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Its easy to turn a blind eye to some ones pain but its not the right thing to do, and it hurts when some 1 dose it to you especially when its done by your best friend

Submitted: June 10, 2011

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Submitted: June 10, 2011



You are meant to be my friend.

But you would rather walk away and ignore my pain,

than to reach out and help me.

It's easier to turn a blind eye than to stair at my despair,

out of sight and out of mind.

You never listen to me,

when i try to explain sure you hear what i say but do u really listen?

You would rather judge me than try to understand...wouldnt you ?

You sit there laughing in your own joy and happiness like nothing is wrong ,

While i drown in my pain and wallow in my sorrow!

You are ment to be my friend and yet u choose the easy way,

even if it destroys me and you know this.

It used to hurt me how u would trun your back on me.

Not because i didnt think you cared but because you couldn't be bothered to help.

Bothered to listen.

I find it easy now to lock my feelings away and turn a blind eye on you .

Its easier to just cry alone than to try and talk to you and end up crying anyway.

To tell the truth i'd rather push you away and lose you as a friend,

than to feel any more of your rejection.

I can't take the hurt you cause me any more,

there is just to much pain in in my life already for that.

When i told you i wanted to die because i couldnt go on any more,

You said "How can you take the easy way out,why do you find it so easy to just give up and die!"

I find it so easy because its people like you who make it so easy.

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