Go down the right road

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This was written for my mother and her son, also known as my brother. Through the eyes of my mother, and how she feels as her son grows, and no longer needs her right beside him as he walks through life.

Submitted: October 10, 2011

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Submitted: October 10, 2011



I opened my eyes so I could see

A fragile bundle staring at me,

The greatest gift to bring me joy,

A beautiful newborn, baby boy.

As one year passed, two went by,

three years now, boy years fly. 

My fragile bundle, could turn to me.

Standing alone, he'd say "Mommy"

I couldnt believe my very eyes,

it all came with such surprise.

My baby boy was growing fast.

How long would these sweet years last?

I showed life values to my son

The meaning of work, and the meaning of fun.

I kept and cherished the memories,

as my fragile bundle began to see

How cool it would be, if he were let free.

Inside I was scared, I felt cornered with fear,

But I knew forever I could not keep him so near.

How great he had felt, as if he were in heaven,

my little angel, had turned eleven.

his looks had changed,

and his soft little touch

had grown a tad bigger

but not by much

As a few years left us, more came by

My son got older, As did I.

But not by much I encouraged myself,

I thought he would never do wrong to himself

But as I worked my son played,

and he grew older each and every day.

My fragile bundle began staying out late,

Someone had opened the teenage gate.

One day I drove down a narrow street

My sons eyes, and mine were forced to meet.

He looked at me through hardened eyes,

The coldness of his friends dirty lies.

I couldnt believe the shocking sight

The things my boy has seen of life.

He was slowly but surely,

going down hill

But through his angry, tough looking eyes,

I knew I saw something deep inside,

Something his friends would never know.

His young loving self was yet to go.

I knew I had taught him wrong from right,

and luckily my work had stuck itself tight.

Who am I to be in fear,

as my son walks alone, I shed my tears.

But I have just one wish, young son of mine.

Be wise, and be sure to keep in mind,

As you go through the teenage mode,

Please my fragile bundle, go down the right road.




- Written by : Lizzy Swanson

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