit or even rhyme.

But when i think about you

the words get lost some were in my mind.

Icant say it out loud

how much i really love you,

but baby i am proud

to say I'm the one that's with you.

Ihopeyou know u mean every think to me.

My world,my love,my passion

and ill shout it out so every one can see

that you are an angle made in heaven.

Idream of the day

were we sit side by side by the sea,

or laying in the green grass

your arms cradling me.

Iwould give up my life

to taste one kiss from your sweet lips.

Becausebaby i will die

from this throbbing in my ribs.

The pain is from the distance,

the cruel words it will never work.

But no one else can see

the love that it has took

to get this far.

What I'm trying to say

is that u mean the world to me.

Every second of the day

my love grows unintentionally.

What i mean to say

is your the best thing in my life.

Youmake me so happy,

and feel wonderful inside.

Ireally do love you,

and i fear i need u so much more than you need me.

Ijust want you to see

that you mean so much to me.

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