A world of magic when im with you

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how one person can bring all the light in the world in to your life

Submitted: December 17, 2011

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Submitted: December 17, 2011




A world of magic when I'm with you ,

the sky is purple and the grass is blue.

The world has no fences or walls just you and me. 

Field after field followed by sparkling deserts and sea .

A place where were always happy,a constant smile on our face.
But when you have to leave its a much darker place.
The walls start to build and the sky pours with rain.
Filled with a heart crushing loneliness that shrouds me in pain.
I can feel the warmth on my skin from your last gentle touch ,
my world has been drained of its magic i miss you so much.
Building up on building they pears the sky,twist and they turn offering places to hide,
but i cant run from such pain that exists only on the inside .
All i can think of is your sensational  love that makes my heart skip a beat ,
and there surrounded by our memories i drift of to sleep.
I search for a place were magic exists because i know that's where you will be. 
Waiting for me with your feet in the surf looking out at a sweet rainbow sea.
But even in dreams the skys are still gray and no magic exists
I'm lost with out you ,in a dark gloomy world surrounded in mist .
But then i am woken my teary eyes fall upon a familiar smile. 
Once i see your face i know a life time in the darkness is more than worth while. 
Because baby i love you take me away from a world i despise 
to live with you my love under our eternal sunrise .
I miss you .

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